Phhhtt, that’s not funny!

My children laughed at me yesterday, because we were making rice krispy treats and guess what? I cannot find my cake pans! They must still be packed away in a box somewhere! So I grabbed a big ol frying pan, and squished the rice krispy treats in to a large round shape, and they were all like, ‘mooooomm, that’s not right!!!!’ as they’re laughing their butts off at me! Well guess what?  It doesn’t change the taste, and I could actually put a lid on it so the cats couldn’t get to it, (yeah, the sneaky little buggers try and table surf now and again)… so who’s the smart one now! Huh huh huh!!! They were still laughing about it this morning. Makes me wanna find more weird, not right shaped things, to squish rice krispy treats into. The possibilities are endless really. LOL

In knitting news…. a few more pictures from last months knitting. The give away things.

Here’s a woven blue/green boy preemie blanket. Then if you do a boy one, you pretty much gotta do…



a girl one, right! All the squares were made on my Hazel Rose Looms. Once again not sure how to do links on here yet, but if you google Hazel Rose Looms I am not responsible for your addiction. 😛


Here are the hats and booties that went with those two blankets.  All to Lubbock NICU in TX. I hope they enjoy handing them out as much as I like making these things.


Here are some diaper shirts in all sizes. I had pictured eight hats that I added to this box, but now I can’t find the picture. Anyway, these and eight hats to Methodist Hospital in Gary, IN. The message on one of my boards said that they need ~everything~, so if anyone wants the address and wants to knit for them they have around 150 births a month I think they said. Gotta keep them babies warm.


Here are some mittens that I’ve been working on all summer. These are going to Betsy for a second hand shop she participates with, and the families get to come in and choose like two winter outfits, and hats, scarves, mittens, and underwear, if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, she was getting loads of hats and scarves, but hardly any mittens, so I dove into my stash that I was making for another place, and seamed her up a few for the kiddo’s! 


And here is the first of my dishcloths for the season.  I’m making them for two places. One is the above mentioned place that I send mittens and hats to. They take care of the homeless and hand them out to people with soap, and toothpaste, and such. And then I make more to send to NY to Visiting Nurses, and they hand them out to the elderly shut ins that wouldn’t otherwise have any kind of Christmas, or any contact with people.  Just the little things like dishcloths, coffee mug coasters, fridge magnets, and such make these peoples day, and brings a little brightness to their eyes!


Now here is something that I don’t know where I am going to give yet.  It’s a shawl pattern that I wanted to try for a really long time, and someone sent me some yarn that was orphaned that was just perfect for it!!! I love the way it is turning out!  I am sure by the time it’s done I will know just where to send it. Things kinda work like that around my knitting.


And then I have my last thing to show from the past few weeks of knitting. I took the market bag pattern, and made smaller rectangles, and made this small market bag.  Just big enough to hold like four really big baking taters, or a sack of apples. I haven’t gotten the handles sewn up on it yet, but working on it. Then we’ll take it with us to the farmers market on the weekend. I’ve started another one in purple and red. Got the purple yarn on clearance at JoAnns a week or two back. 12 oz skein for $4 + my 15% off coupon. Wootness!


And that’s all the knits for now. Today I am working on finishing the red cowl, and I’m starting leg freakin warmers for meeeee! 41 degrees this morning. Leg cramps. Uggghh! Me and winter don’t mix. Yeah, I said winter… I’m from FL and 41 degrees is freakin winter there. Might just knit myself a cocoon, and crawl in it in a few weeks, and not come out til Spring. LOL



2 Responses to “Phhhtt, that’s not funny!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    I love the boy blanket. But then, I dressed Lydia in Navy a LOT when she was little… and then had boys, so it’s been all good!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Thanks, I waffled on the other colors to put in it and finally settled on the green and purple. I’m doing a bigger version for 14 yo dd. She looooves blues. Guess I dressed her up in too much pinks when she was little. LOL

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