Some Charity Knitting

So there was also a wee bit of knitting for babies done over the past month and a half.Β  Not as much as I usually do, but right around the time it got cold everyone decided to start buying things up from my shop. I planned for that all summer, and did my best to keep things stocked. But it seems the other Etsy knitters were correct!!! Once the cold season starts, it just goes, and goes, and goes, and goes. I hesitate to maybe put restrictions on my shop knitting next year… maybe, no special orders between Thanksgiving and Jan 1st? But man oh man, I did soooo well this year, and now in January I have another special order, and things are just rocking!!! I might just get used to this having extra little bits of money around to send out packages, and keep our kitties in litter and food, and I’m able to buy the fibery things I want!

Anyway, on to the boxes that went out because of the good amount of funds coming in!

Here are the hats I sent to my hospital in my hometown back in FL. I usually send them twice this many, but like I said, it’s been a busy season. I’m just glad that back over the summer time I was doing one Halloween hat on Friday, and one Christmas hat on Sundays. I had so many more hats because of that!


Then I sent these lovely hats to Salem Hospital in MA! They have like a hundred births a week, so I doubt this even puts a wee little dent in the amount of hats they need. But, it is what it is, and there are a few warmer babies than there were before, and that’s what matters.


I did have twelve more Christmas hats that I sent to Parkland Hospital, but I sent it out when I was sending out Etsy shop orders fast and furiously, and forgot to get a picture. 😦 But there were 9 red ones, and 3 green ones just like those up there fwiw. I also had a few blankets I sent out from my woven squares that I forgot to take pictures of. Just simple nine squares, red and white, and green and white blankets. I need to do better at snappin pics.

These are some hats, mittens, stuffed kitties, neck warmers, and very gently used socks, that I sent to my knitting friend Clara in NE. She gives items to a homeless shelter right down the street from her. I know it’s kind of a thing to give already worn socks, but these were not worn more than once, and two of the long pair were never worn at all. We got them home and they were tried on, and either too tight or just hated, and went right to a basket I have of really old socks that I eventually find uses for (sock puppets, hand warmers, stuffing for pet beds, dog toys).Β  Clara said if they were washed and looked ok, someone would appreciate them. So off they went.


And here are a couple of beards I made for some dear friends. The red one was for a wee little boy of some friends. The parents aren’t together, and the mom went off with the boy right before Thanksgiving time, and they were afraid she wouldn’t bring him back to the state for Christmas, and his dad and the grandparents were horribly sad, but there were lots of prayers said, and lots of hope, and in a show of support and hope I made these two beards and sent them on their way… and the little one was returned home just a couple of days before Christmas!!! So many relieved and happy people!!! And he looks adorable in his little red beard! Hee hee!


So now I am back to making the mitts for the shop. The wonderful lady wants 24 pairs of the ones with hearts on them for her physical store in Upper Peninsula MI.Β  She said they would sell very very well for Valentines.Β  I sure hope so! I’ve only sold five pairs of them so far, but if she can keep them moving, I’ll keep making them! πŸ˜€ Love getting to work with people like that! Here’s the link to them if anyone else wants some while I’m on the mitt making spree!Β  I have them in several different colors also if you want to surf around the hand warmers section of my shop. And I can put hearts on most anything in my shop too. So happy I got that loom from Hazel Rose Looms! Gotta love embellishments!!! πŸ˜€

Hope everyone is staying warm! I think the whole country is warmer than we are here in CO! It’s supposed to get up to 8 degrees today, but I don’t see that happening. Got down to -16 last night! Running all of our heaters wide open, and blocking off doorways, we could only keep the house up to 62 degrees last night! Brrrrrrrr! I think I might take a portion of my sales and invest in a good wood stove for next winter! Tomorrow we have a heat wave of 27 degrees, and… I’m… looking… forward to it!!! There is something wrong with that picture right thar! :-/ LOL



2014 in review

LOL I loved looking at this! And my longest streak was three whole days! LMBO!!!! Thank you Anna, Bridget, and Char for being my top commenters!!!! You ladies are awesome!!!


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Creepy People

So Saturday was quite the day. We went out and did a little shopping, and got some Chinese take out, and all was good til the ride home. There’s a looong stretch of road on our drive to and from town, and just as we were got on this long two lane stretch of road this 4×4 truck came up beside our van, and the dude in the passenger seat starts clicking away taking pictures of our children in the back seat of our van! We came up on traffic, so they whipped in behind us, and then came whipping around us, and when they got in front of us Troy snapped pictures of their license plate, and then they saw us taking pictures of them, so they hopped out of line and started jumping cars running from us! We chased them for a ways, and they finally turned down a side road and we cruised on by that road niiiice and slow. They had gone back a couple of roads, and slid in behind a barn. We just trucked it on home after that figuring we probably scared them as much as they scared our children. Why the hell would you come up along side a family like that and start taking pictures of children??? At first I thought well, maybe we were wrong and they were just maybe snapping pictures of the scenery, but all the kiddo’s were adamant and insisting they were aiming right in our car windows. Dh too. I just saw some flash by the time I turned around to the commotion.

So when we got home dh calls the police, and they say that we have a reasonable right to privacy even in public, and even in our own car.Β  So they took the tag number and had an officer investigate and called us back. Apparently the sister of this guy was driving. She said we cut them off, which we totally did NOT! And she said her brother was just taking a picture of us to post to Snapchat because they thought we were assholes for not letting them in. Which never happened. The officer said that when coming around another vehicle on a two lane road it was up to HER to make sure she could make the maneuver safely, and not up to us to speed up or slow down to let them in. At the time the officer visited the brother was not at the house, and neither was the truck or the phone he took the pictures on, so he couldn’t do anything more.:-/

So we are all a little weirded out, because for one, none of the stuff they said that happened was true. And for two, they pulled up beside us and hung steady with us for a minute or two just taking pictures of our children!!! Which I find more than creepy as hell, and would love for them to check this dudes background for any perve related crap.Β  And even if there isn’t any, hopefully they keep a check on him in case he goes around snapping pics of other peoples children. Total creep! Ugghh!

Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it!!!

That’s what I’ve been telling my crew for the past two months, and now it has paid off.Β  We hit the ChinaMart Christmas Clearance sale today! Yes, we did get a few things a week or so ago.Β  Some garland for the tree, and a Santa hat for my daughter, and a few ornaments for the tree.

We wanted to try stuffing the clear ornaments with my all the scrap bits of yarn I’ve saved over the years. I have about 8 gallons of scraps total, and tried selling it in quart size mason jars on my shop, but I reckon no one really needs or wants yarn scraps for crafting, and “nooo one uses mason jars anymore”, pssshh. I use it to make doll hair, and put fuzzy’s on dusting mittens I make for myself, and now for stuffing those clear Christmas bulbs.Β  About a week ago we stuffed six 100mm size balls, and it took around 2 and a half quarts of scraps. So, I said if there were any of those clear balls at the clearance sale I’m getting at least $10 worth! Well, they went from being a dollar, to being twenty five cents each! I got 40 of those suckers! Gonna work on them over the next year, and sell them on my shop!

After seeing the disturbing state of our old Christmas stockings, and Santa hats also, I went ahead and picked up six new stockings, and four new Santa hats. Youngest dd just got one, and oldest dd has her fancy blue one, so we didn’t need to get a full amount of those. $1.25ish each for the nice fluffy ones, down from $4 a piece! And we got more garland and lights, all between 75 cents to $1.25ish. We’ve already got enough wrapping paper for a couple more years, but I was low on gift tags and bows, so all that was between 50 cents to a dollar. Spools of ribbon that was four and five dollars last week 75 cents to a dollar today! Wheeeeee!

And then…. at the very last aisle, they stuffed all the Christmas candy that didn’t sell. So I got gingerbread Twix, Mint M&Ms, and about six packs of regular Christmas M&M’s, and 25 cents a box candy canes, and 33 cents (used to be $2) plastic candy cane stocking stuffers. No, I won’t save them til next year. But if you’ve been down the regular candy aisle lately, you know the big bag of M&M’s are around $11 a bag. I just scooped the 12.5 ounce packs for a dollar a bag! That’s about half the price! The lady at the register said, “well, some people probably don’t like *just* red and green M&M’s all the time.”Β  Psssshhhhhh! At half price! And it’s still chocolate!!! Oh, and then I got middle ds his chocolate covered cherries too! Totallllllly forgot them as his stocking stuffer. I felt so bad!!! BUT they were 33 cents a box!!! So I got him three! Hee hee! It’ll take him til the end of January to eat them all. But he was very happy I got him three!

And then we got a boodle of shirts off the $2 rack of Christmas clothing items too! I think everyone got at least two. Some were really pretty. I got one that said, “Dear Santa, I can explain…” πŸ˜€ And another one that says, “I can help you get on the Naughty ListΒ  ;-)” The girls got one with a beautiful full moon with Santa’s sleigh silhouetted against it, and ones with kitties and puppy dogs in Santa hats. Austin found one kinda green tie dyed with howling wolves on it. Cassie got a beautiful black one with gold and silver glittery trees on it. They’re going to wear them through January, and then we’ll put them away til next season! And the girls found 75 cent Christmas cozy socks. Looks like they’ll wear out in three or four months of wear around the house, but not too shabby for 75 cents over the $3 they were a week ago.

Oh, and picked up a couple of fleece throws that were $5 last week $2.44 this week!!!! Yeah, they were mostly holiday theme, but for that price, and as much as everyone likes having a blanket here or there to watch a movie, or to keep their legs and feet warm at their desk, it’s well worth it!

I used my new gps track thing that we got for when we go biking to log our trip around WallyWorld also. We walked 4.25 miles in that place today! And that was just the stop we went in with dh, and doesn’t even count the CrazyTown quick run in I did with just me and Cassie. So I probably walked a good 6 miles today!!! Oh, and we made a little crying girl happy!!! I’ve been keeping little stuffed woven hearts that I make in my jacket pocket, and the little one was just in full melt down mode. I had Cassie run a heart over to her and her mama. Stopped the meltdown lickity split!!! That felt good to see the little girl going up and down the aisles in the cart after that, loving her little heart! πŸ™‚

Now for the next five days it’s going to be below freezing, with tomorrow nights low -5 and Sunday nights low -11!!! The most we’ve survived so far is a -2 night, so these are gonna be all new lows for us! I am happy to say we have a good heater for the basement and for the upstairs now, so if the electric goes out for 10 or so hours because of the freeze, we should be A-okay!!!


Wonderful Day!!!

Today I have said it more than once. Everything we’ve gotten for Christmas this year, more than makes up for all we had to leave behind in FL! For the past 18 months we’ve been kind of just kludging along here. We’ve missed a lot of the items we had to leave behind, because it just didn’t fit on the moving truck.

But for Christmas this year we got bikes!!! Nice bikes! I also got a gps thingie that tells me how far I went, and today I rode 2.76 miles!!! Dh must have ridden 5+ because he was hot doggin up and down the road, and him and the kiddo’s found a trail, and me and Cassie hung back towards the end of the ride. And thank you CO for having a wonderful 51 degree totally Sunny day for us to go riding!!! I don’t know how that worked out, because for two days we’ve had horrible high winds, and then today it was lovely, and tonight we’re getting pummeled with snow, and for the next 5-7 days it’s going to be staying below freezing, with sloppy snow rain mix! Blah!!!! But today was Awesome!!!!!!

When we finally came in at sundown, it was just too weird being so cold and sweating like crazy, all at the same time! I still had my cocoa though. Gotta have either hot tea or cocoa coming in out of that! I do believe that in the Spring time we are going to have a very hard time keeping everyone indoors! The kiddo’s can probably make a new friend three roads over from us too. Family was leaving from this one house, and the boy about Austin’s age ran down and waved, and said hi to us, and told us “nice bikes!”Β  I think I’ve seen him before riding around the neighborhood, so we’ll have to see if he’s ever out and about when the kiddo’s are. We’ve given them strict rules not to cross the rail road tracks, and only stay on the three main roads around our house though, so we’ll see how they do with that. We have the walkie talkie radios too, so we’ll probably put those back in use here shortly.

Man, I can’t believe how fast they are all growing up! In just a few short years two of them will be driving!!! Cassie’s not driving yet because of her medical stuff, but in another year or so she might be able to, and Benny also! I’m gettin oooold!

Well, dh has tomorrow off! I was shocked and amazed at that! So we’re going to have a nice relaxing four day weekend here, and then get to do that all over again next weekend too! Life is good! I’m working on lots of baby items! I found a box full of squares that I need to assemble, and I’m getting that done this weekend no matter what! Then it’s hats! It’s still gonna be cold for another three or four months, and babies are gonna need their hats! When we went to see Santa a couple of nights ago, the family in front of us in the line had a weeeee small baby. Couldn’t have been five pounds. Maybe four! And that has really got me on the, awwwwww sweet baby hats kick, again. LOL Anyway, off of here to watch more Christmas movies with the kiddo’s! Hope everyone had the greatest holidays with their families!!!


Happy Christmas Eve!

So we’re running around here like crazy as usual. Got some last minute stuff taken care of yesterday. Went to see Santa at the mall. Lines were very short. Had to shoot our picture twice, because we asked for landscape, so it didn’t look like we were all piled right on top of Santa. The picture taking guy only got from the chin up of our one son at the bottom of the picture, so it looked like he was just a floating head.Β  So we backed up the line a little and re-did our shot, and then they were all worried because they got a little out of their frame of the Santa booth. I wanted to be all like, “Lady I can crop that.” But I didn’t because it was that stoopid Cherry Hill company, and they have a conniption when you speak of altering anything they do.Β  They also have super cracked down, and no one can sneak a picture of your own with Santa. Used to be if you bought the package deal they didn’t care. Now they have Santa in this dark and scary Santa hut, with super low light, and everything is really shoved in close, and blocks at every angle, so you just can’t get a shot. It’s stoopid! Their poor camera guy has to hang through this little four inch cut out windows to take their picture. Crazy!!!

So then just before we left the house yesterday to do all of that, our drains started backing up. It was very very windy yesterday, and didn’t get above freezing all day. I really don’t think the pipes have frozen, but there is a blockage somewhere. We’ve gotten it more unblocked this morning, and have been running really hot water down the drains and it goes down, but sloooooooowly. So we’re dealing with having a plumber come out on Christmas afternoon/eve also. Ugghh! We were thinking maybe since the high winds and cold weather yesterday the town maybe had problems with the grinders at the sewer plant, and that’s what might have backed things up. Not really sure how all that works but when the two brothers were in charge of the sewer, and the other was town Mayor, we didn’t have these problems. Now new people to town have ousted “the old boys club”, and things have turned to crap around here. At least “the old boys club” got things done!!!! Fricken frackers!

AND we have packages coming today too. OMG, everything is so busy, busy, busy! I was truly done with all this shopping, and getting, and making things a week and a half ago. Dh likes to go on his little, “Prices are soooo low right now” sprees.Β  That’s why I simply don’t check the sales. We don’t really neeeeeeeeeeeed it. But whatever. We have three birthdays in December, and three in January, plus Christmas to blame it all on. Go for it.Β  πŸ˜›

Now if we get the pipes cleared I have a mega pile of dishes to do, two baskets of laundry to wash, and still a lot of presents to wrap, and a turkey to cook. Looks like my afternoon is full!!! Best get after it!


And Then Science Happened

So a couple of weeks before Christmas, and school work around here was getting pretty repetitive, and the kiddo’s were groaning, so I told them they could go find something to read, Magazines, Books, newspapers. Or they could look up History videos, or Science videos. Two hours later I was bombarded!!!!Β  “Moooom, we have the things this experiment neeeeeeeds!!! Can we do it?Β  Can we do it? Can we doooo eeeeettt???” Then this happened…

White glue, that we picked up for 15 cents a bottle after the back to school shopping deluge. You think you’re getting a good deal shopping with a school list, and the store has gobs of everything kiddo’s need. I get the better deal after kiddo’s have been in school for four weeks, and they move all the leftovers to the clearance aisle. πŸ˜›

This one is Emily’s with all the colors. You have to add drops of color to the glue, and then quickly dab the colors with dishwashing soap on the tip of a Qtip. And the colors grooooow. If you don’t add the soap fast enough though, the colors won’t spread.


Here’s Cassies. Blue and green of course. πŸ™‚


And then a very blurry Austins. (he takes pictures like his mom :-P)


And after seeing them all Benny wanted to try clear glue, instead of the white glue. It spread in a more soupy pattern, and had less time to add the soap to the colors then the white glue. Still looks pretty amazing.


And then we set them all aside, because they dry clear, and you can peel them off the plates when they’re dry. More of just a mixed stained glass look, and not so much the vine look. And it took like seven days for them to dry enough.

Then there was this experiment.Β  Vortexes!!!! Don’t mind my messy sink. We tried this with smaller bottles, and it didn’t work so well. We don’t usually drink much 2 lt soda, but had a few bottles from Thanksgiving specials in the recycle bags. So the kiddo’s taped them together, and did this. I made them keep it in the sink this time though. We’ve done this twice before with a bit of disaster. But it’s only water, so mild disasters here and there aren’t too very horrible. And this was all Emily’s idea and shes the youngest, so here’s hoping I won’t have to go through this again, unless it’s for like some out of the blue descriptive something or other.


So yep, all of that, with much science talk of all the hows, and whys, and the, “ya know what that reminds me of?” type conversations.

Today we are finishing off Christmas decorating around the house. It’s like you let them decorate a few things and then they want to put lights and garland on ~everything~!!!! So yeah, that’s happening!


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