And yeah I give a bunch of stuff away too!

So here are some of the things that made it out of here for the month of December. Another reason my Etsy shop was opened…. because sending things to my favorite hospitals for the babies, cost money!!!! Blah! Month of December is easy though, because dh asks what I want for my birthday, and I’m like, ‘postage money so the babies can have hats!’ He’ll never understand it, but it’s what I love doing! So here we go….

Hats for Salem Hospital! Every year I ~love~ doing the pom poms, and I say I am sooooo going to pom pom everything from now on!!!! And then I never do. So now I mostly have a whole bunch of pink, blue, and brown pom poms left in my baggie. I really need to use them up before I get another colorful bag full!


Hats for Deland Hospital. When we left FL they were very happy to hear that I already mailed hats and booties to a group out here in CO, so now since we’re in CO I just reverse that postage, and mail hats back to the hospital that most all my children were born in! I ❤ those ladies/nurses!!! And yes, most all the same nurses are there that were even there when my 20 year old son was born!!! Talk about your tenure!!!


And here is a box of hats, and mittens, and scarves, and things that went out to one of my friends that lives in NE. She found that she lives just a block or two away from a large homeless soup kitchen type place, so she started giving warm things to them, and now has four or five of us, her internet friends, also helping her out. She lives on a terribly tight fixed income so some of us also send her yarn now and again, so she can keep crafting also! I love my internet buddies!!!!


And here is an adorable pic of two of the cats. Wicket and Trout, resting in the beanbag watching the Buzzy Bird. Nah, they won’t ever hurt Buzzy. They’ve gotten too close a couple of times, and now have a healthy respect for the bird. 😉


And here is Wicket enjoying the kitty condo. She looooooves this little hidey hole and her little pet blankie that Cassie made for them when they were kittens. Most times on cold days you’ll find her here, and Salmon on the bottom. Sometimes Salmon tries to take the top, but Wicket will kick his butt out! It’s funny to watch them interact. 🙂


Salmon and Trout. One guess who they’re watching. 😀 And no I can’t sell that neck warmer now. They’ve slept all over it and I’m pretty sure if it went missing they would revolt! Cats cuddle up to the weirdest and smallest things. I’ll have to get a picture of Mawmaw cat sleeping on her wee little free book bag thing that I got in the mail a few years ago. One of the kiddo’s was carrying their clipboard and paper and pencils in it for a bit and it got left on the floor and now if it’s not there for afternoon naps, Mawmaw comes and circles me like crazy til I find it and put it out. 😛 Cats are funny.


Next a quick blog about what I’ve been spinning up! I remembered to post it to a facebook group I’m on, but totally forgot to post it here! Bad bad blogger!!!!


4 Responses to “And yeah I give a bunch of stuff away too!”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    Hi LInda, Would you send me the name and address of the lady who needs yarn? I still have a big bucket full that I need to start getting rid of. Would it make a difference what kind or what colors? If you don’t want me to do that, would you like it? I’ll pack up an “if it fits it ships” box. The last of the 12 family members went home yesterday. Between them and the four late-nite college football games, I’m ready to sit and crochet for the better part of a looooong time. Happy New Year Char

    • spinnermom Says:

      I would be happy to take any yarn off your hands and use it for charity knitting *and* to share with friends! I’ll be sending to Clara again in Feb. She takes things to the homeless shelter every month right up til Spring thaw! We use mostly dark colors for the homeless, but she mentioned that lots of children are showing up to the shelters now with parents too, so I’ve been putting cheery colored mittens and hats in the packages for them.

  2. Bridget Says:

    I can’t believe how much your cats have grown. They’re gorgeous x

    • spinnermom Says:

      They really are! The only one who hasn’t really gotten big is ol Trout. He’s the runt and has a crooked back and for the first four months or so he was a very barfy cat. But we’ve learned that if he gets a little dish of milk after he eats a big of food he keeps it down good. It was a lot of trial and error there for a bit. Salmon is almost as big as Mawmaw now. I can only tell them apart from the side because Salmon has a smiley face in his side stripes. 🙂 I’ll have to try and get a pic.

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