A little bragging

So for the past two months dh has been working basically two jobs!  He works his regular tech support job from 8 in the morning til 5-6 at night, then he is off of work for dinner time, and then goes back to work for other tech support jobs from around 9 at night til around midnight-2 am depending upon the case he’s working on.   It all started a few months ago, and it’s just weird to me that this other company came up out of no where, and the first support job he was given from them, the guys were like, “here’s the deal. We have a company to run, and we don’t feel like learning this computer programming stuff with ~our~ brains, so we want you to do all the reading, learn it, load in on to our computers, and then write us up a short summery how it works, so we can deal with it later.” And get this, they’re willing to pay $60 an hour!!!! Yeah, you have to have basic programming knowledge jBase and Python and other techie stuff. But to have someone paying him basically $300 a night, four or five nights a week, just to use his brain… that floors me!!!!

So!  Thank goodness for extra income for a few months, because man oh man, this move to CO cost us a pretty penny, and we have BILLS! Yes, all capital letters BILLS!!!!  And the fact that the house isn’t perfect… the gas doesn’t work, so the furnace and hot water doesn’t work. So we work around it with a camping hot water heater, that we’ve safely plumbed up through the pipes in the house, and we have to run for propane every week and a half or so. We’ve had to buy four electric heaters, and fans, for around the house to get the hot air down from the ceiling, and keep everything warm. We did the math, and we’re paying about twice the amount for electric heat than we would be paying for gas heat. But that $5000 to get the gas hooked up proper, and then not even know if the furnace will work at all, is a whole nother monkey to deal with. We’re looking into getting a wood stove, but then that takes a whole nother chimney being put in, because the furnace chimney is different code, and you can’t just stick a chimney on the side of your house any more. So we’re looking at around $3500 for a non electric heat source, and another $1500 or so to get an electric water heater wired into our electrical box. But we’re making it, and not freezing to death, or living uncomfortably. Well, besides the house being twice as big as the FL house, and it takes soooo freakin much time and energy to keep it clean, and maintained.  Seriously, I never thought we’d ever own a house this big.

So anyway, a little extra money came in handy, because our toaster oven that we’ve had for three years crapped out on us. (yeah, this house had it’s kitchen stripped of appliances before we moved in too. Another challenge) This was just a little toaster oven though, and dh missed having things like pizza, and chicken.  And I missed being able to make cakes all in one shot, instead of making one small round pan, and then half the batter sits out for 30 minutes, and then you make the second round cake.  After five weeks of having no oven at all though, I was getting a little upset, and started pricing a new toaster oven, and then dh took over and found Super Oven!!!! It’s a convection chefs toaster oven, and it has all fancy settings, and dh wanted digital display (I ~hate~ digital display. Just so you know :-P)  BUT this oven is big enough to fit a 13×9 pan again. Of course it is *juuust* big enough to fit a 13×9, not so much the handles of a 13×9… soooooo we had to order a special baking dish that is exactly 13×9 with squared off edges, no handles sticking out! When I first got it, I thought I would hate it, but it is absolutely ~~~amazing~~~!!! I want more of these pans! But that’s going to have to wait for a while. But I am sooo happy to be able to cook a whole cake mix in one shot. I can make chicken in the oven again. And roasted vegetables! Yaayy!

And then dh surprised me with a gift!!! When we came out of the store the other day he came out with something he ~knows~ I’m going to need shortly. A Happy Light! Yes, towards the end of winter last year I got very very depressed, with the snow, and the cold, and everything was either white or brown for months on end. Ugghh, just thinking of the brown, brown, brown, makes me sad. 😛  So now we know that no sunshine, and cold, and snow, and endless weeks of brown dirt brings me to tears. I now have an hour and a half long beaches DVD (he got me that for Valentines Day. lol), and my Happy Light. We’ll see how I do this winter. LOL

So yep, we’re paying down bills, and affording a little bit of extras, and it feel so good!!!  Only thing is dh is extremely tired! If he doesn’t have work lined up for Saturdays and Sundays, he basically sleeps the days away. But I reckon in a way that’s kind of good too, because then we just do our really big shopping trips for food twice a month, and don’t go out too much extra besides that! I think staying home saves money more than anything. LOL  If he can keep this up through November, we might all end up with bikes for Christmas!!! Another of the big things we had to leave behind in FL. Slowly, slowly, everything is getting back to “normal”. Whatever that means. But I love my ❤ dh ❤ to pieces for searching out the extra work, and then sticking with it, and learning the new programming, even though it just sucks when he sees the flaws in the code, and all that little stuff that drives him nuts. ❤ ❤ ❤ Life is good.


4 Responses to “A little bragging”

  1. Polo Says:

    I’m glad you’re having such a good time of it lately. Those lamps are awesome, I really want one. Your DH sounds great 🙂

  2. annamatrix Says:

    He provides, doesn’t He? Brian’s hours have been cut for a few weeks, but just before that, we had a LOT of side work pour in, and we’re still okay, too.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, it is pretty awesome! Dh was down in the dumps for about three or four months about the bills. Everyone kept telling him, “it’s gonna be ok.” Then all of a sudden his friend from work steps in, and he knows people, who know people, and the side work just started rolling!!! /huge sigh of relief It’s making us both ragged though, because he only gets like six hours sleep on a good night, and I’m pretty much doing *everything* here at home, even though he’s always at home anyway… he’s in his office aaaaaaaalll the time now. But it’s nice to have the bills go down down down for a change. 🙂

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