Picture time!!!!

So most of this went up on my Etsy last night, so if you watch my shop you’ll have already seen these. A friend of ours suggested that I attempt to make photo props to sell (or just cute baby stuff as I like to call it :-P). So I have this cute dino hat. Austin (11 yo ds) saw it, and the first thing he said was, “make me one, pleeeease!!!!” So, I figure shortly I will have him running around in a mullet dino hat also. My children are weird, and they really don’t care. 😀


Then I have this quick and cute baby bear hat. I was thinking of waiting to post it til I had a cocoon, or figure out a diaper cover pattern that I like… but, oh well. I will just go with the hat, and whoever buys it can figure out the bottom end of things…. for now.


Then the Biiiiiiiiiig project (hoping to have a few more of these coming up as ideas from people keep rolling in), the lace baby blanket that took me two weeks to knit! Holy moly! Yeah, if I were just puttering at it here and there all year, I’d pop it in a hospital box for Christmas. But since I was working on this steadily with the intention of putting it up on the shop. Yeah, that’s a job I am proud of! If it doesn’t sell in six months it will most likely be popped into a box to a children’s hospital! I hate to have my knitting just sitting around. I would like it to be *used*!



Here are a couple of bonnets that we did on one of my knitting groups as a KAL. It’s a fairly simple pattern, you just have to make sure that if it’s knit 2 at the beginning of the row, it’s knit 2 at the end of the row also, that way when you get to the stockinette part of the bonnet you can keep the edges in garter stitch along the sides. Then we had soooo much fun with this, because it is so simple it can be modified lots of ways. I made the purple one with a small loop on the edge, so I can add a button to the other side, and it can be buttoned under the chin. Then the blue one has I-cord ties on it, and then another idea was to do a yarn over row after the k2 p2 rows, and then add a ribbon though the yarn over holes for the ties. So many ways to make this neat little hat! Here’s the pattern. Very adjustable in size also. It says cast on 62, but the one I made with 62 stitches ended up being big enough for a 1 year old. So the two pictured here are only 42 stitches. Seems like a great newborn size. Of course you can adjust the sizes with yarn thickness and needle size also!


And here is another size market bag. I’m going to make large ones $15, then this size $12, and then an even smaller size one for just $10. I keep running into people in the health food store, and at the farmers markets, that seem to be just running in for a couple of things, and then end up with their arms full with four or five things and no bags! Go green and all. The health food store does put boxes up front in bins though, but I think it would be super to just keep a small version of the market bag tucked in your purse, and then be able to take it out whenever you need it. I’m also fiddling with making one with little separate pockets in it, so if you have glass jars it’ll be easy to tuck up to four or five glass jars in one, and tote them without worrying about breaking them. It’ll have to be a little shorter than this one though, because the heavier things are, the more the bag stretches.


And here’s about where my camera died! Blah!!!! But I’m working on another blanket. Using this pattern, with size 10.5 needles, with worsted weight yarn, I divided out the stitches, and then when I got a good start on it I measured, and every three repeats of the pattern = 12 inches for me. So here’s what I have in the notes I typed up for this pattern…

15stitches per pattern repeat x 8(number of ups and downs in the blanket) = 120 stitches + 4stitches (for the edges) = 124stitches = a 32 inch blanket

15 x 9 = 135stitches + 4stitches = 139stitches = 36 inch blanket

15 x 10 = 150 + 4 = 154stitches = 40 inch blanket

15 x 11 = 165 + 4 = 169stitches = 44 inch blanket

15 x 12 = 180 +4 = 184stitches = 48 inch blanket

So now I can make a blanket all the way from preemie size, up to twin bed size!!! And all the kiddo’s got to help me in a good math lesson also! Cuz that’s how we roll. 😛 Now, if I could only take a good picture. LOL


And that’s about all for pictures today! I need to get some more of the kitty cats next time around. I would try and get more of the kiddo’s, but they are all turning into typical teenagers, and hate to get their pictures taken. :-/ Maybe we’ll go on a hike or something, and I’ll make them stand by a rock and get their picture. 😛



2 Responses to “Picture time!!!!”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Love, love, love that blanket! My daughter at 16 yrs hates having her picture taken, though you wouldn’t believe it with the amount of selfies she takes!! It’s just me that can’t take them of her!! Go figure!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, that’s what I go through around here too! No problem when they’re just goofing around with their own cameras, but man, if I ever aim one in their direction they dive for cover!!! I feel like one of those nature photographers that’s catching the raaare picture of the Idon’tknowhwhat in it’s natural habitat when I catch them off guard and get a shot of one of them. 😀

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