Playing with clay!!!

So back when I started my Etsy dh was wondering what everyone sells on there anyway! So he started poking around, and one of the big things he found was Sculpy and Fimo creations of aaaaaalll kinds. He used to play with clay, and and made quite a few things out of Fimo that are kept in his little treasure chest box of things. So I thought I would buy him a clay pack at the store, and get him creating again. After it sat in his office for like six weeks, he passed it off to me and the kiddo’s. I was all like, no way, knitting is my thing, not making clay stuff! But the kiddo’s were excited, and dug right in, and BEGGED me to come play too! So I put down the knitting needles, and off I went to make stuff.ย  Here is our first batch of things for baking.

Little did I know that some of these were glow in the dark clays. Wow! So up at the top you have the pendants that I doodled up. We didn’t have the little jewelry hooks at the time (but boy oh boy, do we have them now :-D) so I just poked holes in them and called them good! So then we have a Creeper face made by 13 yo ds, and that orange pendant with green hearts made by 10 yo dd. She also made the Torchic pendant, and the little Torchic figurine, with a little help from me for the eyes, wings, and beaks. And of course the pink pendant with dark pink stars is all her. I ended up making the Mudkip after they pressed out the blue circle, and added orange blobs to it, which I had to make into fins. 11 yo ds spent all of his time making that turtle, getting the flippers and shell juuuuuust right! And then he had a little ball of black and white clay from making the eyes, and when he rolled it up he swears he sees a dragon in the pattern on the side of that little tiny ball! So he insisted we bake it too!ย  And the grey cat is a last minute creation by 10 yo dd also! I am afraid she might decorate it, and add it to a future Christmas tree! ๐Ÿ˜›


15 yo dd created this little flower. It’s about as big at the top of your thumb (the picture sucks, because we couldn’t figure out macro mode on the camera. Blah!)!


And then here is the next attempt! We had so much fun we bought a couple more packs of clay, and then sat around the table for another two and a half hours of creating! Crazy, I know!!!! I knitted through this round though. Up in the top corner you have 11 yo ds’s penguin. Yes a brown and green penguin! Then he made a bug thing that I told him I might mistakenly squish before it was baked! LOL The little kitty cat is 10 yo dd’s! He’s soooooo cute!!! Then 10 yo dd also made the burger, and fries, and ice cream cone, and tried to attempt a flower like her sister did last time.ย  15 yo dd made all that yummy food in the top corner. She has a marshmallow, a blue cupcake, a piece of chocolate, a carrot cake cupcake (carrot cake was her latest weight gain food at the time she made that :-D) And then the waffle looking thing is a smores, and then another blue cupcake with pink icing. 10 yo dd also made for her sister a glazed doughnut, and a strawberry Starburst candy. LOL 14 yo ds made the creeper of course (guess who likes Minecraft?), and another Mudkip was tossed together real quick like before I popped all this into the oven. Of course you have lots of little bits of clay all over the table after all the making is done, so we made buttons out of it. Just roll all the little pieces into canes (or dodo rolls as the kiddo’s say) and then roll all your canes together, and then slice off half inch pieces, and press them into buttons between your finger and thumb, and add a couple of holes with a toothpick. ~Pretty~ swirly buttons!!!


I think during our next clay making I am going to put down the knitting needles again, because I’ve been watching some videos, and here’s what I would like to do next… Pretty Flowersย  and then there’s another tutorial where a lady makes some gorgeous stained glass looking butterfly wings also!!!!ย  Cannot wait to try out those techniques!!! And yes, it is almost as much fun as knitting. Almost! ๐Ÿ˜€



One Response to “Playing with clay!!!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    They turned out fantastic!

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