Savings catching!!!

Ok, if you are a fruffy foofoo and refuse to shop at WalMart because they’re the demon seed of the United States, and they don’t pay a living wage, and they import from China blah blah blah blah, you can stop reading, because this is about that big ol horrible ugly corporation, and yeah, we pretty much *have* to shop there, because even though most of their stuff is crap, my family survives on the staples we need to get from somewhere anyway. Milk, bread, butter, flour, sugar, dollar a bag french fries. I don’t buy much prepackaged crapola, but the things I do get, help round out the meats I get from the other grocery store, and the vegies we get from the farm! And of course I get my clothes there. When winter is over I buy a crap ton of $1 and $2 shirts, and all the sweat pants/shirts and flannel anything that’ll fit us, and sometimes the 4x and 5x size clothes for a dollar or two also, just for the fabric content. And at the end of summer I buy up all the $1 and $2 shirts, and shorts I can find!  Yeah, I know all of those clothes were probably made in Taiwan, and some poor soul made a penny, or less, for making it, and WalMart sucks for making life for them like that, but I need to clothe my family the cheapest way possible, because times are tough all over.

So anyhooo, my *point* of this whole blah-de-blah… *if* you do shop at the Mart of Wal they have this new thing called Savings Catcher online. You sign up at, and all you do is pop your receipt number and the date in there. You have seven days to do it. Within two days they scan all competitors prices, *and* all the other WalMarts in your area also for savings. So say you go in there and buy toothpaste, and milk, and butter, and a pair of shoes, and a toy, and some yarn, and wrapping paper, and some candy.  And then the toothpaste is on sale at Walgreens, and the butter is cheaper at the other WalMart ten miles away, and the shoes are on sale at the mall, and the toy is on sale at Target….. they go through aaaaaaaalll of that, and bammo you get the difference back! You have to choose from two forms of gift cards to get it back, and I’m waiting for another couple of receipts to go through so that my gift card will be more than ten bucks. But from what I’ve seen of these first two receipts, I think we’re going to get a good $20-$30, or more, bucks back a month doing this!  Yes, a family of seven spends around $500 a month at evil ol Wally World. Shoot me. It would be a LOT less if I had my druthers, and we’d spend a lot more at the produce stand, and make our own french fries and corn chips!  And hell, if the price of butter keeps going up, I’d invest in a cow, and make my own butter too! We use a LOT of butter for foods for Cassie to gain weight. Can you tell I ~know~ the price of it is skyrocketing?  😛 So if I can save a dollar every week we go shopping, because the other WalMart has it cheaper, that’s four or five dollars a month, just in butter!!!

So there you have it! If you shop there for anything, Do it! And yeah, I used to be all against the whole getting a keychain tag for every store, and “big brother” tracking everything.  But ya know what?  They do it through your credit cards, they do it through you banking, they do it with their cameras on every corner, they do it with your “smart” phones.  Everything is so inundated with tracking now it no longer matters. So yeah, I’ve got several teachers rewards tags, and a tag at PetCo for the cheapest cat litter (and then it always spits out a coupon on the receipt, since we have the tag, and I give that to the guy at the register and he uses it for his dog food!), and I have a tag at Joaf and Lug, and that saves us on gas money.  CO is land of the keychain tags!!!! And now I have big corporate Wally World tracking my receipts, and handing me money. The circle is complete!!! Let Freedumb Ring!!!!

2 Responses to “Savings catching!!!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    Hey , thanks, I didn’t realize that was a real deal.. Will do it. I shop at Wal Mart. It has cheaper cat foot and littler. I buy clothes for the season at the end of the season and since I have lost a lot of weight in the last couple of years I need nearly all kinds of clothes. I don’t care if people think that is good or not. I am Grandma living on SS and mostly it never goes far enough. I was there yesterday and bought a Halloween shirt for $4. It says You can’t scare me, I have grandkids!!! And found another bright colored(red this time) T-shirt for three. This one is a gildan and I love the material and it holds up really well.
    Hope all is well at your house. I’m off this week to Atlanta to visit the kids. Hugs and smiles, Char

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, I’m liking it! Especially since they had those news investigations in FL last year showing how WalMarts in less depressed areas less than 20 miles apart were charging more for canned goods and sugar and such! Now there’s no excuse. Just punch in your receipt and they even check to match their own prices!!!! That is so cool!!!

      All is going well here!!! Cassie is 2 pounds shy of the 100 pound mark now!!! I was looking at pictures of her from last April when she was down to 65, and it makes me cry!!! I’ll have to do a picture update of her soon!!! How to get a current picture of the ever elusive teenager though! They duck and hide so well from cameras. LOL

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