The gardening and plumbing stuff!

So last week we planted seeds, and kapowie, up came the plants. So yesterday we re-potted some of them.


Got some of the grow bags like we used to have in FL (I should have soooo stuffed packages of them into each and every box I packed! Just left hundreds of them back in the shed there. Hope they weren’t tossed out :-() and I had some soil out on the back porch here from last years plant buying. So I got to work, and got about half of the Kale replanted. Dh says I didn’t get the seeds deep enough into the soil to start, and that’s why you see some of the fuzzy white roots in the little planters. Blah! But now that they’re transplanted about half of them are doing really really good. This weekend we need to work on the chives, basil, dill and lettuce. My basement is going to look like a little green house for the next month or so. 😛


The lettuce! For some reason the mint and the spinach just did not come up. 😦 Well, ok four spinach plants came up out of like 30-40 seeds planted. I’m going to try once again, and do another row in the next round of planting and if they don’t take, I’m going to contact the seed company (got them from Lowe’s but) I’d rather go right to the source and see if it’s just us having problems or if it’s a whole batch of seeds that’s not doing well. Usually seed companies are pretty good about sending out a fresher product if something isn’t going well. Or at least able to tell you if that batch is a few years old.  It also maybe just got too warm in storage, or something.


So being out of doors in the Spring usually starts me thinking about things. I got to poking around the corners of the property, and out in the garage there are these tipped over shelves. Raised beds anyone? 😀 Just gotta knock a few nails out of there that are sticking up.


Then in the corner there is this shelf. I think I might set my herbs and lettuce on these. Maybe add a wee bit more support to it, and maybe another shelf. If I get really industrious I might paint it!!!! Or plant beans next to it, and just let them take it all over, and set little gnome statues inside. LOL


Thinking of using this for a small amount of potato growing this year. Just need some garden mesh, and some fluffy dirt, and straw! I know, I know, ‘why can’t you just wait til we can make some proper beds!’


Garden beds??? I got some rocks for that!!!! Just get the kiddo’s to line them all up (there are literally thousands of these all over the place here), and pour some soil in, and wah-lah! A place for my chives, and herbs! But no one here likes my idea for that either. But I’m gonna work on it.  So there!


Something for the berry vines to crawl up? I’d put it right in between two garden beds, and plant raspberries maybe. Gotta see what plants do better here first. I know in FL I could have the raspberries going from June til November pretty much. Here, I’m sure I’ll probably only get them to grow til September. Must plant twice as many then! LOL


These steps are out in the garage also. I’ll have to see if they’re supposed to go by the front door. We have a pretty big step up into our house and these look to be about the right size, but they might come too far out from the paved area. If it does, I think I’d rather have the big step up. 😛


And now on to crazy pipe stuff.  Here’s the section of we chopped up to get to the pipes. See that one that comes off the T at the bottom of the picture?  That goes to a spigot outside, and that’s the one that froze and started the water spraying. That black hose is the water line coming in, and it was leaking right there at the joint too. Just a steady drip though, not a huge spray like the outside faucet line. So we got the parts and capped off the outside line for now, and took the T out, and added a new bit of line there. Plans are in the works to reconnect it in a few months because that is our only line running water outside right now, and we’re gonna neeeeeed water for the garden. (note the pretty wood flooring to the left that we cut up.  It was under four other layers of flooring though, and is sooooooooo far down on the list of things to fix up around here. Pfffhh! But yeah, one day I would loooove good wood flooring like that)


Here’s what else is under the floor. Gobs and gobs of creeeepppy spider webbage!!!! Oooohh spooky! Yeah, we swept a lot of them out of there in the area we were working in.


And they say it’s just me… but does anyone else look at this and think, *Root Cellar!*  Just a little digging, and add a few steps, and a trap door, and I think we’d be good! Yeah yeah, I know, it’s just me. Blah!


And that is about all I have for our past week or two in pictures.  Here let me leave y’all with a pretty one. Beautiful snow covered parking lots. Soooo pretty!!!




One Response to “The gardening and plumbing stuff!”

  1. Bridget www Says:

    You are industrious! Love the snow picture. Our veg patch is still under water. Lord only knows when I’ll be able to plant anything, it would just rot at the moment! Unfortunately I’ve not got anywhere to put seed trays so we usually put them straight in the soil and cross our fingers!

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