Oh Hiiiiii!

Haha! I am slacking again, aren’t I?ย  Actually, in all reality, I’m not.ย  I just haven’t had much time this month to sit here and write stuff out. Here’s hoping with the holidays over, and only three birthdays in January, I will find more time to sit and write things. Soooo, the December whirlwind?

Well, it’s mostly been about sickness. We went to a holiday party, and then after that we ate out a time or two while shopping, and kablam!!!! The sickness fell upon us all, with fevers, and barf, and diarrhea, and of course everybody hit it all at different stages, so two of us were barfy, while two or three of us were battling for the potty. Most days everyone had fevers for about a six day period, but towards the end that got better by a couple of us at a time. And of course being the mom I am the one who has to hold it all together, and make sure everyone gets this med, or that med, or Jello is made, or lets have soup!!! And I inch along like death warmed over, making, and doing, and cleaning. At the height of it all I remembered Vics Vapor Rub, and everyone got a super dose of that on their chest, and throat, and back, and the next day whooooohoooo! Near wellness after a night of heavy sweats! It worked so well we went and bought a vaporizer, andย  have had that thing running about non stop since we’ve bought it! One thing you find out quickly in this dry mountain air… FL’s humidity ~was~ a good thing after all! Love love looooooove the vaporizer!!!!

In knitterly things… so for the past year I have been hemming and hawing at opening an Etsy store. I had a pile of things I wanted to picture and put up there, and then just before Christmas I heard of this need, and you know me. I went through my bins and gave it all away! Haha! So since we’ve been here in CO I’ve met a boodle of lovely people through the group that is helping my daughter, and in the different yarny shops, and places. ALL of them have been extremely supportive, and insistent that I should sell the stuff I make. Everywhere I go, ‘OMG, you should SELL those!!! You could ~sell~ that!’ and then someone asked if they could buy those hair pretty flowers I make. I suggested $2? They gave me five!!! FIVE!!!! Then on facebook one of the moms linked me some things called boot cuffs, and asked if I could make something like them. I whipped up two samples, and she liked them, and wanted like five of them!!!! I suggested a price, and have made her three so far, and she is buying them!!!! People LIKE my stuff!!!! So I am geeked, and now I have about six or seven items, and I am going to give it a big ol go this week and open my etsy store!!!! I have NO IDEA what I am doing, but I guess I am just going to slap some stuff up there, and see how it goes.ย  At the very very least this will make me a better picture taker. ๐Ÿ˜› At the very best, maybe I can help play a bill or two every month around here. ๐Ÿ˜€ย  So I would love suggestions of what would YOU like to see me make?ย  What would you like to buy? Hats? Scarves? Dishcloths? Those plastic bag holders? Pot holders? Boot cuffs? Wristers? Mittens? Shawls? Blankets? Baby items? Hair pretties? The ideas are pretty much endless. I can knit, crochet, weave, and maybe even sew soon!!!! And colors…. I have no idea what other people like!!!! When the lady asked me to do boot cuffs she wanted whites and cream colors, and I was all ready do dive into brights and wild variegated!!!ย  Seems whites and cream colors are most favored even for things like baby items.

So here is what I would like to end up doing. If things don’t sell on my store, I am trying to think of a way to then raffle the things that sit! Some things like baby hat and bootie sets, if they don’t sell, they’re just going to be popped into a donation box to a hospital, but things like blankets, or shawls, if they don’t sell, I think I will announce it on my facebook page, and here, and give everyone a chance to send me a dollar and your name will be put in the drawing, and maybe I’ll make $10 or $20, but then if it’s not gonna sell anyway, at least someone will get a really cool something or other for a buck!!!

And now I am off of here to do housework stuff. Between the sickness, and the holiday mess, things around here have just gone pfffhhh! So I have got to dig out one room at a time. Bit by bit, with lots of resting in between. We’re not totally well yet, but at least the fevers and yuck are gone, and we’re down to just sniffles and coughs. And I am actually getting my smell and taste for things back. Don’t know if that’s gonna be a good thing by the looks of this place. LOL



First weaving!

So here is my first ever weaving project on the rigid heddle loom!!!

The warp! I strung it around the back bar, and then alllllll the way from the dining room table, looped around a chair back in the living room! I didn’t want to make it too very wide until I figure it all out, and this was a good size sample to try. For one, the cotton I chose was just a wee little too thick. Not too thick that, with a little patients, I could make it work though. But for the next project I have gotten the right kind of cotton thread for the warp! Yaaayy!


Then you wrap it up with a piece of paper in between, so the threads don’t knot into one another while the tension is tight. I didn’t have any brown paper bags handy, but I did have a couple of nice big sheets of that brown paper they use for packing when you order stuff from Amazon. Usually I save it and flat it out for the kiddo’s to draw on, but it works really well for this also!


Here it is all wrapped on, and every other thread put through an eyelet on the reed, and then tied to the front rod! All of this took about three to four hours.ย  Then we get to weaving!


So as I wove, first I came across a thread that lost one of it’s plies, and it was starting to gob up in the reed, so I had to stop using the reed to pack with, and started using the pick up stick to pack with. Then I came across a knot in the thread.ย  Grrrrr!ย  Got that handled, but it caused a thread to be loose for the rest of the weaving. So every time I put the reed up, or down, I would pull this thread to keep it tight. Some would say I have the patients of a saint! ๐Ÿ˜› I did get a weaving book recently though, and one of the chapters is about how to deal with just this kind of thing, so I’m hoping my next weaving goes much much smoother!!!


And here’s a picture just as I was doing the last foot or so of cloth! My family gathered round, and we’re cheering me on as I had done about three to four hours of weaving yesterday to finish this project up! (not really. they were all just gathered round waiting for me to get this off the kitchen table, so we could have supper. blah)


And here it is in all it’s glory!!! Eight foot-two inches long, by one foot wide! At the beginning you can see I did some white stripes across, just to be a little fanciful, but I quickly stopped doing that after having that trouble with the warp threads. Then it just became a thing of, ‘I am ~not~ wasting a cone of yarn!’, and I wanted to get this thing done! So I stopped the stripes til my next adventure!!!


All totaled it took about four hours to set up, and around nine hours of weaving time! Not too shabby! I think I’ll cut the beginning striped part off for a mat for the table, and then I’ll used the other five to six feet as a scarf for a bit.ย  I might end up cutting it into sections, and making draw string bags out of it.ย  My kiddo’s seem to think it will make an excellent Matchbox raceway. :rolls eyes: For now, it’s just hanging around looking pretty! ๐Ÿ™‚


Holiday Cheer!!!

It’s been a nutty week or two around here!ย  I got a last minute boodle of gifties to make, and zip together, and send out for a special cause! Now that that’s done I am getting back on track with sending some of my favorite hospital nurseries, some nice warm baby hats, and blankets, and stuff! It’s going down to -3 degrees here on the eve of my birthday, so that just makes me wanna dive into a yarn pile and not come out til Spring!

On the loom!!! Well, we had to run up to Colorado Springs this past weekend, so I made sure we were out of the house in plenty of time so we could hit Table Rock Llamas!!! While we were there I got an Ashford boat shuttle, and some beautiful warping thread!!! One little bolt in purple, and one in a light orange!ย  I have ideas for both of them! Will probably use up one at least, so when we go back there for more bobbins for the boat shuttle I have an excuse to buy more warp thread! ๐Ÿ˜€

I also got some more fiber, because I am more than halfway done with the pretty Picasso colors I got at the Yarn Crawl! I have pictures of the two skeins that I have spun up so far. Altogether I think I will end up with about 700 yards of a heavy worsted yarn out of it. I might put it with the brown mystery fiber I’ve been spinning, and make a lovely hooded shawl out of it!

Pictures coming soon!ย  I started taking some yesterday. A lot of them I can’t post until gifties have been distributed! You know how it goes around Christmas time!

Right now I have a huuuuge pressure cooker full of chicken and vegetable soup on, and I am going to go and finish off the weaving on the loom, and start another hopefully this afternoon.ย  Oh, and dh hooked up the dryer, so for the first time in around 25 years I am drying clothes in an electrical device!!! It being only 17 degrees out today, and going down to 6 degrees tonight, I am thankful!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


P.S. Oh, and the tree is UP!!!! Not decorated yet, but it is UP! That is all!

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