Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

So much to be thankful for today!  So in the last month we’ve been doing this thing again. Two years ago we found the perfect bathroom spray freshener, and a few months ago it was suddenly discontinued, so we have been on a search for a new smell we can all stand before we run out of the spray we have on hand. Generally it has to be in a vanilla something, because that’s about all the flowery smell dh can take. 😛 So we’ve been trying this and that, and half of the sprays we’ve tried have gone right back to the store, because they are just disgusting, or they have some kind of chemically after burn yuck that leaves about half of us nauseated.  Earlier this month dh found a Glade automatic sprayer thing, that you put batteries in, and set the dial, and it keeps up the smell good, but once again we went through that nose burning after effect, and returned the whole damnable contraption to the store!!!! I had about given up, and was just going to work on inventing something myself to keep in a mister like spray bottle.  Arrrrghhh!  And then we’re going through the store a couple of weeks ago, and there it is…. another auto smell freshener this time by Air Wick!!!! Butter Cream Vanilla Cupcake!!! For the holidays, I’m figuring! Everyone is so into the automatic battery operated sprayer now, so I cave and grab it, and figure if it’s another bomb we’ll just return it too.  But we get it home, and it’s pretty niiiiice! Waiting for a reaction from anyone. Waiting. Waiting. No one is gagging, and two days later we take a family poll and decide this flavor is nice enough to keep! One canister is supposed to last around two months, so I am off like a shot and add it to my list to get six or seven more canisters of this stuff.  Which leads up to our Thanksgiving day wonderfulness!!!

So yesterday we were in the store. Dh is gloomy, and depressed. Another year with no stove means we’ve got to get something that fits in the toaster oven. Blah, one day of turkey, with one turkey breast, over priced at that, and one little cook top that we cook on our dining room table with cranking out the dishes one pot full at a time. I really don’t mind, because damn, it’s more than most people have got, and it’s THANKSgiving!!!!! Duh! But dh is really in a funk, a third year with no turkey cooking. 😦

So I go looking for the smell good Vanilla Cupcake in the cleaning aisle of the store, and only find two there tucked in the back. I grab them. We need to go to the bathroom at the back of the store (seriously we’ve only been away from the house for 45 min. whhhhyyy do you have to go to the bathroom? I don’t work like that. harrumph) So dh comes out of the bathroom, and I tell him while he waits on the kiddo’s I’m going to quick run up the middle of the store, and see if they still have the Air Wick stand of smell goods up by the registers so I can grab more of the Vanilla Cupcake smell if they have it.  And yeah, I about sprint up there and back, so he doesn’t get more grumbly. Damn Thanksgiving funk he’s in. 😦  And as I’m coming straight back (all they had up front now is gobs of Christmas stocking-y stuffer crap) there it sits on the end cap (for the record I avoid buying end cap crap, and stuff at the register. It’s POP stuff. Point of Purchase crap, targeted at people to make that one more sale for the store, just so you know) It only caught my eye because it had a big ol cooked turkey on the box, and the words “20 pound turkey” right there bold as sunshine hitting you in the face!!! I look up, and they are only $25!!! I was like, that can’t be right!  Then I was like, it’s a warmer. It can’t ~cook~ a bird! I picked it up. I looked it over.  It ~cooks~ a Bird!!!! It. cooks. a. bird! I grab it an ~run~ the other half length of the store back to dh with a smile on my face! I place it on the cart, and the kiddo’s gasp! I’m like, “it cooks a bird!” The dh goes through the, no it doesn’t, it’s just a warmer! And I’m like, look at the dial! It goes from 200 up to 450! It cooks a bird!!!! We neeed to get a bird!!! No bigger than 20 pounds though, but then I can’t remember ever but once getting a bird that was 21 pounds. But this 14 quart table top thingie will cook a turkey! 😀  We still have our doubts that it will do good, but it is sooooo worth a shot!

So last night, for the first time in two years, we got to go through our Thanksgiving ritual of cooking! I made the macaroni for the macaroni salad. (we bought the pumpkin pie because dh was in his funk and didn’t feeeeeel like baking pie fresh, in the toaster oven no less. blah), and then I started the meats for the sausage and pork and beans dish, and then at midnight I melted the pound of butter that we coat the turkey with. And there we goooo. The table top cooker has two little vent holes in it though that my roasting pan did not, and we are at a higher altitude, and the weather here is much much dryer than FL. So we kept a constant eye on the bird every few hours throughout the night, and had to add water here and there for the steam escaping. But I cried as we were going to sleep, and then again as we woke up, to the smell of turkey cooking!!! Yes, we slow cook it all night at 225 or so, and then at noon time today we turned it up to 350 for the last hour of cooking! And yes, we take temps to make sure it’s done properly (years and years of cooking for the public, and following state standard hot and cold temps kick in any time I cook big meals :-P).

Oh my goodness, we have a real sit down Thanksgiving meal, complete with the whole turkey, all the fixings, and I didn’t turn my oven on once today! Hahahaha! Life is good! Hope everyone is have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!



2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Loved this – so upbeat and fun. 🙂

    • spinnermom Says:

      LOL I was practically skipping though the store! I still can’t believe we found a crock pot like thing big enough to cook a 20 pound bird!!! Now I’m looking at it wondering where the heck am I gonna stash it in my kitchen! Gah! Might have to go in the top of a bedroom closet! 😀

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