Dr’s suck Part2

Yeah, you knew it wasn’t over with, right?  I mean, they’re dr’s. They’ve gotta make some bucks, right. :-/ So the Wednesday after my visit I get a phone call, “all of your tests came back negative.  You are fine, and all is well!”  Yaaaaayyyyyy!!! Then two days later I get another call! “Hey, we need you back in to see you! Right away!!! There was something on your tests”  Oh, you mean those tests that two days ago you said were ~fiiiiine~? Everything’s normal and good, you mean thooose tests.  “Umm humm”  So yesterday, I go back in for an “extra look” (read: an office visit is $240), “and we’re going to put this stuff on, and if there are any cancer cells it’ll turn them white, and we’ll be able to get ~just~ those cells, and send them in for testing” (read: lab tests are gonna cost you another couple hundred dollars), “and you might have to come back three times a year for pap smears” (read: three office visits a year times $240 a visit, plus lab work).   Imagine their saddness when ~NO freakin part turned white~!!!! Nothing! No cancer, no biopsy, no lab work. Boo hoo for you doc!  She turns to the assistant and says, get me a pap kit, and turns to me, we’ll run another pap smear for ya. WTF!!!! I just HAD one just over a week ago! It came back FINE!!!! FINE! I DON”T have bottomless pockets for you to find ways to spend my money lady!!! I have a basement to repair! I don’t have an oven to cook Thanksgiving dinner in! I DON’T need ~you~ to keep spending ~my~ money for ME!!!! Yeah, I doubt I’ll be going back there next year. Those dr’s are messed up in the head!  But yeah, I’m healthy, and fine, and as hard as they tried they couldn’t make me sick. Don’t cha love it! /endrant


4 Responses to “Dr’s suck Part2”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    Glad you are okay. It’s okay to say no to the doc because he works for YOU. I wrote a long replay and the site ate it. Take care and know you are thought of a lot.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Aww, thanks Char!!! Hope you are doing ok too! I need to pop by and read your Xanga more often. I have been very lax in reading any blogs lately, and I need to get back to that!!! (((Hugs)))

  2. annamatrix Says:

    Just say no. Repeatedly. And rest assured that you’re fine. 😉

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep! And the fact that she marveled at my blood pressure, and the last dr I went to see marveled at my heart sounds, telling me I had the heart of a 20 year old, and he just doesn’t get to hear that with many patients anymore… I’d think I am doing better than fine. I miss finding good dr’s that are all about diet and exercise, and less about pushing pills and getting kick backs from the lab works they can send in. I guess I’m lucky that I got a scatterbrained dr and she asked about when the last time I had blood work done, but then totally forgot to order me to get any…. but then she forgot my birth control prescription also, and I had to remind the office twice to get it called in. Ugghh!

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