Rough couple of weeks

So around the 6th of November til the 15th was about the roughest. Back the few days before Halloween my sister in law finally figured out how to do Skype on her iPad, so we started Skyping to see my mother in law who has been in the hospital for a while. Halloween was her last birthday. 😦 I think we Skyped with them just about every day from the 6th to the 14th of Nov. because grandma (MIL) just could not get enough of actually seeing her grand babies ‘in person’!!!! It was sooo bittersweet! Then on the 15th we were having lunch and dh got the call that his mom had passed. I made him call in to work, and he took the weekend and the next Monday off. It was good for him to do that, but I soo wish he could have had more time off.  This past Friday the 22nd was his moms memorial service. Another hard day. His mom was Catholic, so they did a nice church service, and then the family went to dinner. They are all in Hawaii so we kicked up Skype again for the dinner, and their 6 o’clock dinner was at 9 o’clock for us here.  It was sooo good to see so many grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends that turned out!!! I was truly amazed!!!! It was just beautiful!

Now we are working our way into Thanksgiving!!! The past 17 years or so we’ve made dh’s moms beans, and his grandmas pan fried stuffing, and it’s just been amazing to have those recipes passed down, but this year making his moms beans is probably going to filled with tears, knowing we can’t just call her up and tell her how good they taste! Nom nom nom!!!  Christmas is probably going to be another hard day to get through. But that is weeks away still. I remember after my mom passed away how many times I went reaching for the phone, and then suddenly realizing, oh wait, shes not there anymore! I think that’s gonna be harder on dh then it was on me. 😦

One of dh’s brothers had to do all the cleaning out of the house last week, and he said he’s sent a box to dh of things he thought he might want. They donated a couple of truck loads of things to the typhoon relief.  I thought that was just a great idea!!!! Sooo many people in need, and there is my MIL house full of stuff that can be used!!!! And then there was just dumpsters full of other stuff that needed to be taken away also. Such a hard job sorting through all those things.

As for the rest of the week I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hug and love on the people around you! They are what matters the most!!!! Hopefully I will get back to blogging a bit more regularly as the holidays get closer. I have sooooo many pictures of knitting, spinning, and weaving to share! And there has been much snow here!!!! I am not prepared for months, and months, and months, of this cold wet stuff! I’ve seen snow twice in the past 40ish years before we moved here! And one of those times it was because I actually left the state of FL! Now we have had snow for the past four days straight! I looked outside today, and most everything is melted, and the sun is shining, and if it weren’t 20-something degrees out…. I would almost feel normal. LOL Must knit more slippers!!!



Knitting and spinning stuff

So, I have waaaaaay too many projects in the air again. But somehow it’s comforting. Last week I decided to move all of my yarn bins to one room!  Can we say overwhelming!!!??? Gah! So now I have two of them here next to me, and the rest are over there, in the laundry room. Just pray I don’t find another couple of boxes in storage. I might hit some kind of critical mass!!! ~*poof*~ LOL

Photo time!!!!!

Here is what the wonderful Picasso fibers turned into on my wheel!!! I do believe I am going to ~~~looove~~~ this when it is plied up! Hoping there will be enough for a niiiice warrrmm scarf!!!!


Here is the two bobbins full of plain ol brown. I forget what it is, but it is soft and yummy, and I have enough in the bag to do two more stuffed full bobbins!!! Might make a triangle shawl out of this, and just keep knitting til it’s used up.


The other day we got to go on a nice loooong road trip up to North of Colorado Springs to be with friends for some taping of some news footage, that they’re going to use on some morning show called The Doctors on CBS. So while traveling I had lots of things to keep me occupied.  I finished the purple pair of mittens, and made the pink pair next. I worked some more on my leg warmers. These are taking a looooong time for me to make. K1 p1 k1p1k1p1 f.or.e.v.e.r might have something to do with it. 😛


I also got these two baby hats worked on.  The pink one was as far as I could knit before switching to dpns, and I don’t knit on dpns while the van is moving! So I went and started the white hat.  Got to the point of turning the brim on the way home, and the sun sets so freakin early nowadays, I had to stop until we got home. Both hats are finished now.  The white one became a red and white striped hat to go in the Christmas hat box.


Here are some of the pretzel barrel hats!!! Every one of these used up a small little ball of yarn last week. I guess you could say I am officially down six skeins of yarn since I used up six little scrappy ends.  Maybe I need to go shopping to replenish that. /snicker


Oh, and also on the road trip the other day I started this hat/neck warmer pattern. You can find it at It’s called Sugar on Snow.  I made several of these a few years back and they have been dug out again since it is so cooooold around here! If you go to my Ravelry (Spinnermomof5) page you can see the other ones I’ve knit.  I am going to loooove this one. I’ve got loads of skeins of this Simply Soft yarn for 50cents to a $1 each back when WalMart was thinking about cutting off their yarn/fabric sections. Where else can you get two or three hats for a dollar (some assembly required)? 😀


And here are some more flower pins/hair clips added to the strap. Looks like I need a new strap to hang bippys off of.  Pretty soon my whole house is going to be covered with these! LOL


And in fibery goodness news this week. I had forgotten that last Sunday I ordered a Kromski Harp Loom, and I was waiting for the email that it shipped, and after a few days I stopped checking that, and then boom Thursday afternoon it was here!!!! I am a most sucky weaver so far!!! 😛 I had a knot in my warp and it got stuck, and then unstuck. 😛 And then another place on the warp, one ply of one strand of yarn came loose, and was causing all kinds of jam ups, but I’ve worked through it too!!! I don’t know if my warp is tight enough on the loom either, because it is crazy getting the shed up and down. Dh seems to think the cotton yarn I chose is just a little too thick, and I hope when I warp up the next project, things just flow better. Right now I am grateful for the pick up stick, because I am using that to help me clear the shed! Awesome awesome loom over all though! Pictures soon of all the weaving goodness. I have decided to use my first weaving to maybe make a couple of small satchels out of.  The kiddo’s are thinking of giving it to the cats for more cat bedding. Them: ‘The kitties will be soooo waaaarrrrrm!’ Me: ‘it’s cotton! They won’t be warm with cotton! They will be warmer with ack, or with wool, not cotton.’ /shakes head They have learned nothing from my fibery-ness I swear! 😀

Anyway off of here to get housework done. Gotta get things in shape around here, so I can get back to the knittingspinningweavingcrochetingfun!


Happy Anniversary!!!

Yep, yesterday was dh and my 11th wedding anniversary!!!  17 years together total! We had a wonderful day at home with the kiddo’s, and got some work done around the house, and outside to do a bit of much needed yard work!!!!  We totally missed our 10th anniversary, because last year 14 yo dd was so sick, and we were dealing with dr’s, and all the moving stuff, and doing paperwork for house, after house, after house, that kept falling through. By the time we remembered our anniversary, it was weeks too late. Usually one of us forgets, but we have never had both of us totally forget it like that.

While we were out in the yard, 14 yo dd called to me that there was a spider on the wall. I called back asking how big, and she said, ‘pretty big!!!’  I went around the side of the house, and it was a tarantula!!!! Got pictures, and then got the broom, and swept it off the house, and across the yard, and out to the road.  Before we moved here our friend told us that when he was in school one of the fun things they would do down here around Pueblo was, they would stomp on the ground, and watch for tarantulas to jump up, and smack them with baseball bats. :creepy face: We hadn’t seen any til now, so thought maybe he was kidding us. Now we’re just gonna have to keep an eye out, and maybe revive the cup we used in FL to trap and release little green frogs and lizards from the house… to a trap and release tarantula cup!!! Eeek!!!

Much knitting was done yesterday also.  I’ve gotten out my scrap pretzel buckets, and have been using up lots, and lots, and lots, of small balls of yarn to make stripes in baby hats. Most of them are white with a splash of color in the middle.  That being the used up scrap ends of yarn.  I also got the hair clips secured to another 8-10 flowers. They are all hanging from the girls bedroom door, and they look so pretty! I don’t think I wanna sell them. I just want to keep hanging them all around my home!!! Haha! Selfish me!!!!

And now I am off of here, because I have a plan to move all of my yarn bins again today to form a whole big ~~wall of yaaaaarrrnnn~~ in one room of the house! Then I won’t have three tubs in the living room, five tubs in a closet, two tubs in the bedroom. I tell ya my stuff is scattered!!! Pretty much if my plan goes well I will have a set up pretty much like FL where my office space/yarny room will pretty much be the laundry room. It’s got more windows than this room, and more room than my FL office space did and room for a craft table!  So I like it!!! 🙂


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