So around five years ago at Christmas time we got a couple of iTouches for dh and myself. We opened them before Christmas, but I wasn’t going to call it what it was til Christmas day. Kinda like, you can have it, but you just can’t say you have it type things. So, I had to give it a name so I could talk about it. I named it Hellbox. These little ‘lectronical devices are a time and money suck. We won’t even go in to how many $$$ worth of games/apps I have put on it over the years. Memory is still just over half full, so I’m still not ready for nothing new. Just a time/money suck. But as dh says…. “seeeeee it’s makin you smileeeee!!!” Mostly because that was where I could first store allll my books!!!! And music!!! Of course we have to re-buy most of everything I have in paper that I looooove, and transfer loads of music off of CD’s, and buy what we couldn’t make work. Time and money suuuuuuckkk!!!!

Then came the Kindle a couple years later. Why we had to spend money on that, when I had all my books on the iTouch was beyond me. But once again dh was saying, “seeee it’s makin you smiiileeee!”Ā  Ok ok, it’s was nice having something that the battery didn’t drain so quickly. I think I’ve only charged it like four dozen times since I’ve had it (I read a lot!). Funny thing is this new device needed a name. I named it Max Hellbox. It was bigger and better than the iTouch, and you have to name these things for some reason. Funny thing is we had some kind of trouble with this one, and we had to contact a support person, and he asks me for the name of my Kindle, and I had to actually say “Max Hellbox” to an outside of my world person, and I could swear he kind of chuckled through the rest of the phone call. Fine. Get over it dude, and just help me fix my problem. Some people don’t just name their stoopid ‘lectronics after themselves, ya know! You didn’t??? Well, now ya do!!! šŸ˜›

Sooooooo, here we go again. The iTouch isn’t full… the Kindle isn’t full either…. but guess what? I’ve got an android tablet now. We did it like we do everything, and we’ve been saving up for it for a few months. It was supposed to take another month or so for us to get it, but we found out we had about $70 in reward points to spend sooo, wheeeeeeeee!!!! I got a new time and money suck! Hellbox Prime!!!!! It’s bigger, it’s better, it has as much memory as you want cuz you just gotta buy more chips! I have books, and pdf files (freakin yaaaayyyy for knitting patterns everywhere!!!!!! Never left at home ever ever again!!!)))) and magazines, and skype, and it has a camera, and yeah, it’s maaaakin me smiiiileee! And I’ve spent about ten dollars, because we have got to have Sketchbook Pro on it for long ol road trips, and I got Tetris for me (must have Tetris!), and Fruit Ninja for the kiddo’s. And I really don’t give a flip about any other games, because they’re all on my iTouch and I’m not freakin buying them again!!! Years and years ago and we had Mario for NES, and then they came out with N64 so we bought it again, then they came out with something else and we bought it again, then had to have it for the gameboys, and then had to have it for the Wii. The whole thing still mystifies me til this day why anyone would keep buying, and buying, and buying, the same ol crap for more and more new systems. But that’s just me. :-/

So yesterday, I got to Skype with my oldest ds back in FL, and I took him on a tour around the house. I told him in the next few days I’ll take him on a tour around the yard so long as the wifi holds out. šŸ˜› And today, I’m fiddling with it making some screen savers in the Sketchbook program. So fun to have cool different screen savers that you make up yourself so your tablet looks so much different than anyone elses! I also need to keep my eye out for some cool stickers to put on my new case.

I need to maybe knit up a new handbag also. The bag I have now is only like 8 months old, and the one I had before that was like 12 years old!!! I soooo hate ditching a bag just because ~stuff~ won’t fit in it anymore. But I do have enough wooly goodness to make me a nice felted over the shoulder bag. I’ll have to hit the books to find a pattern. Maybe Kokopellli? I’ve been wanting to do that one on a hat for a while, but it would work wonderfully on a bag also.

And that’s all for now. There is still housework to do… another big ol time suck. LOL



One Response to “Yaayy!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    We have Nook Colors with an N2A Android chip (have for several years)… and they get used EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I love them. The kids love them. They’re fun, and make us smmmiiiiillllleee.

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