Knitting pics!!!

Here is the cable hat I was working on a while back. I started the 1 x 1 ribbing, and then decided I wanted to do cables, so went in search of a cable pattern. I was four stitches too short though. So what does any ol knitter do… I increased four stitches evenly all around, and then started the pattern. Don’t know how to link a .pdf file here, but I’m pretty sure if you google ‘super easy cable hat – Esther Fox’ it should come up.


Here is the hat placed on the head of 10 yo ds.  Took me three pictures to get one with his eyes open and his mouth closed. Note to self: use a smiling model next time, not a goofy boy! 😛


Hair pretties!!!! I have about 2 dozen of these now! Kinda went on a spree. Now I just need hair clips for the backs of most of them.  I’m thinking of adding these if I do an Etsy store for $2 each or three for $5. Do you think they’d sell?  Check picture of 9 yo dd wearing one in her hair on the blog before this one for a size reference.


Here are some hats that 14 yo dd crocheted! No particular pattern.  She just makes a circle and then stops doing increases to make the hat shape.  I was busting with pride when I was making flowers, and she was asking why I was making so many, and I mentioned that I was going to give some of them to some of the moms at the Realm meeting for pretties for their daughters hair and epilepsy helmets. So dd asks if I think they would like some hats for their children also. I told her that would be wonderful, but the meeting was in a couple of weeks, and I didn’t want her pushing herself to do them if she would rather be drawing, or doing something else. But she made two bright pink hats for two of the girls that shes taken a shine to, and the moms were so shocked and moved that she gave them to the girls! ❤ I think I’ve infected my daughter with the giving spirit!! LOL 

She’s been wearing that blue hat now that it’s getting cooler here, and she is saving the other four she has for ‘selling on the mountain’.  She thinks when we go skiing, or to play in the snow she will just be able to randomly sell these for $7 each. We’ll see what we can do beside finding random hat-less people though. 😉


Two Elizabeth Zimmermann Maltese Fisherman hats I’ve made in the past two weeks.

Blue and grey (that blue is some of the three 50 cent skeins that I scored at JoAnns a few weeks back. Nothing like being able to make around 8 hats for a buck fifty, eh :-))


I Love This Yarn but I forgot what the variegated color name is, and I paired it with a light blue yarn. Turned out beautiful!!!


The cowl/roundy neck scarf I’m working on right now. 160 stitches, three ridges of garter stitch, then I’m just doing a knit two rows, third row *yarn over k2tog, k 2 stitches* repeat til end of row. Then K two rows, next row *knit 2 stitches, yarn over, k2tog* Repeat for as wide as you like your scarves, then make three more ridges of garter stitch and bind off.  It’s a little fiddly, because the yarn over bits don’t always end perfectly at the end of the row. But I’m not a perfectionist, and just kind of eyeball it, and yeah there might be a noticeable blip of wonky eyelets somewhere around the thing…. but really, I’ve never met anyone that would stop me and tell me my eyelets were wonky, so I really don’t care. 😛 It’s for warmth, not for looks.


And the three sets of mittens I got done last week.  The middle ones are from yarn from my moms wee little stash that I inherited. Every now and again I come across the ball, and I stuff it back down in the bin. But this year we are in CO!!!! It’s ~cold~ here! I think she’d be rather pleased that I used her yarn to make myself some warm mitts! ❤  The other two sets the kiddo’s are already eyeballing. But I’ve gotten some new colors of yarn I think they’ll eyeball a bit more, and they’ll totally forget about these when I get those other colors knit up into mitts. 😀



And that’s all the knitting pics for today!  Yes yes, there are a lot morrrrrre, but it would make this post twice as looong, and I know a few people that would like me to get to a kitty cat post at some point today! 😉


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