Spinning and Crazytown!

I am happy to say, I’ve finished up the Three Feet of Sheep fiber yesterday, and got it all plyed off, I just need to skein up five bobbins worth of yarn today, and get my yardage counted!!! Woohoo! I’m fairly certain I’m going to have around 2200 yards of yarn from all of this Spinzilla spinning! I want to keep going though, because I only have one official skein of all white yarn, and I wanted to do at least four to have for the dying pots. Another two days of spinning ahead of me if I keep at it!

I roughly kept track of my hours spinning during Spinzilla also. Altogether I put in around 30-33 hours! Whew!!! A few more hours, and that would be a full work week. And yeah, a whoooooole lot of that time I would call third shift, because I did it between 8 pm and midnight. So, there shall be pictures soon, and I have very very very little knitting to report of all week. I had gotten one Halloween baby hat done on Friday. My last of the year, because I’m sending out to the hospitals next week, so they get the hats in time.

In other news… last night we made the really, really, bad decision of stopping at the Crazytown Walmart. Now I remember why we dubbed it Crazytown in the first place. So, as we pulled in, the van parked next to us was parked crooked outside the white lines. But it was ok, because dh could park further over in our space, and there would be enough room for me to get out for the quick run into the store. I was Veeeery careful getting in and out of our van not to bump theirs. They looked like homeless people living in it, because their whole dashboard was loaded halfway up the window with food, and gallons of water, and soda, and looked like everything they owned in the back. The lady in the passenger seat was on a lap top, so I figured maybe they were parked closer to the front of the parking lot for free wifi. This is the fourth spot from the front doors of the store, and yeah, there are enough homeless people camping out in this parking lot in cars, and vans, that WalMart had to crack down and push them all waaaay to the back of the lot. So I carefully get out and go in the store. Getting a basket, a homeless man begs for money. Keep walking, sorry no, because I don’t even have change on me. So, running in for Trout milk (one of our cats needs it, or he barfs his food if he eats it plain) and bread, apples, and a few other items. You see those “people of WalMart” pictures? All of them could have come from Crazytown. So we make it through the store of Crazy, and the self check out lickity split, pick up our bags, and make it back to our van. Immediately someone else is in our face asking if we could give him and his wife a ride 8 miles in the other direction, but we are full with four kiddo’s, and our big Sam’s Club run for water, and toilet paper, and Cassie’s sodas, and cat litter. Then he starts saying, “well, could you spare a couple of bucks then?” I say no, sorry, can’t help, and then he turns to my 15 year old and starts asking ~her~ for money! Ummm, NO! Leave! So I squeeeeeze back in to my side of the van, because crooked parked people are still there.  There’s a guy in the passenger side on an iPad now, and the lady is in the drivers seat with her laptop, and we start backing up, and the lady pops her door open and tries to get out, banging our door HARD!!! WTF! Did you NOT see how freakin careful I had to be to ~not~ touch your van???? You couldn’t wait the extra three seconds it would have took us to finish backing out? Just full on smash your door into mine though, and then she like tried to spit shine my van! Hell-freakin-OOooooo lady! E-freakin-bola???? Don’t lick your hand and touch my van!!!!!! Holy crap!!!! So no, no, no, never again! Non-Crazytown is just ten miles in the other direction, but we didn’t want to take the 20 minutes round trip from the middle of Pueblo to the west side, on top of the 20 minute trip home.

I am still a little upset from it all wondering if the people in the van and the people that cornered us were working together and she saw we didn’t give him any money and that’s why she decided to slam our van. AND the fact that I had to watch my daughters back and my back while loading groceries because the homeless just keep coming!!!! Hate that parking lot!!! Just getting groceries shouldn’t be like that! 😦 Anyway… /endrant

Now I’ve gotta get going, because I have yarn to measure off, and a hat to make for a customer, and I want to get some of my own Christmas knitting done. Work, work, work. 😀



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