Yaaarrrn Crawl!!!!

Saturdays yarn crawl was interrupted by pipes. Grrrrr! So Friday night we thought we did so well, and then the toilets wouldn’t flush the drains wouldn’t drain.  Thursday afternoon and we’re all like, yeah we can make it til Monday til the local dude can come out with the auger. By 11 pm Friday night we were all like, holy crap we’re gonna neeeeed to call someone to get out here first thing tomorrow!!! So we did our bit on Friday, and fixed the pipe that needed fixing the worst….


Yaaaayy, us!!!! This took til 11 pm on Friday night. Yes, I held the flashlight, and there was digging, and much grumpiness, but we got it done! The neighbors are prolly all like, ‘the new people are burying bodies!’ LOL Saturday the plumber came and there was much auguring, and the pipes are now clear all the way to the sewer pipe which runs to the ~front~ of our house not the ~back alley~ which we were told by two different freakin towns people. How the heck do you run the towns sewer everything, and you don’t freakin even know which way the lines run??? Hurts mah head thinkin about it! Now we just have one more four feet deep section to dig out and replace, and then we have a whooooole boodle of inside re-plumbing to do to get the second bathroom working, but I think that’s gonna have to wait til next year. Yaaayy, for a home with two bathrooms though. At least one works! Life is good!

So that was Saturday, and since I was up til one in the a.m. doing dishes and laundry, no one really wanted to roll outta bed on Sunday to get an early jump on yarn crawling. Boooooo! So we got out of here around just after noon and we made our way north with my maps in hand, and actually got to one yarn shop before our Realm Parent Support meeting. Dh said, pick the shop you reeeeally want to go to and we’ll go there first. I picked Table Rock Llamas!!! It was a most wonderful choice, and I coulda spent a really good loooong time there, but we really couldn’t, because we were already late to our meeting!  I got my two main goals though, knowing how the support group usually goes long, and we were probably not going to get to any more yarn shops this weekend, so I got Fiber to spin with! Northern Lights 100% Wool Top in the color colorway Picasso!  Looks like a rainbow in a bag!!! Whheeeee!

And secondly I got yaaaaaarnnn. I said to myself I was going to get some Noro Silk this time ~no matter what~!!! I have seen sooooo many beautiful things made with that yarn. I have heard sooooo many good things about it too. and all the lovely colors. I did not end up with any though. I R a yarny whimp! BUT I ended up with some beautiful Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry yarn in the color The Naturals. Beautiful tans and browns. I do not regret buying all five skeins either, because they were in the 50% off section, so there!!! The wool I got was in the 25% off section! I sooooooo wanted to look at the spinning wheels they had for sale too. They were in the 50% off section, and there was this one smaller wheel that looked soooo pretty! / le sigh Dh would have ~killed~ me if I walked out of the shop with a spinning wheel though. 😀

Soooo, then it was on to the parent support meeting! So some of you know I’ve refired up my Facebook because a whooooooole LOT of the Realm of Caring stuff for 14 yo dd is on there, so I really neeeed to be on there to keep up with things. Little did I know, I think I might be making a difference and actually helping people, because we walked into that meeting (and I about cried halfway through because) sooooo many people recognized me *just* from my presence on facebook! It floored me walking into a room of grownups and half of them recognized me, and came to give me hugs, and tell their stories, and getting to see people from the last meeting. Here I am, little ol me, and I always stay on the fringe of everything, and hermit up, and people ~know me~. /hide 😀

So then just as everything is wrapping up they give all the kiddo’s a tour of the fire station that the meeting is at! How cool is that? Here’s a shot of my crew as they’re waiting their turn to climb though the fire truck…


Don’t know whats up with 9 yo dd’s lil puckery face, but it makes me giggle. 😀 It was a most awesome good time, and we learned a whooole lot, on top of getting to meet some new people, and making new friends for the kiddo’s!

So the meeting went long like I thought, and we tried to make it to two more yarn shops, but got there at five minutes after five. Drat! But I got my yarn and spinning fiber at the first one, and also got my bag, and my stamp, and my button. There’s eight more days for the crawl, so I am hopeful we can at least hit a few more shops before it’s over!!! Up next I have a gaboodle of knitting and cat photos to post. So stay tuned!


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