A good day on Etsy!!!!

Oh my goodness!  Now I have not actually sold *anything* off my shop yet, BUT I have been contacted by so many people saying, ‘hey, I’ve got an idea, and I would like you to make it!’ and I’ve been working on flower hair clips, and mitts, and dish cloths, and boot cuffs, and just all matter of things! I am smiling ear to ear of course! 😀 So I am feeling good! I am going to have money to cover the kitty cats needs, and sending out many boxes to hospitals over the next couple of months, AND I get to shop for the yarns I need, and I get to try out new patterns too! It’s like win win win!!!

Earlier this week in the mail I got the latest and greatest Hazel Rose Loom. (I am not responsible for any addictions, and I have collected my Hazel Rose Looms slowly over many many years. Just sayin) Here is the beautiful little Sweet Heart Loom…

First thing 15 yo dd thought of was the Realm of Caring heart, and set out duplicating it! Shhhh, I’m not supposed to be showing this yet if any Realm people are looking. But she has never embroidered anything before, and I think she has done a really awesome job with this first one! Google Realm of Caring to see the leaf in heart logo on their page.

Here is the next big thing we’re adding hearts to, and yep, they are on my Etsy store right now!!!! Fingerless mitts with hearts on the backs. I labeled them for Valentines Day, but heck, you could buy them any ol time really!




And yep, we have other heart projects in the works now also. 15 yo dd has decided to put four green ones together, and make Shamrocks!!! Hee hee!!!  The hearts come out to about three inches across and about 2 1/2 inches high, so we’re gonna see how many things we can adorn with them! Someone already suggested I make some and add crocheted string to two puff/sachets and use it at the tops of boot cuffs or leg warmers. Someone else said make cute little door knob hangers with them for the holidays. Sooo many ideas! Do people really decorate their homes for Valentines day?  I might do white ones like that for weddings!!!! That would go over great as a keepsake!

Here is some other weaving I’ve been working on with my Hazel 7 inch quilt weaver square, using up little balls of yarn out of the pretzel buckets. Sometimes there’s enough to do one, sometimes as many as three!!! Eventually I’ll just end up with a huge ol pile of 7 inch squares off all kinds of odd colors, and I’ll just go to town hooking together a big ol bed spread for those summer nights. Woven squares are not very thick, but they can provide extra layers that hold the heat beautifully!


Here is the all out planned project I am working on with the 7 inch loom. It’s using Deborah Norville yarn in the colors Pristine, and Berry Burst. I was thinking if I could at least get four squares out of each skein I would have enough to make a nice 32ish inch throw. But look at that! Each skein is going to get me *six* squares (plus one to two little squares on my mini quilt weaver set)!!!! So I am going to have enough to do a big ol 42+ inch throw once I get the crocheted border on it!!!! Soooo excited!!!


And here we have a wonderful ol picture of the kitties.  Umm, I mean cats! Few more months and they’ll be a year old already! Time flies! Here I thought I was gonna have a nice big ol bay window for plants, and knick knacks, and all that goodie stuff… but nope. It belongs to them. 🙂


What are they lookin at? Dirt roads as far as the eye can see, and this…


Ok ok, that wasn’t really took out my front window. That’s a little further north of here. But pretty, eh? 15 yo dd took this shot from a moving car also! Pretty good eye, or just plain lucky! 😀  I ❤ CO!!!!!



3 Responses to “A good day on Etsy!!!!”

  1. spinnermom Says:

    Link to the shops because someone is bound to ask. 🙂

  2. Bridget Says:

    Loving those looms. It’s a wonder your head doesn’t burst, all these ideas you come up with! The fingerless gloves with hearts on are gorgeous x

    • spinnermom Says:

      Thanks! I knew as soon as I saw Hazel using the loom on Youtube last year that I could add hearts to sooooo many things!!! Waiting a whole month til she added them to her shop was a killer. LOL

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