The knitting stuff…

Yep it’s picture blogging time!!! Got my new items posted to my Etsy, and now for all the behind the scenes stuff here. šŸ™‚Ā  Here are the two headbands, that I finished up last week for the shop…


Cassie loooves the buttons on this one and wouldn’t let me post it for sale til I showed her I still had six more of this type of button. LOL


Now that winter is almost over though, I need to start working on more summery things. Market bags, stuff for around the house, maybe some knit aprons, and of course a boodle of baby things.

Here is some of the give away things I’ve worked on over the last couple of weeks. Baby hats, and some more hearts, and a pair of purple mitts all made while traveling north of here in the van this week. 10+ hour round trip makes for lots of good knits. Everyone really really loves how the purple multi color hearts turned out. I’m going to have to make some more of them. But that was the last little end of that skein, so first I’m going to have to find more yarn.


Here’s a look into my little weaving bag that I took on the road. Lots of little ends of yarn to use up!


Another project I started, that I don’t know if I want to give-a-way, or if I should try and sell it on the shop (eventually everything that doesn’t sell on the shop is going to get given away anyhow. I don’t like things to sit. I like them to be used. :-P) A log cabin blanket! Nope, I didn’t do a picture square in the middle this time. Just picked up some yarn scraps from the pretzel barrels and started this. My idea is to do dark color/light color of the whole Roy G Biv of the rainbow. What’s in my head is usually more vibrant than what comes off the ends of my needles though. šŸ˜›


There were still some scraps left over from each section, so I started this shawl. I have so many of these easy bottom up shawls that just hang all around the house, and you can just grab one and warm up if you’re chilly. So I decided what better way to use up rainbow scraps that are going into a blanket, then to finish the last wee little scraps of yarn up with this. Total scrap balls of yarn used up this past week from doing this, and the hearts… seven! Makin a dent in the stash! Woohoo!


And then another shawl that will most likely be put up on the shop.Ā  A simple light weight summer yarn, knit into a simple lace shawl. Been working on this since around October of last year. Sure will be nice to get it finished up and off the needles.


And then I have another scrappy project. I’m just going to knit up, all random like, all the worsted weight acrylic out of my pretzel barrels into these strips, and then eventually seam them all together into a baby blanket/lapghan. Total randomness, and plenty colorful! One of the kiddo’s might end up nabbing this one.


And here is Cassie’s first ever crocheted house slippers!!! She started kind of making leg warmers, but then wanted to add a foot to them. So we went through many patterns trying to find a top down crocheted slipper. There are hardly any out there! And none that really fit what we were trying to do. So she ended up doing the foot part for that first one, and then added it to the purple leg part. Then she started the second one toe up. What a smartie!!!!Ā  I told her that for her first ever try at this, she is doing amazing, and if she starts a second pair (which she is already contemplating colors for), she will have learned from all the mistakes she had on this pair. Figuring out heels and toes was a bit crazy for her, but I just kept helping her try and see she was doing it perfectly ok. But she ripped back quite a few times before she could see what I was telling her would all be ok.


And that’s about all for knitting/crafting stuff today. Tomorrow I’ll do a gardening blog. In the past week we’ve planted our seed start trays, and then kapow everything came up gangbusters. 5-7 day germination time. NOT!!!! Today we used up the last of the bagged dirt we had, and some new half gallon pots to transplant a lot of them. Still got more to do, but we lack the good soil til the weekend! Or until something in my shop sells. šŸ˜› Either way, more pics tomorrow!



One Response to “The knitting stuff…”

  1. Bridget www Says:

    Wow! How talented is your daughter? They are amazing! I love the purple/white hearts too, very tarten!

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