Sale Sale Sale!!!!

Yes, it is my favorite time of year!!! I have been watching this HUGE pile of winter clothing in the women’s section of WalMart for weeks now!!!! Regular prices range from $8-$10 on the long sleeve shirts, and for about four weeks now they’ve all been marked down to $5-$6. Last night we went in there and tahdaaaahh, they are all piled on a rolling cart, and marked down to $1 and $2!!!! Needless to say, we have our winter shirts for the next year or two. LOL

Then when we went back to the craft area they had the last of the tie fleece throws on sale down from $12 to $7. We just got one, but today when we took it out of the packaging to make the blanket (cutting the one inch strips and tying it) that’s almost four yards of fleece, for $7!!!! What a deal!!! So we’ll probably get a couple more of those before they are done for!

THEN we went over to the electronics, and they had a huuuuge ol pile of adapter plugs for iTouches and other devices, and headphones, and just stuff, for $3-$5 each! A few weeks ago we were thinking about getting just one or two extra charger cords, and it would have cost us around $20, and now we have three times that amount for even less than that! Wootness!

In, OMG my arm hurts news… I actually did a weeeee little bit of knitting yesterday! I might do a little more today, but I don’t want to push it. After knitting some yesterday, and then doing some housework, and then shopping, my arm was a little throbbing last night when all was said and done. So today I am taking it easy. The kiddo’s are doing the dishes, and I have a few loads of laundry to do. 14 yo ds said he would fold it all, and put it away if it was in the clean basket, so I’m taking him up on that deal! 😀

And the most amazing news, in the past week that I couldn’t knit…. I’ve read 2000+ pages in all the books I’m reading, and that isn’t even including the two magazines I bought! One was a knitting mag, and the other was Fantasy&SciFi with a boodle of really really good short stories in it this month!!! I like how at the beginning of each one they put a paragraph from the author about how the story came about, and how many total words written. I’ve found that out about writers, that they like keeping track of their word count. And the one girl I know who writes, and is published (waves at Legossi from Xanga), when she buckles down to write she sets goals for herself to crank out like 10000 words a day!!! I think that’s pretty awesome! So 2000 plus pages for me is really reading up a lot of those goals that writers set out to write. I know, I have weirdly thinking thoughts. 😛

Now, I must be off and running. Too much to do around here!



4 Responses to “Sale Sale Sale!!!!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    Hope the arm is good soon. Reading is a GOOD pastime. I sent out “stuff “to both Jacksonville units, Orlando, and have one ready to mail tomorrow to Texas. I’m beginning work on the ones for Indiana and Cooper. Should keep me busy all summer. Especially when I am in Atlanta taking care of those guys and helping them get ready to move. Do get well and enjoy the warm weather. Soon enough it will be fall and winter.
    Hugs and smiles, Char

    • spinnermom Says:

      You’ve been busy!!! Knitting is a great thing to have handy when traveling around, and it’s great to take little knitting breaks in between packing boxes for moving too! Been there done that. LOL Sounds like your summer is all lined up!

  2. annamatrix Says:

    You must’ve gotten my reading bug, because I was VORACIOUS to obsession the first few months, but then I fizzled. I’m back to playing Mahjong and TripleTown, again. Hrmph! Enjoy my reading bug!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, I was bummed for a day or so when I couldn’t knit, and it took about 12 hours or so to remember what the heck did I ever do with my time before knitting!!!! Oh yeah…. Books!!!! So I re-read some Dragonriders of Pern, and then Divergent, and then two of the books my youngest son is reading (The Fire Within, Icefire, and an unrelated to that series Wings of Fire. We’re really into the dragon stuff here. LOL) Now I’m reading Stephen E Lawhead’s Taliesin. Once I got in my groove it was wonderful!!! Funny thing was I caught myself like I was when I was a teenager carrying my book around everywhere. Doing laundry with a book in one hand, vacuuming with a book in one hand, and I was like, what the hey!!! LOL

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