One year ago today!

It is hard to believe that one year ago today we were setting out on our maiden voyage to move here to CO! Some of you who followed me here from Xanga remember our trials and tribulations finding and buying a house here. Not an easy thing to do remotely!!! There were many houses, and many lenders, and sometimes we had a house and were approved for a loan, but then things would fall through on the inspection end of things, or we would get the inspection but then dealing with Fanny/Mac was frustrating to the ends of the earth!!!!!!! Take it from me, never deal with Fanny/Freddie (they reeeeeealllly don’t want to sell any house) and don’t deal with Wells Fargo (they will only give you a loan they know you cannot afford, and they will wreck you credit all to crap doing multiple pulls on your credit report even though they tell you it’s a “soft pull”… no, it ain’t, and it’ll wreck wreck wreck you for trying to get any other loan!)

So when we finally bought this house, we had our van and a small tow behind packed up, and made our first trip out here to CO to start appointments with the dr’s that are helping Cassie, and get things set up at our new home. We left my oldest son at our house in FL to keep an eye on it for the almost two weeks that we were gone, and also with a very very pregnant mama cat! I told him if she didn’t come to the door in the morning for food, to look around the yard to try and see where she was having the babies, and try to get them all inside.

I remember the second day of the trip we pulled into a Dairy Queen for a quick rest stop, and to have ice cream, and everyone in the place seemed so sad and concerned, and I looked at the tv screen, and all I saw across the bottom was 2 dead, hundreds injured, and I knew it couldn’t be good. We drove for several more hours, trying to hear something on the radio. We finally got to a hotel for the night, and watched all the news on the Boston Marathon bombing! 😦

When we got to CO, about the third day we were here it ~snowed~!!!! Pretty much just like yesterday! I remember sitting in the Lowe’s parking lot, because they were digging a heater out of the back of the store for us, and we just watched the snow pile up on the cars, and the windows, and all the BBQ grills they had set outside! :-D. We needed it so we could stay warm while we unloaded our trailer, and hung curtains, and worked on the house,  Then when dh came out of the store, all the kiddo’s piled out of the van, and played in the snow for a bit!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already!!! Of course then we had to go home to FL, and finish packing, and sell our home, and rent the ~huge~ moving truck! And yeah, the day after we returned home in April, mama cat had her babies! So now my kitties are almost a year old also! Man, how time flies!!!!


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