Yarn Crawl Haul 2013

Pictures of my first official ever yarn crawl haul!!!!! 23 shops over five days. Yeah, we probably could have done it in two, but we had other places to be during a few days, so it was a lot of stop and go. And I still don’t think dh understands that, yes, yarn shops close around 5-6 o’clock!  LOL

Here’s the whole shebang…


Starting from the left.  We have fiber!!!!!  The big bag of rainbow-y stuff and the little bag of bright colors was gotten at Table Rock Llamas.  14 yo dd spent her allowance on the little bag. The baggie of green Polyworth/silk came from Gypsy Wools!!! When I got it it was in that pretty braid below this picture.


Didn’t take me long to un-braid it though.  Such a pretty fiber!!!!


Next we have the wonderful bag full of buttons. The girls got buttons too, but didn’t want to spend the $7 for their own bags to pin them on.  I think 14 yo dd ended up with 20 out of 23 buttons, and 9 yo dd ended up with 18. I have a total of 24, because two of the shops had two different flavors, and then one of the shops was out of them. 😦 That’s the chance you take for going the very last day, and the very last hours of the crawl, I guess. But I am rather pleased with my button haul just the same. And then there were patterns.  I got that one to the right of the bag as a freebie for spending so much $ in one shop.  The more you spent the more patterns you got, I think. Then, not shown, I got the pattern for the scale gauntlets, and then of course there were all the patterns for the yarn crawl blanket squares.  Tons of random pieces of paper floating everywhere around here.  I need to round them up. 😛


Here is thee best part of the whooooole yarn crawl haul! When we were at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins one of the ladies behind the counter asked where we were going next, and we told her Mew Mew’s Yarn Shop, and she informed my children of the wonderful scales that they had at Mew Mew’s, and insisted they all go in to seeeee them. And boy oh boy are they ever glad they did!!! Every last one of them spent up their October allowance on these wonderful and beautiful scales!!!! Here is a wonderful blog where they knit all kinds of things with these scales…


I see many, many, many more scales in my future!!!! 😀  Also pictured here are two shuttles for my Inkle Loom.  The lady gave me a discount, because when we went looking for them it reminded her to order more!  Yarn shop people are thee ~nicest~ people!!!! And then there is the Spin Off Magazine that wonderful dh picked up for me at the book store, because he was getting his art and computer magazines and thought with all the yarn and fiber I would like to have my mag too!  Awwwww!


Here is all the yarn from the crawl! Yeah, I wimped out, and didn’t get nothing new and amazing. Blah!!! Pretty purple Lamnb’s Pride wool/mohair is as off beat as I got.  Next year I will get Noro Silk!!!! I Will!!!  Then there’s the Red Heart blacklight color yarn, and a skein of Red Heart Sport baby yarn in a color I have never seen before (Playtime). Don’t know if it’s a web only thing, and the shop I got it at just happened to have it, or what. Then more Red Heart that 9 yo dd picked.  A cone of cotton yarn in the color Hippi.  Don’t know if I like the color or the name better. LOL And a skein of Encore Colorspun that 9 yo dd picked up also, but I might just snitch from her for a hat!


Here’s some mittens I made out of the blacklight yarn while we were traveling.  Aren’t they wild!!!??? Yeah, I gotta seam them up yet.


And here is the very first yarn I bought on the crawl!  From Table Rock Llamas 50% off section (because yeah, I’m cheap even when we’re crawlin :-P) Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry in the color The Naturals. Five skeins of it, and I am already on my third skein making a Mini Wool Weaver shawl for myself!!! Man oh man, is this so pretty and soft!!! 80% acrylic 20% wool!  And I hope it keeps me very warm all this winter!!! More pic’s of that when it’s finished!


And to round it all out, here is a picture of me and the kiddo’s on the last shop, on the last day of the crawl! What an awesome good time we had, and I cannot wait until next year already!!!!


Now, I am off of here to go read my book, and sleep. Had a crummy night sleep last night, and woke up with leg cramps this morning. Yeeeeess, I am working on those leg warmers for meeee! Pictures of them and some other ~really coooool~ stuff we’re working on around here… tomorrow!



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