Ninja Pictures!!!

Or where there’s a will, there’s a way. So I haven’t been able to do my regular picture posts because my computer went kablooey, and then I got this one here that dh put together for me. Two years ago when my computer went out and he reloaded all my stuff back on to one of his old work computers he added a lot of good stuff, but didn’t load my music back on to it. So I only had my iPod for music for a while. Eh, I’m easy to please I guess, so long as I have music in some way shape or form. So now this computer is loaded, and I have my iTunes back, but I don’t have my scanner or my PhotoShop stuff loaded to work with pictures (I did get my printer back a couple of days ago though, thank goodness). BUT I have now found a way around that too. I can take a one shot (no flash, no editing, or color fixing) pic, and post it to my Facebook, and then pull it back to my desktop from there (drives dh crazy), and load it to here! Yaayy! It’s not going to work well for getting anything listed on my Etsy shop…. but it’s good for fast ugly pics of what I’m doing.

So yesterday I was looking up short stranded color work, and found a couple of items that had color work that I liked. One was a leg warmer, and one was a set of mitts, and then a grand thunderstorm rolled though the area, so we all had to shut down all of the electronics, and there I was with my sticks and string, and ideas in my head! A quick shuffle through the book shelves, and I found a notebook of graph paper, and I sat down in the near darkness and worked out a pattern. Then while everyone else played Monopoly and some card games, I sat there knitting away on this hat!  Of course when the patterning got tough on a couple of rows I was mumbling it out saying, “dark, light, light, dark, light, light, dark, dark, dark, light, light, light”  Drove my kiddo’s NUTS!!!! LOL At one point I was sooo freaking worried that I sectioned the pattern off wrong, and maybe it was a seven repeat and not a six repeat, but then I looked it over for like 20 more minutes, and in the end begged myself to TRUST the Pattern!!! And it all worked out pretty! 🙂


So last night as I was drifting off to sleep I started thinking of more and more patterns, so this is what I came up with today. Knitting the black is going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think it will turn out the most beautiful! But there is a dark purple I might try this with, and I was also thinking of adding another row of zig zag, and doing like a fire thing with this. The multi being the embers at the bottom, and then switching to a red zig zag, and then a yellow zig zag, and then an orange zig zag. Might be more color work than I want to handle though. And things always look better in my head then they turn out like in real life. 😀


And then these colors are for Cassie. She fell in ~love~ with the purple hat up there, but I know as soon as she sees it in the variegated blues shes gonna toss the purple back at me, and snitch up the blues.


What ever the kiddo’s don’t snitch up will most likely end up on the Etsy shop in August or September! I’ve got three packages for hospitals and NICUs sitting here with no money to mail them out yet. Blah! But I have hope that these will sell like hotcakes. I’m enjoying the color change stuff so much I might work on a few baby hats with designs in them also. Besides that I also have a pile of trivets done for the kitchen. I’m going to work on matching dishcloths and sack sacks (those draw string bags you put your plastic grocery bags in because you didn’t buy one of my reusable shopping bags/totes ;-)) to go with them, and hope they sell for Christmas gifty type things. If they don’t, they’ll be going to some Visiting Nurses I know of to cheer up some shut ins with perky bits of color for their homes. One way or another, all these things will get to someone somewhere.

In other news… we found an easy peasy home school evaluator! Thank goodness CO is only every other grade level, so I don’t have to write up four evals this year. Just the girls this year, and the boys next year. Then one more round for the girls, and then Cassie will be graduating the year after that. Then one more round for the boys, and Benny will be graduating the year after that! All down hill from there just having two kiddo’s to do every other year will be a snap!!! Now I’ve gone and made myself feel old. LOL


6 Responses to “Ninja Pictures!!!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    I wrote this and then we had a storm and when I came back on, I of course had not saved it. I love that hat with the purple squiggles. I wish I could knit well enough o do something like that. I think I will try to find some hats with designs that are crocheted.
    I sent off another big box to Wolfson in Jacksonville. I’m hoping they will tell me they can use booties – I have a mess of them here and more getting done.
    Can’t wait to see all the other neat things you will be making. I did try some of those flowers and they came out pretty good. My oldest granddaughters liked them.
    Keep sharing and stay dry and safe.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Today was an amazing day for storms. I wrote an email to my oldest son who is still in FL and both FL and Pueblo were having storms at the same time and we were only one degree off in temperature too! 30+% drier in humidity here though but an amazingly close day overall for weather. And yep the lightening and thunder rolled through here too and I felt like I was right back there…. except the soil is mostly clay here and the water has nowhere to go so our drain ditch turned into a river. LOL

      You should try stranding a second color in your crochet too! I’ll have to take a picture of the inside of my hat so you can see what it looks like with the extra strands running along the back of the work. You have to run them a little loose so it doesn’t pull the stitches tight but the designs you can make running more than one color are awesome!

      So good to hear you were able to send to Wolfson! I was thinking about them the other day! Makes me happy they got a nice size box from you! Now I will send off to Lubbock and University of KY and feel like we have everywhere covered!!! ❤

      Glad to hear your granddaughter liked the flowers too! We all love them here! My youngest clips them to her hats and her bags and of course in her hair.

      Good Lord, I think I just wrote you a letter! LOL (((Hugs)))

  2. journeyof7 Says:

    Stop talking about graduating kids! Camryn is a senior this year. I’m dealing with that okay-ish. However, I was talking to another mom the other night about NEXT fall (2015), & I said something about Taryn being a freshman then. NO, NO, NO!!!!! NOT OKAY!!!!! 0.0

    • spinnermom Says:

      LOL It does feel weird doesn’t it. We read the CO home schooling laws and technically we don’t have to report anything after they are 16 years old if we don’t want to! So I could technically be down to three “graduated”, and just two kiddo’s left in two short years!!!! I’m not ready for that! Ack!

  3. annamatrix Says:

    LOVE the patterns, but changing colors? Oh, no. Not for me. I’ll just look at how pretty yours are.

    This year Lydia hits ‘high school’. I had a mild panic attack when I realized it. I’m doing better, now… marginally.

    • spinnermom Says:

      I encourage everyone to attempt to change colors! It is not that hard! Just start with a simple checker pattern with an odd number of stitches. Do one stitch of one color, and then another color, and then back to the first color. From there you can do two stitches of one color, and one stitch of the second color, and with even just doing those two you can make tons of different patterns. I’m trying not to do a float across the back longer than four stitches myself, because I think mine just look way too messy on the inside when there’s more than that. But having all that extra yarn as a second layer inside the hat makes it super warm!!!

      And yep, Cassie just finished her first year of high school! When I realized that last year, I did a double take, and had a mini panic attack that my kiddo’s are all getting so old!

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