So around five years ago at Christmas time we got a couple of iTouches for dh and myself. We opened them before Christmas, but I wasn’t going to call it what it was til Christmas day. Kinda like, you can have it, but you just can’t say you have it type things. So, I had to give it a name so I could talk about it. I named it Hellbox. These little ‘lectronical devices are a time and money suck. We won’t even go in to how many $$$ worth of games/apps I have put on it over the years. Memory is still just over half full, so I’m still not ready for nothing new. Just a time/money suck. But as dh says…. “seeeeee it’s makin you smileeeee!!!” Mostly because that was where I could first store allll my books!!!! And music!!! Of course we have to re-buy most of everything I have in paper that I looooove, and transfer loads of music off of CD’s, and buy what we couldn’t make work. Time and money suuuuuuckkk!!!!

Then came the Kindle a couple years later. Why we had to spend money on that, when I had all my books on the iTouch was beyond me. But once again dh was saying, “seeee it’s makin you smiiileeee!”Β  Ok ok, it’s was nice having something that the battery didn’t drain so quickly. I think I’ve only charged it like four dozen times since I’ve had it (I read a lot!). Funny thing is this new device needed a name. I named it Max Hellbox. It was bigger and better than the iTouch, and you have to name these things for some reason. Funny thing is we had some kind of trouble with this one, and we had to contact a support person, and he asks me for the name of my Kindle, and I had to actually say “Max Hellbox” to an outside of my world person, and I could swear he kind of chuckled through the rest of the phone call. Fine. Get over it dude, and just help me fix my problem. Some people don’t just name their stoopid ‘lectronics after themselves, ya know! You didn’t??? Well, now ya do!!! πŸ˜›

Sooooooo, here we go again. The iTouch isn’t full… the Kindle isn’t full either…. but guess what? I’ve got an android tablet now. We did it like we do everything, and we’ve been saving up for it for a few months. It was supposed to take another month or so for us to get it, but we found out we had about $70 in reward points to spend sooo, wheeeeeeeee!!!! I got a new time and money suck! Hellbox Prime!!!!! It’s bigger, it’s better, it has as much memory as you want cuz you just gotta buy more chips! I have books, and pdf files (freakin yaaaayyyy for knitting patterns everywhere!!!!!! Never left at home ever ever again!!!)))) and magazines, and skype, and it has a camera, and yeah, it’s maaaakin me smiiiileee! And I’ve spent about ten dollars, because we have got to have Sketchbook Pro on it for long ol road trips, and I got Tetris for me (must have Tetris!), and Fruit Ninja for the kiddo’s. And I really don’t give a flip about any other games, because they’re all on my iTouch and I’m not freakin buying them again!!! Years and years ago and we had Mario for NES, and then they came out with N64 so we bought it again, then they came out with something else and we bought it again, then had to have it for the gameboys, and then had to have it for the Wii. The whole thing still mystifies me til this day why anyone would keep buying, and buying, and buying, the same ol crap for more and more new systems. But that’s just me. :-/

So yesterday, I got to Skype with my oldest ds back in FL, and I took him on a tour around the house. I told him in the next few days I’ll take him on a tour around the yard so long as the wifi holds out. πŸ˜› And today, I’m fiddling with it making some screen savers in the Sketchbook program. So fun to have cool different screen savers that you make up yourself so your tablet looks so much different than anyone elses! I also need to keep my eye out for some cool stickers to put on my new case.

I need to maybe knit up a new handbag also. The bag I have now is only like 8 months old, and the one I had before that was like 12 years old!!! I soooo hate ditching a bag just because ~stuff~ won’t fit in it anymore. But I do have enough wooly goodness to make me a nice felted over the shoulder bag. I’ll have to hit the books to find a pattern. Maybe Kokopellli? I’ve been wanting to do that one on a hat for a while, but it would work wonderfully on a bag also.

And that’s all for now. There is still housework to do… another big ol time suck. LOL



Yet another thing we’re doing!

Yep, there is just no end to it all! So as we were going through the store last night we ended up in the art section, because some people around here neeeeeeeded pipe cleaners! Yeah, I know, I know, they’re called chenille sticks, or some such thing nowadays to be all politically correct, and not influence young brains. They will always be pipe cleaners to me. πŸ˜› So while we were in that section I saw little wooden beads. Too little for the project that I had in mind a few months back, so I started hunting for some that were a little bit bigger, and yaaaayy I found the last little container of them not on the right shelf!

SO, the idea… Celtic knot jewelery!!! I’ve been making a bunch of cord with my Lucet, and I have actually used a bit of it re-stringing pendants that I had in my jewelry box, but I didn’t wear anymore because the chains had gone all tarnished and yuck. You know how cheap costume jewelry goes sometimes.Β  But the pendants were still awesome, and I hated to waste them.Β  Oh, and we put some of our fimo clay charms on some cord too.Β  Anyway, a couple of months back I remembered seeing the Tying It All Together youtube channel, and he had done some knots. One was a heart, and another one was so pretty, it kind of looked like a Celtic flower! That led to a video in the side bar where a lady made a Celtic cross! So today we are making Celtic knot jewelry, and I’m adding little wooden beads to the sides just for a little weight to the cord. If we get good at it, and they’re pretty enough, I’ll add some to the shop, but right now we’re just messing around with it, and it’s turning out pretty nice.

The first heart I made was in blue and orange and white variegated yarn (just some cord I had on hand), and the UPS guy came to drop off some packages today, and even he said it looked cool. Not sure if it’s because it’s Bronco colors or not, but if it gets a comment out of the UPS guy, well, then it’s got to be pretty ok! And yep, pictures coming soon! I was thinking, that I have to dig out some natural fiber yarn instead of acrylics, because I think it would sell better as an all natural necklace, than a made of plastic yarn necklace. Although the acrylics do have a wider rage of more vibrant colors. So we’ll see.

Happy Monday folks! Back to the cord making! πŸ˜€


Back to the pretzel barrels

Yep, I’m making baby hats again, but not just any hats!Β  Hats for preemies! For a few minutes I went through a phase of, “man, I wonder if these would sell on my Etsy shop?” Then I went to Etsy and searched for preemie items, and Holy Smokes!!!!! The prices!!! People making two hats and two sets of booties, and charging $35!!!! And I just went into a mode of, these are parents of a baby that was born too small, and they just want something that fits their child, and those little items shouldn’t cost twice as much as ~one~ adult hat! Takes me back to the mom I ran into in a store when I was pregnant with one of my children, and she had just given birth to a little 3 pound boy, and the store had ~nothing~ that would even come close to fitting him, and she was in tears!!! Not just tears, but that ugly cry! So nope, I will not be selling my preemie things on the store. Parents of preemies have enough on their plate, and I am not going to gouge families like that!

So now I’ve made about a dozen baby hats over the past three days, I am in a mode of pulling out the pretzel buckets and making some stripes! I am always amazed how just a little bitty scrap of yarn can make something look extra special! Plus I’ve found a few of the bigger balls in my scrap buckets actually make a whole preemie hat!!! Amazing!

In other knitting news… Cassie grabbed a skein of bright hot pink yarn the other day, and in about an hour or two she whipped up this cute little 4 inch by 6 inch draw string bag with a heart on each side of it! First amazing thing, she did it without a pattern. Second amazing thing, it’s all one piece, and she had to do one heart right side up, and one heart upside down, and they both look wonderful!!!

Now I am going to get back to the Youtubes and the knitting. Oh, and Doge Coin has an official car in theΒ Talladega Race next weekend! Wooohooo!Β  To the moon Doge, to the moon!!!

Amazing tv shows

No, I didn’t say great, but yeah, pretty amazing!!! So we are currently on season 2 of Breaking Bad! Yeah, it takes us a while to get around to these things. Even though it has really awesome chemistry and science stuff, it’s not something for the kiddo’s ~at all~!!! And the first season with the clean up from the bath tub was just too damn gross, and made me almost wanna stop watching! There are quite a few other parts that are just too gross, and make me want to stop watching also, but the science parts keep me hooked! And when the names are flying by in the credits with the periodic table letters in them, am I the only person who has a good time flipping through her brain to see how many I can get right? The other night I got stuck on Te, so in the morning I looked it up. Number 52 on the table Tellurium. It’s atomic mass is 127.6. If I could remember all the atomic masses just imagine the games in my head I could play with peoples names! Haha!!!

So last week I had forgotten, but it was the kitty cats ~birthday~!!!! So they are now just over one year old! Woohooo! Here’s a pic from last year just for cuteness.


They no longer fit in that bed, but they still fight over it for sleeping on. Mostly Trout gets it. πŸ˜› I will have more current pics of the kitties soon. Trying to get some pics of the kiddo’s to share also, but that is just insane. πŸ˜› And yep, there will be pictures of the skirt also. Just gotta get dh to empty the camera this weekend. I got lots of things to post about, both here, and at Etsy! Busy, busy, busy!!!

Now I am off of here to get some boring ol housework done! But yaaaaayyy, it’s almost Friday!!!!!


The making of skirts

So instead of blogging yesterday, I buggered around making a skirt.Β  I’ve been keeping my eye out at the store, trying to look for one, or one of those “maxi dresses” to wear this summer. There is just nothing out there that I either like, or that wouldn’t take a crap ton of altering. Seriously, the people that make clothes must think anyone with a 35 inch waistline must be 7 foot 2 inches tall!!!! Or maybe they just want to give us enough fabric to hack off the bottom off the dress to make a couple of nice headbands, or something. :-/

So I dove through our fabric box, and there is this fabric that we picked up for the windows. It’s like a whoooole bunch of plaid fabric all cut up into 3 inch pieces, and then surged back together. Looks really ruffly, and the colors are kind of Eastery. Blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and oranges. So I thought, with it being put together the way it is, and the color that it is, no one would see my messed up stitching ~at all~!!! And I was right! And it was easy to seam up, since it was already a bunch of put together squares I just followed one of the runs of squares, both across the top where I put the elastic, and then down the side.

So this has me thinking of maybe just setting up the sewing machine, and whipping out a few more of these skirts for summer. If they weren’t in my awful hand stitched sewing I might just be encouraged to wear one out of the house. πŸ˜› Oh, and I didn’t hem the bottom of this one either. That seemed to disturb dh the most! LOL But it looks kind of punk sheik with it’s pulled fabric torn edge. Maybe I’ll start a trend. πŸ˜› I was thinking if I do another one maybe crocheting an edge to it. Wouldn’t that be special. <– In my best Dana Carvey church lady voice.

Now, I am off of here to start some hats. I have two baby hats I want to do for give away and then I have another pattern I am going to try for putting on the store. So many patterns to try, so little time. πŸ˜›


Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter everybody! Today we will be working around the house a bit!Β  The kiddo’s got some chocolates, and since we didn’t go get a kaboodle of eggs to dye, that will have to wait. I’ll still boil a few of the ones we have though, because what’s Easter without some deviled eggs!Β  I cheat and make mine with creamy Italian dressing, instead of sitting there mixing and tasting and taking the time to dice up all the things people put in theirs. I remember one time when I worked in the kitchen of the health care place, and I was actually in charge of “cooking” lunch, and they gave me egg salad sandwiches, and I actually made it with half creamy Italian dressing, and half mayo, and the nurses took all the plates to the floor (217 beds), and every single one of them came back clean!!! Not one person in the whole facility didn’t not eat that day! And several asked for seconds! πŸ˜€

So after eggs, we’re going to put together a set of bunk beds that we have for the boys.Β  Got them about four months ago, and they have just been sitting here.Β  One of those boxes that has gotten pushed aaaaaall over the front room, and then eventually under my dining room table. Makes a great foot rest apparently. :-/ And then, if anything, we will be taking a lot of the empty boxes out of the living room, and storing them in what I call the chicken house, out back. This house came with a detached garage (which is in horrible shape), and then at the back of the property someone took the time to build a very very nice outbuilding that is partly stucco-ed, so there is chicken wire type mesh on it, so I call it the chicken house, so everyone knows the difference between that, and the garage. πŸ˜› Sure I could call it the shed, or the out building… but it looks like a chicken house.Β  Just needs one of those chicken gang planks, and some roosting boxes, and a boodle of raccoon/prairie dog/rodent protection, and some heat lamps, and it could totally be a chicken house!Β  Or some insulation, some walls, and carpet, and it could be a little 10×15 ft guest house (full of boxes). πŸ˜›

Anyway, off to knit for a bit! The town is having an Easter Egg hunt later today, after everyone gets out of church.Β  The sign said 10 and under, so that lets out all of my kiddo’s, except one. 😦 I’m thinking they might only have like five or six kiddo’s in town that are actually that age, so could be fun for a couple of families.


Here’s an Idea!

So I was thinking to myself, “how to get back into blogging regularly?”Β  I mean, I used to do it while juggling all these kiddo’s when they were babies, and I had to get bottles ready, and change diapers, and I’m sure I was heaps busier then than I am now!!! Why can’t I do this anymore??? So I thought, I will just, no matter what, at least write one sentence a day on here!!! Pfffttt! Yeah, I’m wordy, it’ll probably be more than one. πŸ˜› So today….

I am working on another easy peasy baby hat!Β  Here’s the pattern.Β  I was thinking of doing another pattern that I had found, but it’s been busy around here today.Β  Got things to clean up, and Easter-y things to get done, so since I’m going to be busy busy busy I figured this would be the easier pattern to set down and pick up again, rather then the one that I’d be mad if I had to set it down to go do something, and then have to come back and figure where I left off in the pattern. Here’s the other pattern.Β  I want to, some time this week, work on the one with the diamonds.

Besides that, I’m working on making my living room look like a living room, and not a self storage. πŸ˜› We’ve been here for almost a year now and I still have like sixteen boxes stacked in there, and another dozen in my dining room also! Baby steps though. Working bit by bit on the living room first.Β  So that is what I am off of here to go work on now!!!


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