Knitting Fun

So the past week or so I’ve been working on some hats. Fancy crocheted hats, with big bloomin flowers on them. Y’all know my crochet skills are so much worse than my knitting skills. I did however figure out one of the hat patterns, and I am so very happy that I have yet another kind of stitch added to what I can do. Makes a hat that looks good and uniform, and pretty much just uses double crochet, but as you go down the sides of the hat you do two double crochets into one stitch, and skip the next stitch, and that makes this cool upside down V pattern all the way down the hat.  That’s the best I can describe it.  The next pattern for the same type of hat was a little more frustrating. I understand the way it’s ~supposed~ to work, with making the stitches and then skipping a stitch and it’s supposed to create a swirl down the sides of the hat. I see it happening in the youtube, I understand ~how~ it’s supposed to work…. I just can’t for the life of me make it work!!!

The good news is, for some reason, I understand how it works in knitting. 😛 And I found a like minded person who describes it a whooooole lot better than me, in this way simple pattern (Top Down No Math Hat).  So I am doing a wee little modification on this first hat I am making, to make it more like this Blue Cloche Hat.  See, it needs a brim, and I can add the flowers no problem. Sooo, I guess you could say I’m fiddling around with stuff again.  Hopefully I’ll have a package together and mailed off in the next day or two, and I made enough money on this project to not only feed and take care of the kitty cats for this month, but also to mail off three packages to hospitals too! Lots of baby hats, and a couple of group blankets being mailed out.  I love it when my Etsy covers all the things I need it to cover in a month!

And here’s a picture of the little goomba’s that my Etsy sales help keep in food and litter! (Yes, it is still a thing, but so long as I take care of the food and litter, it is a LOT less of a thing :-P)

Trout the runt. Yeah, he still has a weird curve in his back, and he still barfs his food if he doesn’t get his milk after he eats, but he is a lovely little bugger! This is what we call his bread box. It’s the melon box we got from the farm last year to haul our vegies home in. We took our own bags in a crocheted market bag I made.  Now it is Trouts bed, and we don’t use it as a market bag anymore. 😛 So when the little bugger gets tired, he goes to this melon box, and he uses his front paws to knead the market bag full of store bags, til his bed is nice and squishy (that’s why we call it his bread box because it looks like he’s kneading bread :-D), and then he naps the afternoon away. 😀


Mama!!!!! She doesn’t really have a place. Sometimes shes in front of the dryer sleeping. Most the time she’s back in the cat crate, but I tell her shes gotta come out and be social, and I close the cat crate tight until she spends some time out and about. That’s when I find her either under my desk… or under Cassies desk, crashed out on a bin! Hee hee!


Then there’s the Salmon. He is now officially as big, or bigger, than the Mama!!! He’s also the biggest Baby!!! This is what most interests him. Ice cuuuuubes in my Water!!!! Gaaaahhhhhhh!


I will FIX it!!!! And then, most the time, they just lay around and watch the ice cubes melt.  It’s the cat version of humans watching paint dry. 😛 Oh, and we had to get this super big water dish mostly because Salmons other favorite pasttime is dumping liquids. Glass, cup, or small bowl, it doesn’t matter.  He will get it tipped. So far he hasn’t felt the urge to tip this huge boat of water over. But the iccccceee cubes!!! Arrrghh!!! LOL


And the Wicket. She loves my wheel. She loves my yarn. And she steals my desk chair whenever I get up.  She is the most playful of all the cats, and she is also the friendliest!!!! When people come over, she is always the first one that will come and inspect, while all the others hide.


“Here, I’ll treadle for you, hooman!”


“Must guard the stairs.”


And that is all for today because the kiddo’s have gotten out the pony beads again and are making candy corn and pumpkin heads and I am looking up boodles of other pony bead patterns for them.  They want to make sets for the holidays and give them as gifts and such. Everyone needs a pony bead something for their key chains, right?



2 Responses to “Knitting Fun”

  1. Polo Says:

    Your cats are absolutely adorable.

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