Knitting and spinning stuff

So, I have waaaaaay too many projects in the air again. But somehow it’s comforting. Last week I decided to move all of my yarn bins to one room!  Can we say overwhelming!!!??? Gah! So now I have two of them here next to me, and the rest are over there, in the laundry room. Just pray I don’t find another couple of boxes in storage. I might hit some kind of critical mass!!! ~*poof*~ LOL

Photo time!!!!!

Here is what the wonderful Picasso fibers turned into on my wheel!!! I do believe I am going to ~~~looove~~~ this when it is plied up! Hoping there will be enough for a niiiice warrrmm scarf!!!!


Here is the two bobbins full of plain ol brown. I forget what it is, but it is soft and yummy, and I have enough in the bag to do two more stuffed full bobbins!!! Might make a triangle shawl out of this, and just keep knitting til it’s used up.


The other day we got to go on a nice loooong road trip up to North of Colorado Springs to be with friends for some taping of some news footage, that they’re going to use on some morning show called The Doctors on CBS. So while traveling I had lots of things to keep me occupied.  I finished the purple pair of mittens, and made the pink pair next. I worked some more on my leg warmers. These are taking a looooong time for me to make. K1 p1 k1p1k1p1 f.or.e.v.e.r might have something to do with it. 😛


I also got these two baby hats worked on.  The pink one was as far as I could knit before switching to dpns, and I don’t knit on dpns while the van is moving! So I went and started the white hat.  Got to the point of turning the brim on the way home, and the sun sets so freakin early nowadays, I had to stop until we got home. Both hats are finished now.  The white one became a red and white striped hat to go in the Christmas hat box.


Here are some of the pretzel barrel hats!!! Every one of these used up a small little ball of yarn last week. I guess you could say I am officially down six skeins of yarn since I used up six little scrappy ends.  Maybe I need to go shopping to replenish that. /snicker


Oh, and also on the road trip the other day I started this hat/neck warmer pattern. You can find it at It’s called Sugar on Snow.  I made several of these a few years back and they have been dug out again since it is so cooooold around here! If you go to my Ravelry (Spinnermomof5) page you can see the other ones I’ve knit.  I am going to loooove this one. I’ve got loads of skeins of this Simply Soft yarn for 50cents to a $1 each back when WalMart was thinking about cutting off their yarn/fabric sections. Where else can you get two or three hats for a dollar (some assembly required)? 😀


And here are some more flower pins/hair clips added to the strap. Looks like I need a new strap to hang bippys off of.  Pretty soon my whole house is going to be covered with these! LOL


And in fibery goodness news this week. I had forgotten that last Sunday I ordered a Kromski Harp Loom, and I was waiting for the email that it shipped, and after a few days I stopped checking that, and then boom Thursday afternoon it was here!!!! I am a most sucky weaver so far!!! 😛 I had a knot in my warp and it got stuck, and then unstuck. 😛 And then another place on the warp, one ply of one strand of yarn came loose, and was causing all kinds of jam ups, but I’ve worked through it too!!! I don’t know if my warp is tight enough on the loom either, because it is crazy getting the shed up and down. Dh seems to think the cotton yarn I chose is just a little too thick, and I hope when I warp up the next project, things just flow better. Right now I am grateful for the pick up stick, because I am using that to help me clear the shed! Awesome awesome loom over all though! Pictures soon of all the weaving goodness. I have decided to use my first weaving to maybe make a couple of small satchels out of.  The kiddo’s are thinking of giving it to the cats for more cat bedding. Them: ‘The kitties will be soooo waaaarrrrrm!’ Me: ‘it’s cotton! They won’t be warm with cotton! They will be warmer with ack, or with wool, not cotton.’ /shakes head They have learned nothing from my fibery-ness I swear! 😀

Anyway off of here to get housework done. Gotta get things in shape around here, so I can get back to the knittingspinningweavingcrochetingfun!


3 Responses to “Knitting and spinning stuff”

  1. cjc22 Says:

    I come and read all you write. You one busy lady. I love the little flowers. Not sure you have found me. I don’t write on that other site – too confusing for my old mind. My site is Do you have snow yet?

    • spinnermom Says:

      Nope no snow yet. Though it has called for flurries a few times it must be so late at night we just don’t see it. I’ll see if I can get back to reading you at Xanga. Last time I checked over there it was just all blank for me. 😦 I kinda miss it.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Just went and checked and its a blank page that says you have sign in lock and it won’t let me sign in because I haven’t paid for an account over there. 😦 Oh well, maybe by Christmas I can find the funds to get my blog back there.

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