The gardening and plumbing stuff!

So last week we planted seeds, and kapowie, up came the plants. So yesterday we re-potted some of them.


Got some of the grow bags like we used to have in FL (I should have soooo stuffed packages of them into each and every box I packed! Just left hundreds of them back in the shed there. Hope they weren’t tossed out :-() and I had some soil out on the back porch here from last years plant buying. So I got to work, and got about half of the Kale replanted. Dh says I didn’t get the seeds deep enough into the soil to start, and that’s why you see some of the fuzzy white roots in the little planters. Blah! But now that they’re transplanted about half of them are doing really really good. This weekend we need to work on the chives, basil, dill and lettuce. My basement is going to look like a little green house for the next month or so. 😛


The lettuce! For some reason the mint and the spinach just did not come up. 😦 Well, ok four spinach plants came up out of like 30-40 seeds planted. I’m going to try once again, and do another row in the next round of planting and if they don’t take, I’m going to contact the seed company (got them from Lowe’s but) I’d rather go right to the source and see if it’s just us having problems or if it’s a whole batch of seeds that’s not doing well. Usually seed companies are pretty good about sending out a fresher product if something isn’t going well. Or at least able to tell you if that batch is a few years old.  It also maybe just got too warm in storage, or something.


So being out of doors in the Spring usually starts me thinking about things. I got to poking around the corners of the property, and out in the garage there are these tipped over shelves. Raised beds anyone? 😀 Just gotta knock a few nails out of there that are sticking up.


Then in the corner there is this shelf. I think I might set my herbs and lettuce on these. Maybe add a wee bit more support to it, and maybe another shelf. If I get really industrious I might paint it!!!! Or plant beans next to it, and just let them take it all over, and set little gnome statues inside. LOL


Thinking of using this for a small amount of potato growing this year. Just need some garden mesh, and some fluffy dirt, and straw! I know, I know, ‘why can’t you just wait til we can make some proper beds!’


Garden beds??? I got some rocks for that!!!! Just get the kiddo’s to line them all up (there are literally thousands of these all over the place here), and pour some soil in, and wah-lah! A place for my chives, and herbs! But no one here likes my idea for that either. But I’m gonna work on it.  So there!


Something for the berry vines to crawl up? I’d put it right in between two garden beds, and plant raspberries maybe. Gotta see what plants do better here first. I know in FL I could have the raspberries going from June til November pretty much. Here, I’m sure I’ll probably only get them to grow til September. Must plant twice as many then! LOL


These steps are out in the garage also. I’ll have to see if they’re supposed to go by the front door. We have a pretty big step up into our house and these look to be about the right size, but they might come too far out from the paved area. If it does, I think I’d rather have the big step up. 😛


And now on to crazy pipe stuff.  Here’s the section of we chopped up to get to the pipes. See that one that comes off the T at the bottom of the picture?  That goes to a spigot outside, and that’s the one that froze and started the water spraying. That black hose is the water line coming in, and it was leaking right there at the joint too. Just a steady drip though, not a huge spray like the outside faucet line. So we got the parts and capped off the outside line for now, and took the T out, and added a new bit of line there. Plans are in the works to reconnect it in a few months because that is our only line running water outside right now, and we’re gonna neeeeeed water for the garden. (note the pretty wood flooring to the left that we cut up.  It was under four other layers of flooring though, and is sooooooooo far down on the list of things to fix up around here. Pfffhh! But yeah, one day I would loooove good wood flooring like that)


Here’s what else is under the floor. Gobs and gobs of creeeepppy spider webbage!!!! Oooohh spooky! Yeah, we swept a lot of them out of there in the area we were working in.


And they say it’s just me… but does anyone else look at this and think, *Root Cellar!*  Just a little digging, and add a few steps, and a trap door, and I think we’d be good! Yeah yeah, I know, it’s just me. Blah!


And that is about all I have for our past week or two in pictures.  Here let me leave y’all with a pretty one. Beautiful snow covered parking lots. Soooo pretty!!!




The knitting stuff…

Yep it’s picture blogging time!!! Got my new items posted to my Etsy, and now for all the behind the scenes stuff here. 🙂  Here are the two headbands, that I finished up last week for the shop…


Cassie loooves the buttons on this one and wouldn’t let me post it for sale til I showed her I still had six more of this type of button. LOL


Now that winter is almost over though, I need to start working on more summery things. Market bags, stuff for around the house, maybe some knit aprons, and of course a boodle of baby things.

Here is some of the give away things I’ve worked on over the last couple of weeks. Baby hats, and some more hearts, and a pair of purple mitts all made while traveling north of here in the van this week. 10+ hour round trip makes for lots of good knits. Everyone really really loves how the purple multi color hearts turned out. I’m going to have to make some more of them. But that was the last little end of that skein, so first I’m going to have to find more yarn.


Here’s a look into my little weaving bag that I took on the road. Lots of little ends of yarn to use up!


Another project I started, that I don’t know if I want to give-a-way, or if I should try and sell it on the shop (eventually everything that doesn’t sell on the shop is going to get given away anyhow. I don’t like things to sit. I like them to be used. :-P) A log cabin blanket! Nope, I didn’t do a picture square in the middle this time. Just picked up some yarn scraps from the pretzel barrels and started this. My idea is to do dark color/light color of the whole Roy G Biv of the rainbow. What’s in my head is usually more vibrant than what comes off the ends of my needles though. 😛


There were still some scraps left over from each section, so I started this shawl. I have so many of these easy bottom up shawls that just hang all around the house, and you can just grab one and warm up if you’re chilly. So I decided what better way to use up rainbow scraps that are going into a blanket, then to finish the last wee little scraps of yarn up with this. Total scrap balls of yarn used up this past week from doing this, and the hearts… seven! Makin a dent in the stash! Woohoo!


And then another shawl that will most likely be put up on the shop.  A simple light weight summer yarn, knit into a simple lace shawl. Been working on this since around October of last year. Sure will be nice to get it finished up and off the needles.


And then I have another scrappy project. I’m just going to knit up, all random like, all the worsted weight acrylic out of my pretzel barrels into these strips, and then eventually seam them all together into a baby blanket/lapghan. Total randomness, and plenty colorful! One of the kiddo’s might end up nabbing this one.


And here is Cassie’s first ever crocheted house slippers!!! She started kind of making leg warmers, but then wanted to add a foot to them. So we went through many patterns trying to find a top down crocheted slipper. There are hardly any out there! And none that really fit what we were trying to do. So she ended up doing the foot part for that first one, and then added it to the purple leg part. Then she started the second one toe up. What a smartie!!!!  I told her that for her first ever try at this, she is doing amazing, and if she starts a second pair (which she is already contemplating colors for), she will have learned from all the mistakes she had on this pair. Figuring out heels and toes was a bit crazy for her, but I just kept helping her try and see she was doing it perfectly ok. But she ripped back quite a few times before she could see what I was telling her would all be ok.


And that’s about all for knitting/crafting stuff today. Tomorrow I’ll do a gardening blog. In the past week we’ve planted our seed start trays, and then kapow everything came up gangbusters. 5-7 day germination time. NOT!!!! Today we used up the last of the bagged dirt we had, and some new half gallon pots to transplant a lot of them. Still got more to do, but we lack the good soil til the weekend! Or until something in my shop sells. 😛 Either way, more pics tomorrow!


Tis a great Valentines Day!!!

What a busy few days we’ve had! Went to a meeting yesterday, at of all places… a Starbucks! Yeah, I got a picture of myself with a Starbucks cup, because for those prices it’ll probably be a first and a last! LMBO!  And no, I don’t like coffee, so what oh what did I get.  Well, we got three hot cocoas for the kiddo’s, and then I got a Apple Caramel Spice something or other. Basically it was like hot apple cider, with a shot of caramel sauce, and a pinch of all spice in it. And it was Yummmyy!!!! But like I said, ching!

So I got to thinking all the things I’ve done this week for the price of that apple spice thingie. Well, I got basically four skeins of yarn, if you don’t count the shipping. (yeah, I bought more than four skeins, but four of them out of that big order cost as much as that drink). I started a garden tray full of seeds for my Spring garden for that amount of money also. I fed four cats for about five days for the amount that that one drink cost!!! 😛 I could buy enough Lipton tea bags and sugar to make 15 gallons of sweet tea for the price of that one drink! Yeah, I could think of a lot better things I’d like spending my $4 on than any more Starbucks drinks. 😛

And speaking of the gardening stuff! The kale, basil, and lettuce are just popping up all over!!!! I am going to spend a lot of my week transplanting a booooodle of plants. I bet we have over a hundred kale! In eight or so weeks we might end up with a kale chip explosion around these parts!!! Woohoo!  10 yo dd is in charge of the basil this year, so she is going to need to help out with a lot of the transplanting also.  15 yo dd is in charge of the mint and chamomile this year.  Those haven’t popped up yet, so it maybe needs to be just a little warmer yet for those.

And for Valentines today, dh had a great surprise for me! He bought it a couple of weeks ago and actually kept it a secret from everyone, so it wouldn’t ruin the surprise!  He got me a DVD of beautiful Florida beaches and sunsets at the beach! 110 minutes long of just the ocean rolling with waves, and beautiful FL skies! I didn’t know how much I missed those big puffy clouds til I saw them on the video!!!! The sky is huge and colorful out here in CO, but man oh man, the FL sky is just amazing!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

And today I have a few more items to add to my Etsy store. I am working hard on having at least a few items a week to post! Next week might be better than most, because I have a couple of baby blankets and a shawl that are all hopefully going to be done right around the same time! Then I want to start working on Market Bags after that. Farmers Markets are going to be opening up again soon, and I want to be ready to have these for sale, even locally if I can. But I’ll post them to Etsy just for good measure!

And now I am off of here to go knit for a while. Got a nice big pressure cooker full of vegies and broth for dinner. Just a nice ol easy peasy day!!! Life is good!


The pipes! They go ssssshhhhh!

Yeah, that’s not a good sound. 15 yo dd heard it first. I had to move boxes around the living room, and sure enough under the house you can hear it. Problem is getting to it. So guess what our weekend was spent doing?  You got it! Cutting up floor boards!!! Luckily when you buy a house that was initially built in 1908 you get a house that is built with *amazing* floor boards and very hard wood, since it is so well aged! At least in the part we had to cut up. So we pull back the carpet (and thank the good Lord that we have yet to buy any living room furniture), and look at the old linoleum. And dh gets out the saws and drills and such, and many loud noises later we’ve cut through like four layers of flooring, and I am ooooohhing and aaahhing at how the house must have looked at each stage throughout the years! And everyone laughs at me as I stare down into my floor, and I whisper out loud, ‘root cellar! We should put in a trap door, and make this a root cellar!!!’ Naaaah, too many spiders down there! 😀

Two days of running outside and using the special key to turn the water off at the main, and then fix this pipe, and turn the water on, and turn the water off, and fix that, and run here, and run there. Yep, I do believe we finally have a master plan to fix most of the water in this house! Saying a quick thank you, that out of all the elements, I think I like a trickle of water better than fire, or wind, or earth disturbing our home. LOL

In other news… I slapped up a banner on my Etsy page. It’s kinda sucky because I cannot get PSP6 to work like I know it should!  I think I need a couple of lessons again to figure out all of the layers, and other buttons, and doohickeys. 😛 I used to be good at that stuff. Still have gotten nowhere with getting my business card complete. I keep trying an hour or so every other day though, and it usually ends in complete frustration. I am determined to make something unique though. Oh, and I saw a few bulletin boards while we were out and about too, so I know just where I am going to slap up my first few cards!!! Woot!

And sometime today we will be putting our first seeds in the dirt! One tray will hold Spinach, Lettuce, and Kale.  The second tray will hold Chives, Basil, Dill, and Thyme. And the third tray will have Lavender, Chamomile,  and Parsley! 15 yo dd is doing a medium size plant pot of Mint also.  I miss my huuuuuge old back porch planter full of mint that we had in FL!  And then in a month or so hopefully everything can start transitioning outside, and then we will start tomatoes, and onions, and zucchini, and cucumbers!!!  And 11 yo ds wants his radishes and turnips. 😛 Here’s hoping we have a great year of growing!!! I wonder if the farmers market will miss us much. LOL

Well, I am off of here to knit some more, and then spend the afternoon weaving! I’ve got ~ideas~!!! Sound dangerous?  You betcha!!!!


Picture time!

I feel good now. I made my Friday deadline for getting a few things made, pictured, and put up at Etsy, and I have a boodle of extra pics for the blog too!

Here’s the one everyone is waiting for!!! Heart hats for the hospitals. I have enough hats to do seven more of these, I just need more of a selection of different colored hearts!  Took me a bit to figure out a way to get them stitched on. It was a real struggle at first, and then I thought of darning socks for some reason, and picked up a small jar that was on my desk, turned it over, and the hat fit over it just fine. And I laid the heart out flat, and just whip stitched it on there, easy as pie!


Here’s a picture of the yarn haul I got from Smiley’s! That box is about the size of a medium moving box! Dh was even shocked when he saw it sitting behind my desk. LOL I’m thinking of placing another order, because since I’ve gotten this they’ve gotten two more colors in stock. Dark Taupe, and a Light Pink color. Must own as much of the olllldd Softee Chunky as possible!!!! 😀


Here are some of the squares we’ve made from it so far. I am waffling on making some of that green and blue Patons yarn into woven squares also, to make a shawl out of them. But I might just knit it up. Depends on the yardage I have.


Here are the bunnies I stuck up on Etsy.  SpinnerMomMadeThat  I should have remembered to get a picture of them all together for the blog. Blah! I also put a new Inkle strap up there, and three one quart Mason jars of my yarn scraps. Yep, I save it all, don’t I? Well, I have around a dozen of them sitting around here, and I see everyone making scrap ornaments, and all kinds of things, so I decided to look up yarn scraps on Etsy and people are listing them as “used in children’s crafts, and scrap booking”. But all the ones I saw listed are in gallon baggies, and just people stuffing a small box full. At least mine you can sit it on a shelf and it looks pretty for a while til you use them up. Then when it’s gone you still have a canning jar! Pretty nice, eh?


And just for fun… the other day I turned around from my desk, and here is what I saw on youngest dd’s desk, aimed right at me for petes sake!!!! So the kiddo’s came in the room to me making up a little conversation from these guys. First minion: “We must neutralize the target!!!” Second minion: “Umm, don’t do it dude! She’s the one that makes the cookies!!!” Yeah, they all think mom is screwy now. But really. They’re just sitting there looking at me! 😀


And nope, no pictures of oldest dd’s crocheted socks yet. She wasn’t finished the last couple of inches on the leg, so in true teenager fashion, she didn’t want me getting pictures of them yet. So instead I will link the pattern that shes using.  But shes doing them in single crochet, because she doesn’t want them so holey, and her’s are with blue toes and heels, and purple everywhere else. Hopefully I’ll get pictures of them mid week!

Now I must go make the paaaaancaaakes!!!


P.S. Sorry if this posted like four times in peoples Readers.  The links weren’t working so I buggered around with stuff and whoooopie! I learned to do the linkie thingie again! Fingers crossed the links link like they should now.  🙂


So, I was browsing yarn shops online last week, and over at Smiley’s they had Bernat Softee Chunky listed, and I noticed that the label was the oooold version of Softee Chunky! Bernat has updated the Softee Chunky line, and made the yarn just a weeee bit more chunky than it used to be, so it doesn’t work so well on my Hazel Looms anymore. 😦  Was sooo bummed about that, because they used to have nice bright colors in yellows, and greens, and blues!!!  So when I saw the old label on the Smiley’s site, I made a nice big order, and I prayed it would be the old stuff, and not the new. And it was! Yaaayy!

So dh had ordered some books over last weekend, and I had ordered my yarn the weekend before, and after seven days I kept checking out the front door to see if my yarn had been dropped off by UPS. Monday, no yarn. Tuesday, no yarn. Dh was like, well my books should be here tomorrow, maybe it’ll be here then. So it’s 4 degrees out (-18 with the windchill) and here comes the UPS man. Beep beep. Run for the door, and there’s only the books there. I turn to oldest dd and say, ‘Here’s dads books. No yarn today.’  UPS guy, halfway down the walk, hears us and is punching his little electronic doohickey, and he hollers out across the snow and the wind, ‘hang on. I think I *do* have another package for you!’ Bumping around in the back of the truck for a minute or so, and wah-lah!!!  Yaaarrrrrrrrn!!!!! ~happy snoopy dancing~ 

So yesterday I happily sat and loomed the day away.  I now have three little stuffed bunnies to put on the Etsy shop, and then between oldest dd and me, there are now six out of twelve 7 inch squares made for a baby blanket for Cooper Hospital.

I should have pictures to post tomorrow also. The baby hats with the hearts on them are turning out soooo cute! Oldest dd is crocheting herself some house socks also. They are just adorable (don’t tell her I called them that :-D). She even changed the color for the toe and the heel, so they just look… adorable!!! 😛 Yeah, yeah, I’ll get pictures of them too. 😉

In other yarny news… my friend Char from Xanga sent me a box of yarn last week also!!! I always say, if you have yarn you just can’t use, go ahead and send it my way, and eventually it’ll get used up for something! And it’ll be something for give away too! I have all the yarn and squares that are sent to me in different bins from all of my stuff. I am being sooo careful about making sure things I sell on Etsy are things all from my own stash, and only things that I’ve fully made.  I’ve seen only a few times in all of my years on the crafty internet, of people asking others for baby items, or for squares or what not, and then things appearing on shops, and ugliness breaks out!!! I don’t want to have anything like that happen with my shop!!!

Now I am going to go and get started on my knitting. Kiddo’s all have their school work for the day (TGIF), and it’s still supposed to snow some more, so there’s not much more to do til that stops. Maybe we’ll go look for more animal tracks in the snow later. Something big crossed the back porch the other day, and the snow had melted a little, so we couldn’t tell if it was wolf tracks or deer tracks.  The dog next door was going off, and my cats were a little freaked out the other night though, so I’m betting wolf!


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And Another Week Goes By!!!

I swear this year is going by unnaturally fast!!! Well, last Friday my computer fried right in the middle of my posting things to Etsy.  So I was without it for three days, and went a little bonkers wondering if the things I did get posted were selling, and I just didn’t know it because I couldn’t get on! But dh cobbled me together a Frankenstein computer out of old parts (which surprisingly were better than most of the parts in my old computer, so I have a bit of an upgrade here. LOL), and got everything loaded so I could at least have email, and internet, and a way to bugger with pictures.

And YES, I finally made my first official Etsy sales, and they are being mailed out today (in ‘feels like’ -18 degree weather. Gahh!!! Good thing the post office is just a block away) The first official sales were the three sets of mitts with hearts on them! Now I only have three sets more left in stock, so I think I had better make at least a few more. Maybe white ones with pastel colored hearts on them, so I can also market them as wedding items, and I’ll keep them listed through July. 🙂

I am also going to try to have at least a few new items every week. I figure if I post regularly, new items every Friday, then I’ll have people hopping back to my page to see the new items on a regular basis. My oldest dd also has a little spot on my shop in the side bar.  Just click Cassie’s Corner to look at/buy things she makes. Shes helping me with looking up description words to add to her stuff for better marketing. If anything, we can count this as more home school stuff. Figuring out how much to charge, and what Etsy will take off the top, and how much for shipping, and looking up where items are shipped to as geography lessons, seeing how other people market their items, and photography (which I suck at btw :-D). But all wonderful home school lessons even if she doesn’t sell anything. But shes talented, so I am sure she eventually will.

In other knitting news… I am making many hats and hearts to send to a boodle of hospitals this month and next!  They are coming out sooo freakin cute!!!! I cannot wait to put pictures of them here! I am so glad I got that heart loom last month! I can think of a gazillion ideas to add hearts to! We are also making green hearts, and putting the pointy end together to make four leaf clovers. Too cute!

And now I must go read some from a chapter book for youngest dd! It’s The Warriors series, by Erin Hunter. Cats cats cats cats cats! It’s all about the cats with this crew. LOL


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