Ojo de Dios and Mandalas

So, I got a little sidetracked the past few weeks from knitting, and spinning, and all the things I usually do with yarn, and found a few videos on Youtube on how to make these things. I am just beginning and as with anything, there is a learning curve.  So here are my few attempts at making Ojo do Dios, or an Eye of God!

This is my first one and I am pretty pleased with it. I feel like I should be doing more with the ends of the sticks though, but I guess that will just come with creativity once I get better at making these. I’ve seen people do tassels, and beads, and buttons, and clay. I don’t know what I want to do yet though.


My second attempt.  Had to figure out how to do that dark purple on the outside edge myself. Found it later in another vid, and it appears I did it right!!! 😀


One just for 11 yo ds in yellows and greens. The middle is a bit loose on this one, but that’s partly my fault, partly his. When you wiggle the sticks it loosens things, and first I saw it a little loose and tried to fix it, and then when he took it to hang he bumped it around a bit and made it looser. Oh well, we’re learning. And he still loves it, and that’s what matters, eh.


And here is the one where I learned how to do those darts that come out. They are easy to do, but I misjudged the yarn usage there and didn’t have enough for the last dart. See if you can tell which one it is that isn’t the same in the next to last color. And then I did the same as the second one for the outer edge ~but~ I learned a new trick, wrapping the yarn to the end of the stick, and then back in.  I call it the Captains Wheel. Too much Pirates of the Caribbean around here, me thinks. LOL


Besides that the kiddos have been coloring mandalas for a little while. Some of them get very very detailed, and it keeps them so quiet, I have to go check on them often. I’ve gone and got a compass and protractor to create my own Mandalas, but the kiddo’s couldn’t wait that long, so we went to a website to find some. Here is Jim’s Mandala page… http://mandala-jim.deviantart.com/  and a place where you can print many many many designs to color… http://www.iheartmandalas.com/  It reminds me of snowflakes in a way, because no one colors a mandala the same way twice. Now I just have to trim these up, and put them all in frames, for some nice colorful wall art!


In other news… we popped on Skype with some of dh’s family in Hawaii for the first time ever, and they looked at him, and then I popped in the room and sat down to chat, and his step sister said, ‘Oh my god!  You’re hippies!!!!’ LMBO!!! Ya think? 😀 I think I love his family!

Ok time to check paperwork, and then some spinning time. This afternoon I am going to go sit for a while in the sunshine on the back porch with my knitting.  It got down in the 20’s here last night, and I don’t think it’s gonna get out of the 40’s here today. Blah! But I need some sun, so I’m going to try and sit and knit. It might become a putter around the yard to keep warm kinda day though. 🙂



More knitting and weaving for babies

So here is the yield of making a Halloween hat every Friday from the end of July til now. Yep, there are a lot of regular hats in there too. Those were made throughout the week, so yeah, I slacked a little on the Friday thing.  I am however keeping up pretty well with making one Christmas hat every Sunday from the end of July til Christmas. I had 26 of those, so I snitched a few for these boxes.  The three colorful ones with the white trim, and that oh so bright green one. But over all I think I did pretty good for Halloween hats. Not as many pumpkins as I normally do, but enough to get quite a few babies first time costumes.

Hats for Salem Hospital!


Hats for my hometown hospital!


Here are two blankets for my hometown hospital also. One in blues, so then of course you have to do…


one in pinks! 🙂 Both of these use squares woven on my Hazel Rose Quilt Weavers Looms (I am not responsible if you go looking these up, and become addicted to them :-P) The Quilt Weavers are seven inch squares, and when you add an edging, they make perfect little 23 inch car seat blankets! If you do 4 squares by 5 squares it makes a great crib size blanket too. I like making these, because kiddo’s can drag them around for years as little tag along blankets.


And here are the trivets I’ve made!!! The two colorful top ones are 8 inches across. The white one with the red and green Christmas flecks is 10 inches across, and the two bottom blue and white ones are 9 inches. I’ve already swiped the two bottom ones for my kitchen table though, because they just make me smile smile smile! I’ll have to do a quick how-to picture show on how to make these. Basically it’s just crocheting around rope, and you do increases just like you would the top of a hat. Make sure the outer part of your rope is cotton though. I’ve found it doesn’t matter if it has a different core, but it *has* to be cotton clothesline type rope if you’re gonna be setting hot pots on it.


And here is how I have decided to display my flower hair clips.  On the straps I’ve been making on my Inkle loom!!! I’m thinking of selling the hair pretties for $2 each, or 3 for $5, or putting 7 or 8 on a five foot piece of strap, and selling the whole thing, Inkle strap and all for $25!  Uses for the flower clips… accessorize a hat, or a purse/bag, or clip to your sweater, or shawl, add to a present as a bow that can be reused, or just put in your hair. I sent a few to Arnold Palmer Hospital and the nurses there clipped them to those curtains that separate the beds, or to the pillowcases, and the little girls there love them, because they perk up the rooms. Uses for the straps… I’ve seen them on Etsy sold as yoga straps to help you maintain position on stretches, and they can also be used as belts. 14 yo dd uses them, because when she got so dang skinny her belts didn’t fit anymore, now she loves all the different colors she can whip of on the loom. Other uses…


Guitar/Mandolin strap, Luggage ties, Formal neckties, Bow-ties, Neckbands, Jacket facings, Bookmarks, Needle cases, Cell phone cases, Wallets, Striped coats and vests: (sew many inkles together), Hatbands, Purse and bag straps, Purses and bags themselves, Morris-dance bell pads, Place mats and table runners (by weaving strips together), Prize and honors ribbons, Costume pieces, Trim, Belly-dance belts, Fringes (leave weft loops on one side), Laces for shoes (If they’re thin enough), oh yeah, and hair clip holders!!! 🙂

And that’s about all for today.  I have the fiber I got at Table Rock Llama’s on the wheel today. The bag it came in says Louet Northern Lights 100% wool top in the colorway Picasso! And I must say it is looking most Picasso colored on my wheel!  Thinking of taming it down a little with some light blue fiber as the second strand when I ply it! But we’ll see what it looks like when I have more of it on the wheel.


Pumpkins and Knitting and Stuff

And here it is!!!!! My nice big luscious 2013 yarn crawl shawl!!!! I got this yarn at the very first shop we visited from their 50% off section. Just cannot break old habits, and always go to the sale stuff first. 😛 In a universe where I am more adventurous this would have maybe been a beautiful Noro Silk something or other. I will buy myself so good beautiful yarn someday. I will!!! But for now, this is partial wool and partial Ack, and I loooove it so much!  I did the http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/weavers-wool-mini-shawl pattern. And it stays on the shoulders beautifully, just like everyone says it does!!! I’ve made about a half dozen of these, but always for giveaway, never for myself. But this one is mine alllllll mine!  It’s colder here than in FL, and there will be no more of that, ‘oh, I’m only gonna use it for a couple days out of the year. I should just donate it!’ Nope, no more of that! 😀


Here is a shot of us at the pumpkin field of our favorite farmer here in CO, Mauro Farms!!! First they pick out all the bestest pumpkins, and I think right now they are like $4.50 from the stand, and it was $3 if you go out in the field and pick them yourselves. So we went a walkin and pickin!!! We got two beautiful ones, and will commence carving them and toasting the seeds. Everyone just cannot wait for the seeds!!! LOL


In house news… here’s what I decided to do to the kitchen floor for a little while! One thing I was looking forward to from this move was no more sand spurs/ stickers(?) whatever you want to call them, from wherever you are from. They are like a little pea with pointy sharp spurs on them, and they stick to your shoes, and you track them in the house, and they jab your feet horribly! FL had a boodle of them, but Pueblo has a thousand times more!!!! Well, the kitchen was carpeted (see the ugly carpet over there by the door?) and those suckers stuck to the floor off our shoes, and it was just not fun!!!! These little kinder mats are wonderful on the feet, they insulate the floor a little more, AND the sand spur thingies don’t stick to it! Oh, and the cats love it too! LOL And I kinda love that my kitchen reminds me of Tetris every time I walk into it!


Here is the other thing I ~~~love~~~ in my kitchen!  There is this area over the sink, and it used to have a light that didn’t work, but I took that sucker out of there, and screwed in a dozen + cup hooks, and I have two rows of my moms mugs, and then a whole lot of hooks for pots and pans too! Ever since working in the nursing home kitchen I have always loved the idea of hanging every pan and utensil I possibly could. But in our other homes I never had the space for it!  Now I do! And the two cupboards above all this, is where I keep all my teas!!! Yes, yes, I have quite a bit of tea!


Here is what you might see if you come to my front door. I’ve started calling these two Huh What and Who Me because they are in my house.  Haven’t started naming the ones in the yard yet. LOL  11 yo ds has decided to glue googly eyes to just about every rock he comes across. There are a lot of rocks here. LOL There is a wee little part of me that wants to take them, and set them all around town. Like on the ledge outside of McD’s, or right next to the cart stall at Walmart. Might give someone a smile. 😀


And here are the two straps I’ve been working on.  It’s the Blacklight yarn from Red Heart, and the first one has a black weft. Looks awesome!!!


And then here’s the beginning of the one I’m doing with a white weft!!! I think the white one will look even more awesome under the black light, but the black one looks more awesome in the daylight!


More pictures to come soon!!!! Happy Sunday everyone!


The return of the horrible no good rotten blogger.

Hee hee, yeah I’ve been off of here more than on. I think I am going to change that.  Yesterday out of the clear blue, for no reason, I was called the B rhymes with witch word two times on Facebook. Both times people added context to what I had said, and then totally went off on me. I was all like, ‘but, but, but I didn’t saaayyy ~that~ at all!!!!!’ And it kind of made me sad. People are upset and agitated, and I guess it’s easy to just run across someone you don’t know, and decided to get mad.  Besides the fact that I don’t really like FB in the first place. I guess I’ll just keep things to the bare minimum there. Track meetings, and add a couple of meme’s here and there, and let that be that.

So, in knitting news… I finished my 2013 yarn crawl shawl!!!  Wooohooo!  I would have been finished last week sometime, but I had changed over to longer needles early last week, and didn’t see that I had dropped a stitch marker.  So I had missed the double yarn overs in the center of the shawl for about 20+ rows.  Garrrrrrggggghhh!  I had to rip back! 😦  And they were some really loooooong rows too. But I got it all figured out, and now it is done, and stunning, and warm!!! Yaaayy!

I also got a total of 24 hats seamed up, and ends woven in. And 2 baby blankets finished off. So now 2 packages are ready to mail out to 2 different hospitals! And 2 bobbins of fiber spun up on my wheel, now waiting to be plied together.  Feels good to be spinning again!  And yes, yes, yes, there will be pictures of everything shortly!!!

Besides that, as I mentioned on my FB, 14 yo dd has now gained 10 pounds since we have been here in CO!!!! I am super super happy with her progress, and her dr’s, and just everything!!!! We are hoping she will have gained enough weight that by December she wants to go ice skating!!!! Won’t that be fun!

Now, I am off of here to go snap a few dozen pictures to share!


Facebooking too much?

Yeah, I probably am when I start ignoring the blog, eh. So new things here… got two more of those God’s eye mandalas made, and another one started.  Got a boodle more dowels at the store so I can just keep on going. They are so pretty hanging around the house, and I think they might sell good at craft fairs/etsy, which everyone is telling me I *must* do! I still feel really weird selling stuff I make though. I wonder if Etsy has a ‘pay me what you think it’s worth’ feature. LOL Anyway, I started a store front called Spinner Mom Made That! but haven’t put any stuff up yet.  Gotta sit down and figure out all the how much to charge, and how to do shipping, and things like that, or I could end up losing money faster than making it.

I got my Lendrum wheel out of storage this week, and it is all set up and shining in my living room! Sooo happy!!!! With the wheel came all the yarn that was packed around it. Things are starting to feel a lot more homey with more yarn, and less boxes around here!

I got the Inkle Loom warped up last night, and today I am weaving on it. Red Heart yarn in the colorway Blacklight, and using black yarn as the weft!  It is stunning!!!!! When I get this eight foot section woven I’m going to re-warp with the Blacklight yarn, and then do a snowy white weft! Just to see the difference. Then I think I will get out the cotton yarn and do some Bronco colors. Keep a few hundred feet of Bronco woven strips in the van, and when people are like, ‘where can I get some of that?’ I’ll tell them I sell it for $2 a foot up to 8 foot sections (that’s as long as I can make it on this loom) and chop them off however much they want. 😛 People are football crazy around here. Might as well play it to my advantage. 😉

Kiddo’s are doing great!  The home school year is in full swing. We got glue guns for art stuff. There has been much Popsicle stick building, and much decorating of rocks!!!! Don’t worry, I got pictures!  I swear there are just not enough rocks in FL, and we are having such a blast with them here. People must look at us like we are totally nuts tough. Oh well, we’re having fun!

We finally saw the train hauling something super cool!!! Those great big fan blades for wind turbines!!! They are *huge* when you see them up close like that! Much better then just watching the train haul box cars full of gravel! 😀 We still love watching the trains even though everyone else here just sees/hears them as background noise.

Now I am off of here to go have some lunch, and then we’re going outside for the afternoon! I will be weaving on the porch, and the kiddo’s will be running their butts off in the cool Fall air!  And OMG 9 yo dd just brought me a kitty baby tooth, and asked if the tooth fairy comes for kitties too! What to do, what to do?


Interesting yarny things…

So I have my pretzel buckets out working on my leg warmers. Looks like they won’t be finished up by tonight for the first BIG chill of the season. Boooo! I think I will chop some arms off an old sweat shirt, and then wear double pants to bed, with the sweat shirt sleeves as leg warmers over top. I will look freaky, yes. And yes, I am taking my iron. 😛 Might have to go roaming and find me some Cal/Mag too, I reckon.

Anyway, here are the pretzel barrel legwarmers. 56 stitches, k1 p1 all the way, using up scraps.  The kiddo’s were very disturbed at this because, ‘Moooooom, you can’t doooo that! They won’t match!!!!’ So I fixed it so they’ll match. I will do 12 rows of black yarn to start each leg warmer!  Seeeee, they now match…. at least the tops of them will. LOL


Thanks to the yarrrrrrrn crawl across the Rockies I had the perfect excuse to get my wonderful spinning wheel out of storage.  There are two, this one, and the Lendrum single treadle. The Lendrum is wonderful too, and in perfect working order, but I like this one better, even though it is jerry rigged all to crap, because something on the back is missing, and my drive band went out, so I had to fidget me up a new one, and I’m sure there are other things wonky with it, but I ~~loooooove~~ it!!! So it came home first!


And here is my practice spinning on it. I figured since I haven’t spun in eight to twelve months I’d give it a go with something besides my newly purchased yummies!  Not exactly spinning lace weight again…. but I think this’ll do…


Of course then I am bombarded with, ‘Mooooom, I wanna spin!’ So I told them I get my wheel til all my fiber is ~gone~.  M.O.M. stands for mean ol mom, ya know. 😛 So then 14 yo dd was all like, ‘Iiiii know where the spindles are!!! Can I use a spindle? Huh huh huh?’ Hey Dweezy!  She picked the one you sent me soooo long ago, over the Bossie Mini! Imagine that! 😛


Then here is theee big thing we’ve been working on the past couple of days.  Yeah, like I don’t have enough going on we need one more yarny thing, right? So I started making these with the yarny scraps out of my pretzel buckets.  Never fear!  I have four buckets of pretzel scraps, so I will not run out before I finish the leg warmers. 😀 Ain’t it purrrty?


Then when this was done, I hung it up, and immediately started another one!  Happiness!!!


So then 14 yo dd says, ‘whatcha doooin?’ So I gave her some sticks, and she made these.  These are all about 11-12 inches across.  There are many many plans in the works to make lots of smaller ones for the Christmas tree this year! We have hung these up on the Eden door but it sucked to get a picture against all those hand prints and such.

Side note: We found out a couple of weeks ago that Eden is a ~boy~! Makes sense now seeing the marks on the door jamb in the other room, he’s around 6 foot 4 inches when he was 17 years old. Here the girls thought some girly supermodel lived here. LOL Have I mentioned, I ~love~ old houses!!!!


And that is another big ol update of things we’re doing ’round here. Other things on my mind to do… thread up the Inkle Loom, spin spin spin, and I have yet another shawl idea for that purple Lamb Spun yarn I got on the crawl.  That’ll teach me to go cleaning up my desktop, and getting suuuuucked into looking at patterns as I put them in the right folder. Harumpf!


Yarn Crawl Haul 2013

Pictures of my first official ever yarn crawl haul!!!!! 23 shops over five days. Yeah, we probably could have done it in two, but we had other places to be during a few days, so it was a lot of stop and go. And I still don’t think dh understands that, yes, yarn shops close around 5-6 o’clock!  LOL

Here’s the whole shebang…


Starting from the left.  We have fiber!!!!!  The big bag of rainbow-y stuff and the little bag of bright colors was gotten at Table Rock Llamas.  14 yo dd spent her allowance on the little bag. The baggie of green Polyworth/silk came from Gypsy Wools!!! When I got it it was in that pretty braid below this picture.


Didn’t take me long to un-braid it though.  Such a pretty fiber!!!!


Next we have the wonderful bag full of buttons. The girls got buttons too, but didn’t want to spend the $7 for their own bags to pin them on.  I think 14 yo dd ended up with 20 out of 23 buttons, and 9 yo dd ended up with 18. I have a total of 24, because two of the shops had two different flavors, and then one of the shops was out of them. 😦 That’s the chance you take for going the very last day, and the very last hours of the crawl, I guess. But I am rather pleased with my button haul just the same. And then there were patterns.  I got that one to the right of the bag as a freebie for spending so much $ in one shop.  The more you spent the more patterns you got, I think. Then, not shown, I got the pattern for the scale gauntlets, and then of course there were all the patterns for the yarn crawl blanket squares.  Tons of random pieces of paper floating everywhere around here.  I need to round them up. 😛


Here is thee best part of the whooooole yarn crawl haul! When we were at Shuttles Spindles and Skeins one of the ladies behind the counter asked where we were going next, and we told her Mew Mew’s Yarn Shop, and she informed my children of the wonderful scales that they had at Mew Mew’s, and insisted they all go in to seeeee them. And boy oh boy are they ever glad they did!!! Every last one of them spent up their October allowance on these wonderful and beautiful scales!!!! Here is a wonderful blog where they knit all kinds of things with these scales…


I see many, many, many more scales in my future!!!! 😀  Also pictured here are two shuttles for my Inkle Loom.  The lady gave me a discount, because when we went looking for them it reminded her to order more!  Yarn shop people are thee ~nicest~ people!!!! And then there is the Spin Off Magazine that wonderful dh picked up for me at the book store, because he was getting his art and computer magazines and thought with all the yarn and fiber I would like to have my mag too!  Awwwww!


Here is all the yarn from the crawl! Yeah, I wimped out, and didn’t get nothing new and amazing. Blah!!! Pretty purple Lamnb’s Pride wool/mohair is as off beat as I got.  Next year I will get Noro Silk!!!! I Will!!!  Then there’s the Red Heart blacklight color yarn, and a skein of Red Heart Sport baby yarn in a color I have never seen before (Playtime). Don’t know if it’s a web only thing, and the shop I got it at just happened to have it, or what. Then more Red Heart that 9 yo dd picked.  A cone of cotton yarn in the color Hippi.  Don’t know if I like the color or the name better. LOL And a skein of Encore Colorspun that 9 yo dd picked up also, but I might just snitch from her for a hat!


Here’s some mittens I made out of the blacklight yarn while we were traveling.  Aren’t they wild!!!??? Yeah, I gotta seam them up yet.


And here is the very first yarn I bought on the crawl!  From Table Rock Llamas 50% off section (because yeah, I’m cheap even when we’re crawlin :-P) Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry in the color The Naturals. Five skeins of it, and I am already on my third skein making a Mini Wool Weaver shawl for myself!!! Man oh man, is this so pretty and soft!!! 80% acrylic 20% wool!  And I hope it keeps me very warm all this winter!!! More pic’s of that when it’s finished!


And to round it all out, here is a picture of me and the kiddo’s on the last shop, on the last day of the crawl! What an awesome good time we had, and I cannot wait until next year already!!!!


Now, I am off of here to go read my book, and sleep. Had a crummy night sleep last night, and woke up with leg cramps this morning. Yeeeeess, I am working on those leg warmers for meeee! Pictures of them and some other ~really coooool~ stuff we’re working on around here… tomorrow!


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