Another Good Day!!!!

Well we waffled and waffled on and off all day yesterday, and then decided all last minute crazy to go to the monthly Realm of Caring parent support group meeting today! I’m really glad we went now. Just so amazing being with those families, and as much as we are here for a different reason then all of them, we are all going through so much of the same things!!!! Love, love, love, going and talking with everyone, and seeing how well all the children are doing!!!

Then, I had finished the huge order of fingerless mitts and flowers, and was going to mail it tomorrow, but since we were going to Colorado Springs anyway I contacted the wonderful lady, and she was more than happy for me to drop it off today! So woot!!!! All that knitting and crocheting is cleared out of here, and I am ready for another big project!!!!

I think tomorrow after school work I am going to warp up my big loom again!!! I have lavender and a peach color warp, and I think I’m gonna go with the lavender, and then I have a multi green colored yarn that I bought a looooong while ago to knit a shawl with. But I think it’s going to get woven into a shawl first! 🙂

Another project I’m going to work on is making a boodle of white baby hats!!! I have a nice size stack of woven hearts here now, and I’m going to attach them to the baby hats, and mail them out to three different hospitals for Valentines!

And now I must go and loooove on a kitty cat, because they were alone for five whooooole hours today, and man oh man, is Salmon a big ol cry baby lap cat!!!! LOL ‘Pet me, pet me, pet me! I thought you were gone foooreverrrrr, and I was gonna diiiiiiieee!’ 😀



Busy and colds!!!

Well, one of my online friends saw my Etsy shop and contacted me for a huuuuuuge order, so I have been quite busy lately knitting and crocheting my fingers off!!! I think it is paying pretty decently, but dh thinks I should have asked for more. I am pretty sure it’ll be like everyone else that I’ve knitted for so far, and they’ll prolly give me extra because everyone thinks I don’t charge enough, but I will not be sad if they don’t. I’m doing something I love to do, and I can pretty much set my own pace, and man oh man, is it ever ~FUN~ getting to go shopping for the yarn for a project like this!!! Hee hee!

On the down side of it all though, the colds are coming and going through here like crazy. Remember we all just got over the big two week flu from Hades just before Christmas? Then right after the new years a couple of the kiddo’s were feeling poorly, and then last week dh had some kind of horrible stomach thing for two days. We thought it was food poisoning for a few days, and then he talked to a friend that’s further north of here, and he had the exact same thing! We haven’t seen him for weeks though, and since he lives an hour away from us it’s not likely we ate at the same restaurants or anything, if it was a food something. But man oh man, when dh was sick and out of it, and I’m hovering over him with the phone ready to call the ambulance at a seconds notice…. well, that was a horrible two days!!!!

Now it seems I have a bit of a head cold. Sunday was about the worst of it, and I got nothing done because I don’t like to play with yarn that I’m working on for other people when I’m sick. Plus my eyes were very leaky, so I didn’t want to be sitting up anyway! Now I just have this horrible sore throat thing going on, and all the rest of this cold has dried up.  So we’ve gone from having maybe one bad flu in like fifteen years, to moving to CO, and in the past six months we’ve had like five different strains of flu/cold crap going on! I was telling my friend, this must be how the Indians felt when the white man came to town, and batches of them died from the pox, and stuff. We’ve invaded a new state, and now we are building up all of our immunities in one big ol swack the first year we’re here, or something. Here’s hoping we don’t kill the locals! Blah!!!!

So only five more sets of fingerless mitts to go (out of twenty. told ya it was a big order :-)), and then I am sooooooooo going to kick back and chill out with some weaving, and knitting baby hats for Valentines day!!! I want to warp up my big loom. Already got the yarn picked out for that! Gonna make a shawl or two. Then I need to get my Inkle loom cleared off and re-warped, because ~I have an IDEA~!!!  I am going to make four foot straps, and then make matching crocheted hair pretties to clip them on. Five hair pretties and a four foot strap for $20 or so. Give a girl a place to clip their many clips, and a few new pretties for her hair. Thinking of doing the first strap and flowers in pink/purple/white combo and then ones in green/yellow/white, and see how they sell.  

Then the next idea I have is making orange and blue hearts on my loom, and stuffing them, and stitching them together. Little Bronco Super Bowl hearts. Hee hee! Hey, we live here now! Gotta show some support to our team!

Pictures soon. The kiddo’s are going mad with the camera lately, so there might be some oddities in there also! And since I’m missing Xanga a little…

Listening to: Florence & The Machine / Shake It Out


(and how is it almost the end of the month already???? geeze!)

A good day on Etsy!!!!

Oh my goodness!  Now I have not actually sold *anything* off my shop yet, BUT I have been contacted by so many people saying, ‘hey, I’ve got an idea, and I would like you to make it!’ and I’ve been working on flower hair clips, and mitts, and dish cloths, and boot cuffs, and just all matter of things! I am smiling ear to ear of course! 😀 So I am feeling good! I am going to have money to cover the kitty cats needs, and sending out many boxes to hospitals over the next couple of months, AND I get to shop for the yarns I need, and I get to try out new patterns too! It’s like win win win!!!

Earlier this week in the mail I got the latest and greatest Hazel Rose Loom. (I am not responsible for any addictions, and I have collected my Hazel Rose Looms slowly over many many years. Just sayin) Here is the beautiful little Sweet Heart Loom…

First thing 15 yo dd thought of was the Realm of Caring heart, and set out duplicating it! Shhhh, I’m not supposed to be showing this yet if any Realm people are looking. But she has never embroidered anything before, and I think she has done a really awesome job with this first one! Google Realm of Caring to see the leaf in heart logo on their page.

Here is the next big thing we’re adding hearts to, and yep, they are on my Etsy store right now!!!! Fingerless mitts with hearts on the backs. I labeled them for Valentines Day, but heck, you could buy them any ol time really!




And yep, we have other heart projects in the works now also. 15 yo dd has decided to put four green ones together, and make Shamrocks!!! Hee hee!!!  The hearts come out to about three inches across and about 2 1/2 inches high, so we’re gonna see how many things we can adorn with them! Someone already suggested I make some and add crocheted string to two puff/sachets and use it at the tops of boot cuffs or leg warmers. Someone else said make cute little door knob hangers with them for the holidays. Sooo many ideas! Do people really decorate their homes for Valentines day?  I might do white ones like that for weddings!!!! That would go over great as a keepsake!

Here is some other weaving I’ve been working on with my Hazel 7 inch quilt weaver square, using up little balls of yarn out of the pretzel buckets. Sometimes there’s enough to do one, sometimes as many as three!!! Eventually I’ll just end up with a huge ol pile of 7 inch squares off all kinds of odd colors, and I’ll just go to town hooking together a big ol bed spread for those summer nights. Woven squares are not very thick, but they can provide extra layers that hold the heat beautifully!


Here is the all out planned project I am working on with the 7 inch loom. It’s using Deborah Norville yarn in the colors Pristine, and Berry Burst. I was thinking if I could at least get four squares out of each skein I would have enough to make a nice 32ish inch throw. But look at that! Each skein is going to get me *six* squares (plus one to two little squares on my mini quilt weaver set)!!!! So I am going to have enough to do a big ol 42+ inch throw once I get the crocheted border on it!!!! Soooo excited!!!


And here we have a wonderful ol picture of the kitties.  Umm, I mean cats! Few more months and they’ll be a year old already! Time flies! Here I thought I was gonna have a nice big ol bay window for plants, and knick knacks, and all that goodie stuff… but nope. It belongs to them. 🙂


What are they lookin at? Dirt roads as far as the eye can see, and this…


Ok ok, that wasn’t really took out my front window. That’s a little further north of here. But pretty, eh? 15 yo dd took this shot from a moving car also! Pretty good eye, or just plain lucky! 😀  I ❤ CO!!!!!


Starting and finishing…

Mailed off a nice package this morning to a wonderful lady! She saw my Etsy shop and contacted me immediately, and I think I enjoyed making things for her because she was like, ‘and could you make it in ~orange~!’ 😀 My youngest daughter loooooooves orange, and since we’ve been here in CO we’ve met a few people that say, ‘I’ve just always liked orange.’ Maybe orange loving people just migrate here because of the Broncos. LOL So not only am I making a little money, I am super excited to hear if she likes everything! This is just so much fun! I should have done it last year! Hee hee!

So now that those items are out of the way I am working on a few more things for the shop. People are requesting my hair clip flowers like crazy, so I am going to pick like five colors, and just make a nice stock of them to have. I have enough clips on hand to make 24, and then I’ll need to go to the store and get more clips.

I am going to have to get more clips anyway, because today in the mail I got my new Hazel Rose Sweet Heart loom and I have already made three little hearts on it, and I am going to seam two together, and add a wee little fiber fill to make it a little poofy, and add that to a hair clip also. Nothing like getting a bunch of sweet little heart hair clips going for Valentine day sales!!! So much I want to do!

I also have my red and white yarn out from Christmas knitting still, and I’m going to work on Valentine baby hats for the hospitals, and I might even throw in a quick blanket or two, since it’s been so very cold!!!! So many fun plans in the works!!!! I think I am in fibery heaven!!! Especially when dh pulls the van up to JoAnns and says, ‘get whatever you need for your shop!’ Hee hee! Yeah, I’ve already spent a bit of the money I’ve made increasing my stash! Dh saw the size of the bag stuffed with yarn, and tried to guess the price. He got pretty close, but I had coupons, so I saved more than he thought! 😀

Now, I am off of here to make more flowers and hearts!!!! What a great way to spend the day!


Spinning stuff

So here’s what’s on the wheel…

Baggie of goodness from when we went on the yarn crawl in September!


Spins up into these lovely singles…


And then plied together it turns even more beautiful!!!!


I think I may use this for weaving to get maximum yardage out of it! This is about just over half of it, and I have around 450 yards, so I’m thinking out of the whole thing I’ll get 750-800 yards! Not too very shabby for $22!

And then here is the mystery brown fiber that I spun up just before the beautiful fiber, just to get into the feel of spinning again. Didn’t want to start out using the pretty stuff and making it too chunky just because I was out of practice!


I have enough left of this stuff to spin up a good 1500 yards total. It is sooooo totally going to be a shawl when I’m done with it! Soft and lovely! Could maybe be alpaca? I’m gonna have to dig back through my receipts to be sure.

And that is all, because I have a headband and some flowers to make today! The ideas are flowing in from people who have looked at my shop, and I and super happy to delve through patterns, and find wonderful new things to make!


And yeah I give a bunch of stuff away too!

So here are some of the things that made it out of here for the month of December. Another reason my Etsy shop was opened…. because sending things to my favorite hospitals for the babies, cost money!!!! Blah! Month of December is easy though, because dh asks what I want for my birthday, and I’m like, ‘postage money so the babies can have hats!’ He’ll never understand it, but it’s what I love doing! So here we go….

Hats for Salem Hospital! Every year I ~love~ doing the pom poms, and I say I am sooooo going to pom pom everything from now on!!!! And then I never do. So now I mostly have a whole bunch of pink, blue, and brown pom poms left in my baggie. I really need to use them up before I get another colorful bag full!


Hats for Deland Hospital. When we left FL they were very happy to hear that I already mailed hats and booties to a group out here in CO, so now since we’re in CO I just reverse that postage, and mail hats back to the hospital that most all my children were born in! I ❤ those ladies/nurses!!! And yes, most all the same nurses are there that were even there when my 20 year old son was born!!! Talk about your tenure!!!


And here is a box of hats, and mittens, and scarves, and things that went out to one of my friends that lives in NE. She found that she lives just a block or two away from a large homeless soup kitchen type place, so she started giving warm things to them, and now has four or five of us, her internet friends, also helping her out. She lives on a terribly tight fixed income so some of us also send her yarn now and again, so she can keep crafting also! I love my internet buddies!!!!


And here is an adorable pic of two of the cats. Wicket and Trout, resting in the beanbag watching the Buzzy Bird. Nah, they won’t ever hurt Buzzy. They’ve gotten too close a couple of times, and now have a healthy respect for the bird. 😉


And here is Wicket enjoying the kitty condo. She looooooves this little hidey hole and her little pet blankie that Cassie made for them when they were kittens. Most times on cold days you’ll find her here, and Salmon on the bottom. Sometimes Salmon tries to take the top, but Wicket will kick his butt out! It’s funny to watch them interact. 🙂


Salmon and Trout. One guess who they’re watching. 😀 And no I can’t sell that neck warmer now. They’ve slept all over it and I’m pretty sure if it went missing they would revolt! Cats cuddle up to the weirdest and smallest things. I’ll have to get a picture of Mawmaw cat sleeping on her wee little free book bag thing that I got in the mail a few years ago. One of the kiddo’s was carrying their clipboard and paper and pencils in it for a bit and it got left on the floor and now if it’s not there for afternoon naps, Mawmaw comes and circles me like crazy til I find it and put it out. 😛 Cats are funny.


Next a quick blog about what I’ve been spinning up! I remembered to post it to a facebook group I’m on, but totally forgot to post it here! Bad bad blogger!!!!

My Etsy Shop…

…is officially Open for business!!!! And I have already had my first request!!! A fellow Coloradian and facebook buddy has asked if I could make fingerless mitts in orange, and was wondering if I could make headbands and flowers! I forgot to add my flowery hair clips to the shop! Gah!!! But I guess it’ll give me some time to work up some more, and then add a boodle of them next week. So, I am super excited!!! I told dh I have already made enough money in the past three weeks off of knitting to cover the cats litter and food for the month of January, so I don’t wanna hear any more grief about the cats costing too much! 😛

My next goal is to make enough to buy a sofa for my living room. Yes, we left some stuff in FL that has yet to be replaced. 😦 And then maybe a dresser for our bedroom. Right now dh has one box, and I have another, that we have been keeping socks, and pants, and things in since we’ve moved. I’ve been scanning all the Craigslist and local resale shops, but thing like that are still in the $50-$60ish dollar range, and it ~kills~ me because there were re-sale shops in FL that I could get things like that for $10-$20 easily!!!! Guess I’m just not getting the lay of the land to good here yet, and don’t know where things like that are. One of the hazards of moving cross country I guess.

So go on by my shop and maybe even just hit the like button on things or help me spread the word that it’s open if you know people who would like mittens or hats or things like that! I hope my prices are reasonable. I try and gauge how long it took me to work on and how much the materials cost and some folks are saying I’m pricing a bit too low, but then you are talking to someone who enjoys the crap out of making things ~and~ I am so use to just giving things away anyway that I am too happy to just make a little jingle!!! If the shop goes over super big dh said we would all be spending all our free time watching movies and knitting and crocheting! Bwhahahaha!  Yeah, dh ~can~ crochet he just prefers playing video games better. BUT if I could get them all making squares that I could put into blankets…. well that would make me giggle! 😛

Anyway, why am I sitting here still chatting when I have orders to fulfill!!!!


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