Norhtern Living

I tell you what, I have never had to go through all this putting the winter stuff away, and hauling out the summer stuff.  How do northerners do this every year???? Gahhh! And on top of all that, we are going through the yard and doing this whole tumbleweed clean up!!! We saw some neighbors the other day just sticking theirs over the fence line, and letting them blow away. For the past four weeks we’ve been taking the ones out of our garage (giant open building we now refer to as the Catchers Mitt for tumbleweeds) and stuffing them in our dumpster, just to have them out of here. Well, they keep blowing in, so we filled the dumpster as best as we could, and then I told the kiddo’s to just start chucking them over the fence just like the rest of the neighborhood. This morning all of the ones we put over the fence are gone, and I have half a mind to go put some more over the fence too! But maybe next week after I recover from the two hours of clean up we did yesterday. 😛

The good thing about getting rid of a lot of them, under the trees that line our driveway there are boodles of Lilies!!! I was soooo happy when we uncovered them! I was missing the orange and white ones we had in FL sooo bad this year, and with the late snow I was for certain everything around these parts was just going to be dead dead dead!  So, the one side of our driveway is lined with dandelions, and the other side is lined with Lilies!!! And NO I don’t kill dandelions!!! Did you know that during the great depression they were actually a wonderful and sustainable weed?  You can make dandelion tea, and soup, and eat the greens and everything!!! Not saying I’m going to do that with anything I park my car over, or near…. but I tell you what! If I were ever starving to death… I would not give one hoot! I would eat them before I ate a tumbleweed. LOL

On the needles… last 15 rows of the chevron blanket, and then that is going up on the store! I’ve also been working on fingerless mitts while we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. I have an idea for the store for Fall! I’m going to make the prettier colored mitts all fancy with lace. I’m going to make a lot more hats too. Those will be perfect summer projects! I’m done with having blankets on my lap for a bit. At least til we get the AC hooked back up, and I can sit next to it while working on them.


One Response to “Norhtern Living”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    How do we do it? With shelves in the basement and tubs. 🙂

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