It was a good day…

yesterday! I keep popping this new post editor open, and then woooosh something calls me away, and I get nothing posted. Three days in a row, just like that! So this morning, while all is quiet, I am going to try to get back into the swing of blogging.

We have a new Tuesday thing around here now. This can only happen in the desert I suppose. Little bit of back story…. in this little town you can rent a trash can for like $20 a month, or you can rent a small dumpster for $35 a month. You are not allowed to set extra debris alongside of your can. The lady that takes the water bill/trash collection payments says if you have a trash can, you can set *one* extra bag of trash beside the can every now and again, and that is all!  So anyway, when we first got here we had no problem with the one trash can, because it was even bigger than our FL trash can, and we never filled that up once a week either, so this one was like around half a can a week we were using. I know, we are such an odd family of six, only filling half a trash can a week. I don’t know what we do different. I guess I just don’t like shopping much. SO anyway, all of this is leading up to us getting the dumpster. Three quarters of the people in this town have little dumpsters sitting in their yards. Weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.  And when dh said he wanted to get one too, I was a little grumbly about it. First, it’s fifteen extra dollars a month. Second, we will *never* fill it!!!! (Haha)

Well, we’ve filled it four times now! Once when we had to pull out part of the bathroom wall just after we moved in, and we had a boodle of boxes that we tossed too. Once when we had to take down part of the basement ceiling to get to pipes. And now twice with tumbleweeds, and yard debris!!! That’s our new Tuesday thing. I make sure there are three or four bags of trash down in the bottom of the dumpster, so there’s something heavy to push the lightweight tumbleweeds out, and then we pack that sucker full! Right now we are working on our garage. It has no doors, so it became a giant tumbleweed catchers mitt! So we run back and forth to the dumpster, and one person stands there with the broom and pushes the tumbleweeds in good! Then when the dumpster is packed full, we switch gears, and go clean out the van. Benny (14 yo ds) and me work on the floors and under the seats, Emily (10 yo dd) and Cassie (15 yo dd) do the windows inside and out. And Austin (11 yo ds) pretty much stands around waiting for orders. “Run and get me another bag for trash, please! We need more paper towels! Take these gloves to the house, thank you! Please take this to the dumpster!” Austin does it all lickety split! And that is our new Tuesday thing, because Wednesday is trash day! We have about one more week of getting tumbleweeds out of the garage, and then we start along our fence line. So happy for the dumpster now!

After that we went out on the back porch and the kiddo’s rode their scooter around the cement slab (roads are dirt and gravel so sucky riding there. Blah!) and drew on the slab with chalk! Then they played hide and seek for a while, and I sat on the porch for a good two hours and did some weaving on my Inkle loom! As we were picking things up to come in the house there were two teenage girls laying on the hood of a car down the road, and they spotted us and started yelling “PEOPLE! HEY Peeeeopleeee!!!!” while waving. I waved back as we continued to pick up, and they continued to yell “heeeeeyyy peeeeopleee!” not making a move to come talk to us, so I figured they were just being strange, and we came on in the house for supper. 😛

Two more occurrences this week, we got a note in our door about a special election for the town, because apparently someone here thinks the town is run by a “good ol boys club”. Well, the mayor and the dude that comes to turn your water on are brothers, and there seems to be a couple of families that have lived here since the 50’s or so, and they ain’t budging any time soon either. The note didn’t provide any information on who was who, or give a phone number, or web site, so I couldn’t go and ask the disgruntled people questions, so I just didn’t go vote! I don’t just vote with two days notice, and without getting to hear both sides of the story. Sorry.

And the second note in the door yesterday… the Jehovah Witnesses have found us! I don’t know weather to be scared, or to mess with them. Blah! The last ones I messed with loved me so much, because I knew my Bible so well, and I even made *them* think, and take questions back to their ministers/preachers whatever they have. It was kind of fun watching an 80 year old lady get startled, and actually think about things differently. Of course that was back before children, and when I lived in Cassadaga, and they were all super freaked out that it was like coming into the heart of sin to find that wonderful lady that knew her Bible so well! 😛

In knitting news… watch the Etsy shop this Friday/Saturday for a bunch of new things. I am doing this beautiful baby blanket, and I have a couple of new Inkle straps that if they don’t sell within a month or two, I am going to chop them up, and try turning them into bags, and pouches, and headbands. And I have some baby theme hats. I did a dinosaur one (now Austin wants me to make one his size :-P), and I have a baby bear hat, and I hope to get a black cat hat done also. Oh, and there will be another market bag also. This one is a bit smaller, and blue and yellow cotton. I have another one in acrylic yarn also, but haven’t gotten it put together yet. So I guess that will have to wait til next week.

And that’s about all for now. I am going to try harder to post more. My bestest knitting buddy lost her internet, or her computer died or something, and I just have no one to chat up about yarny stuff. :-*( so I guess I’m just going to pour it all out on you poor folks. LOL And then when she gets things working again, she can come here and read all the stuff she missed over a few weeks. 🙂



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