So much going on…

Well, last week my new vacuum came in! We got the Shark Pro, and thank you to the three out of six people that recommended that!!! Oh my goodness, the first day we had it was like WOW, and then the second and third day were great, and then I had to clean the brush roller, and I was expecting at least the normal struggle and maybe having to take it apart a bit.  But nope! The brush is not driven by a belt to the one side of it or anything like that, that I can see.The spaces between the brush rollers are nice and wide, so I can get in there and chop the hair, and get it cleaned out easily! Only ONE dust cup to empty out, and not three like the Bissell had. AND the hoses all click into place, so no loose wandering parts blowing dust everywhere like the Dirt Devil (that totally lives up to it’s name)!

In knitting news… I’ve been working away at baby hats, and that beach ball blanket! Ohhh, all the pretties I will have to share soon! I am totally loving the yarn I am using too. I know I know it’s just a plain ol plain ol acrylic, but I got soooo many new (to me) colors when we went to Hobby Lobby.  It’s great not just using the same ol same ol. I do have to keep my whites straight now though. I’ve gotten two skeins of “soft white” to use on the blanket, and then I have some plain ol “white” to use on the hats. If I get them mixed up then I’m gonna run short on the blanket yarn. So now I am toting around multiple project bags to keep those separate.

In weaving news… I got my belt loom warped up with I Love This Yarn Colors in the color Sorbet Ribbon, and on the outside edges of that I have two warps of cream color in a slightly thicker yarn, which I’m also using as the weft!  Oh my gosh, is it ever turning out sooooo very pretty! I think I am going to cut it up and make pouches out of it! Yes, I have plans!!! 😀

Other than that… summer has pretty much kicked in here!  We have computer-y geekness stuff going on! Yaaayy for more hashes, and blocks, and crypto stuff! Yaayyy, for the new game LandMark and all the interesting architecture going on there! Check out this youtube from Ara showing some of the better builds! They chose dark elves as the next race of things that they’re working on for EverQuest though. I was sooo hoping for Dwarfs! I want my chunky clunky dwarven claim inspected!!!! Still working on some of the more detailed things, but for the most part things are coming along great!

And we have yet another kiddo taking the Rubik Cube challenge!!! I swear by the end of the year everyone in this house is going to be able to solve that thing lickitysplit, except for me! I have to totally understand how it falls back together, I can’t just make things line up and not understand how I made it happen! And there are sooooo many ways you can mess it up, and to be able to crank it this way and that and get it to fix… well, I can’t wrap my head around it just yet. I need to practice more I guess. Wish me luck!



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