Knitting addiciton???

Who me?ย  Ok, ok, ok, soooo I got a special order to make some CO state hats. And I went bonkers for a few days making blue and white hats, with the little CO yellow sun with the red C (for CO) around the yellow, and then stitching them to the hats! Sooo much fun! I’ll have some on the shop this Friday too hopefully! Then that started me making the Elizabeth Zimmermann Maltese Fisherman hat pattern, with of course the CO flag C on it! Which then led me to making another earflap (non CO) hat! THENNNNN….

Yesterday I read on one of my knitting groups about a crocheted (there’s a knitted version too. /squeeeee) Amish Puzzle Ball pattern.ย  OMGOMGOMG!!!! Guess what I have been working on? Yep, Amish Puzzle Balls!!! I don’t know if I can sell these, because every one I make I am like, “OMG it’s soooooo CUTE!!!!”, and I just wanna KEEP them! Now Cassie has started making them too! Between last night and this morning she got four of the cones done, and then I talked her through making the fat skinny part today, and then she stole my stuffin, stole it, I say!!!!! And went and got one ring of her puzzle ball done, and THEN she comes to my desk and steals MY puzzle ball, and pops one of the rings off of mine, and pops hers on!!! So now, I can see selling these in like sets of three, so you can have same color balls, or mix them all up and have multi colored ones…. but of course I can’t part with them yet!!!! First thing every child said when they saw it all put together was, “is it for the cats?” Well… maybe… it could be… if I could ever part with one! LOL Oh, and here’s a video just in case your puzzle ball comes apart, you will be able to pop them back together. You should have seen my kiddo’s faces when I pretended like I had ~Had it up to Here~ and tore mine apart. ๐Ÿ˜€

So, y’all know where I’ll be.ย  Off in the yarn buckets going, “oooohh that’ll be a good color, and that, and that, and That!” Yeah, it’s what I do.



New game in the House!!!!

So this past weekend was a bit of a blur. There is a new game out there. Yeah, we go through just about all of them. It’s put out by Sony, so if you’ve ever had a Free Realms account, and you know how Station Cash works, you’re a wee bit ahead of the game. Soooo this particular game came about because Sony is working on EverQuest Next. This game is called LandMark. Basically it’s where the developers of Everquest have been working on making the realm of Everquest. Of course they have bottomless pockets, so if they need stone, or wood to make a building, they just have it, and create, and do all the little detail stuff no problem. When they decided the public would have fun with this, but they wanted to put it into game format, they made it so you have to dig up your own stone, and dirt, and farm your own trees for wood, and such.ย  Not a problem, the kiddo’s do that in Minecraft so well already! But this is like Minecraft for grownups! Better materials, more options… no Creepers blowing your stuff up! Ok ok, the kiddo’s love all of that too! Plus there’s the fact that when they all logged back in to their SOE accounts, they all had Station Cash just sitting there, because they didn’t spend it all up in Free Realms a couple of years ago.ย  My children are misers!!!! LOL

So, you go into the game and you farm up a crap ton of stone, and copper ore, and then you make a claim flag, and then you scout around til you find a place you like, and stake a claim, and pay for your upkeep weekly with more copper ore. Not terribly hard. Gives the kiddo’s a schedule to work with. If you don’t pay for your claim on time it gives you like two extra days, and then turns everything into a template and pops it in your bag, so technically you caaaaan set it all up somewhere again. Possibly even on your old claim if it isn’t taken. But at least this way if people stop playing for a while the best spots aren’t all taken up forever, and ever, and ever. They are however working on a plan if someone builds a truly magnificent place, and it gets tons of likes, and comments and stuff, they will keep it in game forever. Haven’t looked into that too deeply yet, but there are some amazing places being built! One person did a whole ginger bread house village type thing, and there are pyramids, and castles, and jungle villages, and so many different type things to explore. You can get your detailed work approved, and sell the templates also!!! So there is a weeeee little opportunity to make some cash if you’re good at listening to what people would like to have, and actually bringing it to life for them. And if it’s really great enough, and the developers of EQ catch wind of it, there’s a chance they will include your work into the EQ Next game!!! Chance to pad that resume!!! “You can see my work in Sony Online Games” LOLย 

So if you’re on LandMark and you already know my two main World of Warcraft characters you can catch up with me there. I’m not terribly hard to find. ๐Ÿ˜› If you don’t know my characters, you can tell me your game name, and I’ll friend you there. Then you can find me eeeeeverywheeeere!!! ๐Ÿ˜› But first…. housework!!!!


Sale Sale Sale!!!!

Yes, it is my favorite time of year!!! I have been watching this HUGE pile of winter clothing in the women’s section of WalMart for weeks now!!!! Regular prices range from $8-$10 on the long sleeve shirts, and for about four weeks now they’ve all been marked down to $5-$6. Last night we went in there and tahdaaaahh, they are all piled on a rolling cart, and marked down to $1 and $2!!!! Needless to say, we have our winter shirts for the next year or two. LOL

Then when we went back to the craft area they had the last of the tie fleece throws on sale down from $12 to $7. We just got one, but today when we took it out of the packaging to make the blanket (cutting the one inch strips and tying it) that’s almost four yards of fleece, for $7!!!! What a deal!!! So we’ll probably get a couple more of those before they are done for!

THEN we went over to the electronics, and they had a huuuuge ol pile of adapter plugs for iTouches and other devices, and headphones, and just stuff, for $3-$5 each! A few weeks ago we were thinking about getting just one or two extra charger cords, and it would have cost us around $20, and now we have three times that amount for even less than that! Wootness!

In, OMG my arm hurts news… I actually did a weeeee little bit of knitting yesterday! I might do a little more today, but I don’t want to push it. After knitting some yesterday, and then doing some housework, and then shopping, my arm was a little throbbing last night when all was said and done. So today I am taking it easy. The kiddo’s are doing the dishes, and I have a few loads of laundry to do. 14 yo ds said he would fold it all, and put it away if it was in the clean basket, so I’m taking him up on that deal! ๐Ÿ˜€

And the most amazing news, in the past week that I couldn’t knit…. I’ve read 2000+ pages in all the books I’m reading, and that isn’t even including the two magazines I bought! One was a knitting mag, and the other was Fantasy&SciFi with a boodle of really really good short stories in it this month!!! I like how at the beginning of each one they put a paragraph from the author about how the story came about, and how many total words written. I’ve found that out about writers, that they like keeping track of their word count. And the one girl I know who writes, and is published (waves at Legossi from Xanga), when she buckles down to write she sets goals for herself to crank out like 10000 words a day!!! I think that’s pretty awesome! So 2000 plus pages for me is really reading up a lot of those goals that writers set out to write. I know, I have weirdly thinking thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜›

Now, I must be off and running. Too much to do around here!



Sooo much fun! ย I have figured out how to post from my Hellbox Prime, but I keep forgetting to hit the space bar. The typing isn’t that far off from just my regular typing (I only pick type with two fingers regularly, so this really isn’t too much harder, except for finding the bits and bobs for punctuation)

In other news… I got my first custom order on the Etsy shop. ย Contacted the person back, and said it would take me so much time to make it, and that I could have it in the mail by this past Monday and proceeded to make the item up really quick like in the colors they requested. Took photos, and got them all off loaded, and cropped, and put up on the shop, and offered to ship b y Monday again… aaaaaaaaand nothing! Haven’t heard one peep from the person at all since they requested the item. Soooo bummed. So, I’ll give it about a week then I’ll pop it up on the regular shop. If this is the norm for custom items, I doubt I’ll be making too many more. :-/

And in everything else news… my upper left arm got hurt, and I haven’t been able to do too much the past three or four days. Certainly no knitting. So I’ve been reading a boodle of books!!! Taliesin… it’s a Merlin-y type book. Divergent series… gotta read it before the movie. We’ve watched both the second Hobbit movie, and Catching Fire movie this past weekend, and I had to do soooooo much narration, and adding in things I knew from the books. Now I’m hoping everyone here will want to read them!!!

And I’ve gotten the Fantasy&Science Fiction mini mag short story deal from Amazon too for my Hellbox!!! I cannot tell you how much I have missed reading through that! Next month I will have to get the Issac Asimov mag too! ย I was going to get Readers Digest, but reading the reviews on that, the Kindle edition is messed up, and isn’t like the print edition AT ALL! And it costs like 40 cents ~more~ to get the suckier digital version. So, forget that!!!

Well, I guess I’m off of here to go read for a while. And to see how this posts. Forgive me if it’s sucky, and misspelled, and run together where it shouldn’t be. Just trying to get used to this new Hellbox is all. ๐Ÿ™‚


Norhtern Living

I tell you what, I have never had to go through all this putting the winter stuff away, and hauling out the summer stuff.ย  How do northerners do this every year???? Gahhh! And on top of all that, we are going through the yard and doing this whole tumbleweed clean up!!! We saw some neighbors the other day just sticking theirs over the fence line, and letting them blow away. For the past four weeks we’ve been taking the ones out of our garage (giant open building we now refer to as the Catchers Mitt for tumbleweeds) and stuffing them in our dumpster, just to have them out of here. Well, they keep blowing in, so we filled the dumpster as best as we could, and then I told the kiddo’s to just start chucking them over the fence just like the rest of the neighborhood. This morning all of the ones we put over the fence are gone, and I have half a mind to go put some more over the fence too! But maybe next week after I recover from the two hours of clean up we did yesterday. ๐Ÿ˜›

The good thing about getting rid of a lot of them, under the trees that line our driveway there are boodles of Lilies!!! I was soooo happy when we uncovered them! I was missing the orange and white ones we had in FL sooo bad this year, and with the late snow I was for certain everything around these parts was just going to be dead dead dead!ย  So, the one side of our driveway is lined with dandelions, and the other side is lined with Lilies!!! And NO I don’t kill dandelions!!! Did you know that during the great depression they were actually a wonderful and sustainable weed?ย  You can make dandelion tea, and soup, and eat the greens and everything!!! Not saying I’m going to do that with anything I park my car over, or near…. but I tell you what! If I were ever starving to death… I would not give one hoot! I would eat them before I ate a tumbleweed. LOL

On the needles… last 15 rows of the chevron blanket, and then that is going up on the store! I’ve also been working on fingerless mitts while we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. I have an idea for the store for Fall! I’m going to make the prettier colored mitts all fancy with lace. I’m going to make a lot more hats too. Those will be perfect summer projects! I’m done with having blankets on my lap for a bit. At least til we get the AC hooked back up, and I can sit next to it while working on them.

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