Picture time!!!!

Yayyy, for pictures! Today we will be featuring knitting/crocheting/weaving, tomorrow or the next day fimo clay!!!!

So last month I found out from one of my online knitting groups that a long time online knitting friend had passed away. 😦 She was a huge supporter of the babies at Cooper Hospital in NJ, and there are many of us that knit for the group, and shared her enthusiasm for keeping those babies covered!!! So when the different groups I am a part of heard of her passing, two very large groups, and one smaller knitting group, all got together to honor her, and man oh man, is Cooper Hospital ever going to be overwhelmed shortly with all of our efforts! 🙂 Here are some of mine. Hats, and a little vest. (Some of these babies literally have nothing to wear home from the hospital)


And a blanket out of pink and purple woven squares. Which means you have to….


make another one out of blue woven squares. Yeah, yeah, I know you don’t *have* to, but I like balance. 😛


Hats for my old local hospital. I haven’t sealed up the box yet though, so there is time to add quite a few more. I’d just like their box to make it to them by Easter, so I have another few weeks to make some Etsy sales and get this out to them.


Here is the blanket for them also. The first time I brought a blanket to them, they were just soooo happy! The second time I brought a couple of blankets and a boodle of hats to them, and I had a dr come around the counter and catch me at the elevator to shake my hand and thank me! The third time I brought them blankets and hats, they told me of the baby they had to send to foster care, and they were sooooo happy to have one on hand to send with him. So now, I try and give them at least one blanket every time I send things. It was nice having direct contact with the nurses for that few years. I learned a lot from them!


Here are a bunch of preemie hats, and a few regular size hats for Lubbock!


And then two blankets for them also. Once again balancing that boy and girl thing. 😛 Most hospitals will tell you they get sooooo many girl things, so most times I try and give a wee little more gender neutral things, and a few extras just for the boys too. Most of these squares are from another online group I am on also. Thanks to having these on hand, I also learned how to crochet the circle square!



And here is the most fun I’ve had in a while. Last week I took a couple of days, and just sat around stuffing and sewing up these little 3 inch hearts! Of course then everybody here started dipping into this stash and picking out their favorites.  But I managed to turn out about 30 extras of them for the Etsy shop! I need to get busy and make a boodle of white, and pastel ones, just for wedding and baby season coming up. *Fingers crossed* some of them sell! I have one listing so you can buy 10 at a time, and then another listing to buy them individually! I’ve been handing them out, and leaving them in random places myself.  Just good little fun to make people smile.


Hope y’all are having a fabulous day! I’m having such a good day, even my drink is smiling back at me! Hee hee! (yes, 15 yo dd spotted the smile in the cup, and ran for the camera, and took that shot before I was allowed to touch my drink again. lol)




2 Responses to “Picture time!!!!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    You been busy!!! me, too. I have three of those little shirt hat booties sets and about 15 more hats of all sizes. I can’t find the Cooper address but I have the one for both those in Jacksonville. Should I just send it to one of them or save it until you can give me the Cooper address again? Where can I find the crochet directions for the circle square? I’ll try that and maybe will finally get a blanket finished. Love your glass/smile!!!!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Here’s the Cooper address, but you can send to wherever you wish. I know lots of hospitals are in need.

      Cooper University Health Care
      Attn: 5th floor Dorrance, NICU, Clinical Mgr Newborn Svs
      1 Cooper Plaza
      Camden, NJ 08103

      And here’s a link to a video on the wonderful circle square!

      Hope this helps you get that blanket finished!

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