The busy day!

Yesterday was a day of running! We went to the car dealership and got our VIN inspection done.  The last piece of paper work we needed to get our CO tags!  Woot! We don’t look like tourists anymore! Of course we still ~look~ like tourists, because while we were at the Pueblo courthouse 14 yo dd and myself were snapping pictures of the oh soooo beautiful rose bushes!!!  OMG they are soooooo awesome! I remember where we used to live in FL they tried to maintain a little rose garden between two administrative buildings downtown, and vandals kept tearing them out, or chopping them to bits.  It was soo very sad to me that people just couldn’t let good peoples work just be!!!  So anyway, if you’re ever in Pueblo, and you love roses, go take a walk around the courthouse! 😉

Then we had to go do our new favorite thing. To Pet Co. to scoop kitty litter!  I am kinda disturbed that there is no curbside recycle here in Pueblo/our town. I mean, we could go and pay the $35 or so, and then that gives us one big bag that we can fill up, and take in to the recycle ourselves, which is like 10 miles out of our way. I guess I’m spoiled because FL had curb side pick up. Meh. Anyway, Pet Co. has a 30 pound kitty litter bucket (or a 16 pound jug) and you pay regular price for the first time you go, and then you can bring your bucket back to refill it from this big ol jumbo tub of litter in the store for like $5 off the regular tub price! Pretty nifty, and I don’t have to worry about tossing tubs, or huge bags, in the trash! And it’s a great litter that doesn’t have too much dust, and no perfume, so it doesn’t set 14 yo dd’s yak attacks off either. We went through that a lot when we were trying to find a good litter, and most times she just could not be in the room at all where the litter pan was. Ugghh!

Then we had to go and buy a kit for the front of the van, because FL only has one license plate, and low and behold…. there is nowhere to stick a plate on the front of our van, til we make one. Blah!

Then we went to storage and got my beloved spinning wheel out! Might go back in a couple of days to get the second wheel out too. Ahhhh, I have my yarn, and fiber, and wheels, and looms, and knitting needles. Things are starting to feel right again!!!! 😀

Then we did the Wally World zip in and out trip.  Just the basics… oh, and I got a compass protractor set.  I saw a youtube on mandala drawings and wanted to give it a try. We also found a couple of pieces to a Spirograph set last week, and I’ve been looking for a set of those for the kiddo’s. No luck at the Wally World though online doesn’t sell them, because it says ‘in store’, and it’s not ‘in store’ unless someone is hiding them. 😛

Then we hit the King Sooper, because we just needed to spend like $7 to hit the magical 100 gas points to get a buck off 10 gallons of gas. Pssshhh! 14 yo dd got her hands on some pumpkin flavored pop tarts a couple of weeks ago from WalMart and ~~~looooved~~~ them, and since then we have not been able to find them. Limited Edition poptarts, imagine that!  Last night in K.S. while getting a quick dinner I decided to hit the poptart aisle, and guess what they haaaaad? Freakin pumpkin pop tarts!!!! Guess who’s the bestest mom in all the whole wide world this morning??? That’s right, me!!! Anything to keep her eating and gaining that weight, right!

So there were a few other stops along the way yesterday. Dh is on the search for reading glasses off the rack that doesn’t bend the world at the corners. There was looking at books, and this and that, and all the rest.  We went looking at modular homes just to see what’s out there. I picked up a few pretty rocks from parking lots.  I still can’t get over how pretty some little one and two inch rocks are.  People here must be used to them, and just walk, or drive, all over them.  I’m still looking, and picking, and am all like, ‘ohh, look this one has three layers of rock in it’, and ‘ohh, look this one is half pink, and half brown! wonder if it’s a quartz!’ and I bring them home. I have quite a pile now. I’ve been limiting myself to three little stones every big trip out though. I’ll have to get a pictures. Haven’t really picked up anything bigger than a golf ball yet though. People might look at me strange if I try and take a two pound rock off their property. 😛

Anyway, lots to do today. I’m gonna get my spinning wheel up and going, ~and~ the box it came in has yarn that I already spun in it, so I want to start something out of the green yarn that I spun so very loooong ago. We’re in CO baby, and it’s the right weather for all this woolly warmth!  Yaaayyy! Don’t worry I’ll get pictures. 🙂



3 Responses to “The busy day!”

  1. Anna Marie Says:

    We don’t have curbside here, either. In the cities, yes, but we lug a big wheeled trash bin to the back of Brian’s truck, drive it down to the drop-off, and dump it in, about once every two or three months. Could be worse.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Well the nearest place to us wants $35 dollars and you have to bring your stuff and sort it into the different bins, plastic, paper, can, glass…. don’t know if I’m up for standing there for a half hour in the sun and sorting a couple bags as tall as me. 😛 And I ain’t really up to spending another $40 bucks to get a couple extra bins of our own on top of the $35 they charge just to pre sort my own stuff. Just have to start minimizing what kind of things we buy with plastic packaging again I guess.

  2. Building Community by Featuring Followers IV | A Way With Words Says:

    […] SpinnerMom – If you are looking for an experienced and gifted “domestic engineer” who has a strong heart for “home-making,” look no further.  Whether it’s getting her license plates renewed, purchasing the right kitty litter scoop, or getting our her trusty spinning wheel, you can count on plenty of in the midst of the busy-ness, like here — “The busy day!“ […]

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