More knitting and weaving for babies

So here is the yield of making a Halloween hat every Friday from the end of July til now. Yep, there are a lot of regular hats in there too. Those were made throughout the week, so yeah, I slacked a little on the Friday thing.  I am however keeping up pretty well with making one Christmas hat every Sunday from the end of July til Christmas. I had 26 of those, so I snitched a few for these boxes.  The three colorful ones with the white trim, and that oh so bright green one. But over all I think I did pretty good for Halloween hats. Not as many pumpkins as I normally do, but enough to get quite a few babies first time costumes.

Hats for Salem Hospital!


Hats for my hometown hospital!


Here are two blankets for my hometown hospital also. One in blues, so then of course you have to do…


one in pinks! 🙂 Both of these use squares woven on my Hazel Rose Quilt Weavers Looms (I am not responsible if you go looking these up, and become addicted to them :-P) The Quilt Weavers are seven inch squares, and when you add an edging, they make perfect little 23 inch car seat blankets! If you do 4 squares by 5 squares it makes a great crib size blanket too. I like making these, because kiddo’s can drag them around for years as little tag along blankets.


And here are the trivets I’ve made!!! The two colorful top ones are 8 inches across. The white one with the red and green Christmas flecks is 10 inches across, and the two bottom blue and white ones are 9 inches. I’ve already swiped the two bottom ones for my kitchen table though, because they just make me smile smile smile! I’ll have to do a quick how-to picture show on how to make these. Basically it’s just crocheting around rope, and you do increases just like you would the top of a hat. Make sure the outer part of your rope is cotton though. I’ve found it doesn’t matter if it has a different core, but it *has* to be cotton clothesline type rope if you’re gonna be setting hot pots on it.


And here is how I have decided to display my flower hair clips.  On the straps I’ve been making on my Inkle loom!!! I’m thinking of selling the hair pretties for $2 each, or 3 for $5, or putting 7 or 8 on a five foot piece of strap, and selling the whole thing, Inkle strap and all for $25!  Uses for the flower clips… accessorize a hat, or a purse/bag, or clip to your sweater, or shawl, add to a present as a bow that can be reused, or just put in your hair. I sent a few to Arnold Palmer Hospital and the nurses there clipped them to those curtains that separate the beds, or to the pillowcases, and the little girls there love them, because they perk up the rooms. Uses for the straps… I’ve seen them on Etsy sold as yoga straps to help you maintain position on stretches, and they can also be used as belts. 14 yo dd uses them, because when she got so dang skinny her belts didn’t fit anymore, now she loves all the different colors she can whip of on the loom. Other uses…


Guitar/Mandolin strap, Luggage ties, Formal neckties, Bow-ties, Neckbands, Jacket facings, Bookmarks, Needle cases, Cell phone cases, Wallets, Striped coats and vests: (sew many inkles together), Hatbands, Purse and bag straps, Purses and bags themselves, Morris-dance bell pads, Place mats and table runners (by weaving strips together), Prize and honors ribbons, Costume pieces, Trim, Belly-dance belts, Fringes (leave weft loops on one side), Laces for shoes (If they’re thin enough), oh yeah, and hair clip holders!!! 🙂

And that’s about all for today.  I have the fiber I got at Table Rock Llama’s on the wheel today. The bag it came in says Louet Northern Lights 100% wool top in the colorway Picasso! And I must say it is looking most Picasso colored on my wheel!  Thinking of taming it down a little with some light blue fiber as the second strand when I ply it! But we’ll see what it looks like when I have more of it on the wheel.


2 Responses to “More knitting and weaving for babies”

  1. empress27 Says:

    I love the little hats, they are so dainty and cute. And yes, I want one of those looms now I have seen what you can do with them. They intrigue me!

    • spinnermom Says:

      I ~love love love~ my Hazel Rose looms to bits!!! I got the quilt weavers set about eight years ago and ~loved~ it so much I got the tiny weavers set to go with it about a year later. All of my kiddo’s can use it it is just that easy!!! I also have her diamond loom and the tumbling blocks loom so I guess you could say I am a wee bit obsessed with them and I have been a part in making many many of my friends obbessed with them also.

      Now the Inkle loom I just got last year and I am really enjoying that also. So is my oldest daughter. The other children didn’t like it so very much because they don’t do the pinch and pull the edges so well so they get wavy uneven weaving. But it just takes a little practice to get good at it, just like anything else.

      Everything I weave on is well worth the money too! Good quality wood products can’t be beat!

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