Yaaaaard Work!

Yesterday was incredibly busy. Saturday we prepared by getting gas for the trimmer and the mower, and the fuel additive stuff.  And then we did our normal Sunday stuff, but by 4 o’clock or so we got to work in the yard! Dh bought a new lopping choppin blade for the trimmer, and that sucker is going back. Put it on there, started it up, whacked about one square foot of plant life with it, and it wobbles like mad!!! So he switched out the attachments back to the trimmer, and we still got a whole lot of stuff whacked down. Then it started lightly raining. But we got out the mower anyway, and oh my word, started in one pull fourth year in a row!!! I love that mower!!! So the rain kept sprinkling on and off, and I thought, “well, ok if he gets a good half of the backyard done, that will be wonderful!” but nope, he kept mowing, and mowing, and mowing. Around the side of the house, and around to the front yard, even mowed a bit of the street. Part of living on a back woods, unmaintained, dirt road I reckon 😛  Today looking out at it all mowed down, it looks like we have the nicest greenest yard in the desert!!! LOL

I was a wee little bit scared of all the weed whacking and mowing though, because Saturday night when all was quiet and dark, I woke up at about 2 am to a wee little kittens meowing for about 15-20 minutes wandering all up and down the front of our house, and then off down the street. I don’t know if a mama cat had a litter nearby and one of the youngins escaped, or if it was a mama cat moving a loud kitty to a new area, or what. But I told dh to keep a lookout and try and move stuff around before whacking it all down. Don’t wanna make no baby kittens legless, or headless, or anything gross like that! But no kittens were around anywhere that we could see or hear so that’s a good thing. They *might* be hiding out under the “chicken house” out back, but I didn’t get a flashlight and go looking or anything. We weren’t mowing or weedwhackin under that. 😛

Today has been pretty much laid back. I have the monthlys/aunt flo/ladies days from hell. Iron totally dipped.TMI, I know. But I’d really be surprised if I even show up on that finger prick Iron test ~at all~!  Also first time I ever really considered maybe going to the hospital, because I felt like I was dyyyyyying!!! But I upped my water intake, took a couple of shots of liquid Iron, and vitamins, ate good, and kept thinkin, “ok, if I make it til lunch time I think I’ll be ok”, and then “lets see if I can make it til dh is off of work”, and by that time the Midol kicked in (yeah I took that stuff and it didn’t knock me on my butt like it usually does. dh thinks maybe elevations has something to do with it?), and I am 85ish percent now, so I don’t think I’ll diiiiiiiie! Then there’s the fear of going to the dr and them being all like, “lol, really. You’re here for PMS?  Hahahahahaha! Here, have another Midol” You know, the old, “it’s all in your head” crappola. But if I do curl up and die, I’ll have someone let y’all know. 😛 And yeah, I have a super incredible out of this world high tolerance for pain, so you know if I gripe about it it’s prolly pretty dang bad. Somewhere between having your guts scraped out with a melon baller, or a good ol mule kick! I would put it up there in my top three worst PMSs ever…. one of those being when I had the flu from hell on top of bad PMS! 

Amazingly knitting has kept my mind off of it for a good portion of the afternoon. I am almost finished a pair of fingerless mitts for myself out of I Love This Yarn in the color Firecracker!!! Looks gooooood! I’ll get pictures soon.  Anyway…



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