Beautiful Sunday!

Finally a beautiful Sunday drive kinda weekend! Today we had to head up to the Springs to get meds, and then we came back to our end of town and got some much needed stuff from Lowe’s. Lot’s of good little things on the ~honey do list~ are gonna get done around here. Yaayy! And the bestest news of the weekend, we stopped by our favorite vegetable stand, and even though they’re not officially open for the year until July 1st, they were open for business this weekend! So we got a nice big ol smackrel of vegies. Huge juicy red tomatoes, and zucchini, and some super huge carrots that I am going to make into a coleslaw!!! And avocados!!!! Yum yum yum! So I picked up some spinach at the grocery store so we can have tomato avocado spinach sandwiches tomorrow for lunch!

So we get home and I put all the groceries away, and then take all the stuff from the produce stand and arrange it all in the big silver mixing bowls on the table, and Benny (14 yo ds) says, “Ya know what I like best about summer and going to the produce place?”, and I was like, “what’s that?”, and he says, “Coming home and seeing it all set out in the bowls on the table! It looks nice!” Awwww! 🙂 And two of the kiddo’s already snitched some raw zucchini chips to munch on for a little snack! That’s what I like about summer. Everyone eats soooooo freakin much better and we get full on good nutrient rich food!!!

And yep there was knitting today as well. I finished off an earflap hat for dh for winter this year. And I started another toddler earflap hat for the shop! And I got a little baby hat for giveaway worked on too! I love nice long rides in the car like that. Makes me feel a bit more productive when I get home and see all of the stuff in my knitting bag!!!


Gnome Invasion!!!

So last week a wonderful lady asked me if I could make a certain knitted baby doll. I still need to give that a try, but it made me think of the Gnome pattern that I’ve had forever in my printed off patterns. So I went flipping through my three ring binders and found it, and remember knitting it a looooooong time ago and not liking it so much. But I thought I’d give it a go again, and I think my knitting must have improved enough that I actually find this pattern quite enjoyable now! So much so that we have this, in just two short days of knitting!


Aren’t they adorable??? Each one is about 8 1/2-9 inches tall from toes to the top of the hat. Even my teenager kiddo’s like them! Don’t tell them I told ya though. But when I come into a room and two of them are sitting there with the dollies, and I ask them, “what are you doing?” and they reply back with, “nothing! Are you gonna make more of these?”, and then start requesting colors, yeah, I find that amusing. The next question they ask is, “what are ya gonna do with them?” And I tell them, “well, give them away of course!”, and they say “but you’ll make more, right?”  You betcha!

The white one is actually made with some of that white yarn with a sparkle thread running through it that you find at Christmas time. I was thinking it would make a lovely princess gnome but as soon as the kiddo’s saw me making it they said that it was Gandalf the White and now I must make a Gandalf the Grey to go with it! I guess I should go have a look around the yard for a couple little sticks for staffs also! Gandalfs gotta be all like…


And that’s all I’ve got for now! It’s summer break here starting this week!  Wooohoooo! Another school year gone by! Gotta get my stuff together for evals and then we’re good to go!


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Today I was inspired by a few people, and started poking around my yarn bins and got out some yarn to make slouchy hats! Y’all know me though. Can’t just find a pattern and do that.  So I went poking around, and I’ve incorporated like three patterns into what I think will make a nice end result! I am working in Homespun yarn in the color Waterfall, and so far it is coming out just lovely! Already have two kiddo’s ready to grab it as soon as it’s off the needles, but I have news for them!  This one is going to be mine all mine…. until one of them snitches it straight away from me! LOL

In other news…. I got a copy of The Opinionated Knitter finally!!! That only took 9 years! LOL I remember waaaayyy back when it first came out and the KnitBabySurprise group had aaaaaaalll kinds of cool knit-a-longs, and now that I have my copy I am ready to dive in and work on a couple of the sweaters in there! And all the Elizabeth Zimmermann stories in there just take me right back to when I got my copy of Knitters Almanac! It’s like, you don’t need a pattern at all! You just sit down and read an EZ story, and you are just inspired to get out your needles and TRY things… on a whim like that! And amazingly you CAN knit pretty things without following patterns!!!! I love EZ!!!!!

In around the house stuff… I’ve moved my desk around, and boy oh boy is it ever weird!!!! For the past 11 months mine and the girls desks have been in an L shape around the edges of the room, I was facing west, and now we’ve swung my desk sideways and added another desk to that (more space for the printer and scanner ~and my loom, but don’t tell no one I’m planning on setting that up here too! shhhhh!~) so now when I come into the room it’s like all of my stuff is on this one side, and I can get to everything so easily! Weaving on one side, spinning wheels on the other! Yarn bins in a more better spot then they were! And I am now facing north!!!! I love it! It’s taken me a looooong time to get used to this CO space we’re in, and for months and months my internal compass has just been messed up!!!! And yeah, I know the mountains are in the west, but we are just far enough away from it, and cutting back in to the back roads here on the plains kinda swings you around a bit, so I was all mixed up for a while.  It has taken a lot of meditating, and constant rechecking myself to get used to it! FL was much easier. 😛

And in just two very short weeks we are coming up on our one year anniversary of our move here! I remember packing the moving truck while watching 4th of July fireworks over our rooftop in FL.  And then after the fireworks were over, dh and me just kept loading boxes, and all of our stuff onto the truck for hours and hours and hours into the darkest parts of the morning. I remember about 4:30 in the morning on the 5th falling asleep on our living room floor and crashing, because there was just no furniture left in the house. Oh my goodness was that ever thee roughest four or five days of our lives!!!!  We should celebrate somehow that we don’t have to do that again any time soon! Haha!


So much going on…

Well, last week my new vacuum came in! We got the Shark Pro, and thank you to the three out of six people that recommended that!!! Oh my goodness, the first day we had it was like WOW, and then the second and third day were great, and then I had to clean the brush roller, and I was expecting at least the normal struggle and maybe having to take it apart a bit.  But nope! The brush is not driven by a belt to the one side of it or anything like that, that I can see.The spaces between the brush rollers are nice and wide, so I can get in there and chop the hair, and get it cleaned out easily! Only ONE dust cup to empty out, and not three like the Bissell had. AND the hoses all click into place, so no loose wandering parts blowing dust everywhere like the Dirt Devil (that totally lives up to it’s name)!

In knitting news… I’ve been working away at baby hats, and that beach ball blanket! Ohhh, all the pretties I will have to share soon! I am totally loving the yarn I am using too. I know I know it’s just a plain ol plain ol acrylic, but I got soooo many new (to me) colors when we went to Hobby Lobby.  It’s great not just using the same ol same ol. I do have to keep my whites straight now though. I’ve gotten two skeins of “soft white” to use on the blanket, and then I have some plain ol “white” to use on the hats. If I get them mixed up then I’m gonna run short on the blanket yarn. So now I am toting around multiple project bags to keep those separate.

In weaving news… I got my belt loom warped up with I Love This Yarn Colors in the color Sorbet Ribbon, and on the outside edges of that I have two warps of cream color in a slightly thicker yarn, which I’m also using as the weft!  Oh my gosh, is it ever turning out sooooo very pretty! I think I am going to cut it up and make pouches out of it! Yes, I have plans!!! 😀

Other than that… summer has pretty much kicked in here!  We have computer-y geekness stuff going on! Yaaayy for more hashes, and blocks, and crypto stuff! Yaayyy, for the new game LandMark and all the interesting architecture going on there! Check out this youtube from Ara showing some of the better builds! They chose dark elves as the next race of things that they’re working on for EverQuest though. I was sooo hoping for Dwarfs! I want my chunky clunky dwarven claim inspected!!!! Still working on some of the more detailed things, but for the most part things are coming along great!

And we have yet another kiddo taking the Rubik Cube challenge!!! I swear by the end of the year everyone in this house is going to be able to solve that thing lickitysplit, except for me! I have to totally understand how it falls back together, I can’t just make things line up and not understand how I made it happen! And there are sooooo many ways you can mess it up, and to be able to crank it this way and that and get it to fix… well, I can’t wrap my head around it just yet. I need to practice more I guess. Wish me luck!


More knitting and things

So a few more pictures of things I’m working on.  Every summer I start the great big bunch of mittens and mitts! By the time the cold weather hits I should have great big boodles of hand warmers to send off to a  couple different charities I know of that Love getting them!!!! Here is what I have done since like the middle of March. A boodle of fingerless mitts.  I’m thinking of snitching the pink pair, and that light green pair, and attempting to add some lace to the cuffs, and adding them to the Etsy store.


Here is the next round of baby hats almost ready to send out. I’ve got some red white and blue ones in there too! Gotta get ready for the 4th of July ya know!


Here is a quick pouch that Cassie knit up on the fly! She put a heart pattern on either side of it too!  When you’re knitting it all one piece like she did, that means one was knit right side up, and one was knit upside down, *and* she got them centered, *and* both sides of the pouch are relatively the same size too! I was mighty impressed! (I can’t take a good picture worth a darn though. Blargh!)



Here is something else for the shop this Fall! I’m going to make this pattern in red, orange, this gold yellow and maybe a purple too and add them all to the shop. Just enough lace to be a little bit of a challenge to knit but not such a lengthy pattern that I can’t crank out one repeat of it in about 10-15 or so minutes. That’s how I get my knitting done, sitting to relax for 10-15 minutes here and there throughout the day. You can get a lot done in just a few minutes. 🙂


And here is a beach ball blanket that I am making for the shop! It is coming along slowly because the weather got hot here for a bit.  But we’re having rain and storms yesterday and today so it’s been in the 60’s and low 70s for a bit! Kind of weird for this FL girl seeing 60 degree daytime temps in June, but hey I’ll take it! 😀


And that’s about all the pictures for now. Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and did a bit of a yarn haul! Can’t go there too much though, because they don’t accept coupons like JoAnn’s does, and they won’t give me a teacher discount for being a home schooler. And even if I had that, they are saying you can only use one discount, or coupon per visit, so if I have the 40% off one item coupon, I can’t use my teacher discount, or whatever other coupons I have. You go in JoAnns and you can have a couple of 40% off an item coupons, *and* their printable internet coupons, *and* still get my 15% off teachers discount once all the coupons are applied!!! And most times the cashiers will even have extra discounts they can apply on top of all that I bring! So yeah, I can save a boodle *not* shopping at Hobby Lobby. But if I could, I would go every dang week and just get that *one* skein of yarn for 40% off! I have willpower like that! I do!


Many photos!!!

Yep, it’s been a pretty busy time here the past three or four weeks, with the knitting, and the crocheting.  Some wonderful gals from our charity knitting group sent me a boodle of squares, and I’ve been getting blankets together from those also!  Lets start with the most bestest, most interesting stuff.  The Amish Puzzle Balls!

In this pic the first two are ones that I have done, and the third one, oldest dd made! Everyone loves them all, and we are giving them such a stress test before I go making them for the shop. You can see how, with much use, they start to get a little loose. Well that’s why I don’t just make things and pop them on my shop! I want to make sure I’m making something that is going to last, and wear well. But they are cute, aren’t they!!!


Here they are all taken apart…


And sshhhhh, don’t tell them I did this! I mixed and matched! See, Austin has claimed the green ball, and it must never ever ever touch Cassie’s now, because Austin is a sweaty, greasy BOY! Harumphhh! But ya know, I couldn’t resist mixing them up. 😛


And here are four of the five small blankets I have put together so far. I thought I had all five of them pictured, but I guess I missed the one I did last. I’m working on the edging to the third one now.

Girly pink one, all done, except for a few ends need weaving in.


Nother girly one, all done now, but at photo time I had found that one last straggler end that I forgot after putting the final edge on.


Nice boy blanket, still needs it’s edging. I’m thinking a row of white, a row of yellow, and then a row of light blue.


And another boy blanket that still needs edging. I’m thinking a row of white, and then I have some of that green Wiggles yarn in my stash, so a row of that, and a row of purple, or maybe more white. We’ll see what I decide later I guess. All of these should come out somewhere between 28-32 inches square when they’re finished. The hospitals are gonna love them!!!


And then here’s a little side project.  I’m making cord on the Lucet, and going by a diagram to make this heart knot! I’m thinking of running another cord together with this one to fill in the spaces, and make the knot tighter. Still fiddling with this one, but if I make it work, I’ll have some of these heart knots in the shop one day!


Pretty, but still needs fiddling!


And that’s about all for now. I have more pics to share tomorrow, or the next day. Not sure how the weekend is going to go, but I’ll get some more computery stuff done here and there. CO hats are up on my Etsy shop. I made some for a friend, and then everybody was oooh-ing and aaahh-ing, so got a bunch done for the shop to see if they’d sell. If they don’t, I sure will love wearing most of them if it gets too cold next winter. Can never have too many hats up here in the north!!!! That was my first lesson of CO winter!!!


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