The busy day!

Yesterday was a day of running! We went to the car dealership and got our VIN inspection done.  The last piece of paper work we needed to get our CO tags!  Woot! We don’t look like tourists anymore! Of course we still ~look~ like tourists, because while we were at the Pueblo courthouse 14 yo dd and myself were snapping pictures of the oh soooo beautiful rose bushes!!!  OMG they are soooooo awesome! I remember where we used to live in FL they tried to maintain a little rose garden between two administrative buildings downtown, and vandals kept tearing them out, or chopping them to bits.  It was soo very sad to me that people just couldn’t let good peoples work just be!!!  So anyway, if you’re ever in Pueblo, and you love roses, go take a walk around the courthouse! 😉

Then we had to go do our new favorite thing. To Pet Co. to scoop kitty litter!  I am kinda disturbed that there is no curbside recycle here in Pueblo/our town. I mean, we could go and pay the $35 or so, and then that gives us one big bag that we can fill up, and take in to the recycle ourselves, which is like 10 miles out of our way. I guess I’m spoiled because FL had curb side pick up. Meh. Anyway, Pet Co. has a 30 pound kitty litter bucket (or a 16 pound jug) and you pay regular price for the first time you go, and then you can bring your bucket back to refill it from this big ol jumbo tub of litter in the store for like $5 off the regular tub price! Pretty nifty, and I don’t have to worry about tossing tubs, or huge bags, in the trash! And it’s a great litter that doesn’t have too much dust, and no perfume, so it doesn’t set 14 yo dd’s yak attacks off either. We went through that a lot when we were trying to find a good litter, and most times she just could not be in the room at all where the litter pan was. Ugghh!

Then we had to go and buy a kit for the front of the van, because FL only has one license plate, and low and behold…. there is nowhere to stick a plate on the front of our van, til we make one. Blah!

Then we went to storage and got my beloved spinning wheel out! Might go back in a couple of days to get the second wheel out too. Ahhhh, I have my yarn, and fiber, and wheels, and looms, and knitting needles. Things are starting to feel right again!!!! 😀

Then we did the Wally World zip in and out trip.  Just the basics… oh, and I got a compass protractor set.  I saw a youtube on mandala drawings and wanted to give it a try. We also found a couple of pieces to a Spirograph set last week, and I’ve been looking for a set of those for the kiddo’s. No luck at the Wally World though online doesn’t sell them, because it says ‘in store’, and it’s not ‘in store’ unless someone is hiding them. 😛

Then we hit the King Sooper, because we just needed to spend like $7 to hit the magical 100 gas points to get a buck off 10 gallons of gas. Pssshhh! 14 yo dd got her hands on some pumpkin flavored pop tarts a couple of weeks ago from WalMart and ~~~looooved~~~ them, and since then we have not been able to find them. Limited Edition poptarts, imagine that!  Last night in K.S. while getting a quick dinner I decided to hit the poptart aisle, and guess what they haaaaad? Freakin pumpkin pop tarts!!!! Guess who’s the bestest mom in all the whole wide world this morning??? That’s right, me!!! Anything to keep her eating and gaining that weight, right!

So there were a few other stops along the way yesterday. Dh is on the search for reading glasses off the rack that doesn’t bend the world at the corners. There was looking at books, and this and that, and all the rest.  We went looking at modular homes just to see what’s out there. I picked up a few pretty rocks from parking lots.  I still can’t get over how pretty some little one and two inch rocks are.  People here must be used to them, and just walk, or drive, all over them.  I’m still looking, and picking, and am all like, ‘ohh, look this one has three layers of rock in it’, and ‘ohh, look this one is half pink, and half brown! wonder if it’s a quartz!’ and I bring them home. I have quite a pile now. I’ve been limiting myself to three little stones every big trip out though. I’ll have to get a pictures. Haven’t really picked up anything bigger than a golf ball yet though. People might look at me strange if I try and take a two pound rock off their property. 😛

Anyway, lots to do today. I’m gonna get my spinning wheel up and going, ~and~ the box it came in has yarn that I already spun in it, so I want to start something out of the green yarn that I spun so very loooong ago. We’re in CO baby, and it’s the right weather for all this woolly warmth!  Yaaayyy! Don’t worry I’ll get pictures. 🙂



Phhhtt, that’s not funny!

My children laughed at me yesterday, because we were making rice krispy treats and guess what? I cannot find my cake pans! They must still be packed away in a box somewhere! So I grabbed a big ol frying pan, and squished the rice krispy treats in to a large round shape, and they were all like, ‘mooooomm, that’s not right!!!!’ as they’re laughing their butts off at me! Well guess what?  It doesn’t change the taste, and I could actually put a lid on it so the cats couldn’t get to it, (yeah, the sneaky little buggers try and table surf now and again)… so who’s the smart one now! Huh huh huh!!! They were still laughing about it this morning. Makes me wanna find more weird, not right shaped things, to squish rice krispy treats into. The possibilities are endless really. LOL

In knitting news…. a few more pictures from last months knitting. The give away things.

Here’s a woven blue/green boy preemie blanket. Then if you do a boy one, you pretty much gotta do…



a girl one, right! All the squares were made on my Hazel Rose Looms. Once again not sure how to do links on here yet, but if you google Hazel Rose Looms I am not responsible for your addiction. 😛


Here are the hats and booties that went with those two blankets.  All to Lubbock NICU in TX. I hope they enjoy handing them out as much as I like making these things.


Here are some diaper shirts in all sizes. I had pictured eight hats that I added to this box, but now I can’t find the picture. Anyway, these and eight hats to Methodist Hospital in Gary, IN. The message on one of my boards said that they need ~everything~, so if anyone wants the address and wants to knit for them they have around 150 births a month I think they said. Gotta keep them babies warm.


Here are some mittens that I’ve been working on all summer. These are going to Betsy for a second hand shop she participates with, and the families get to come in and choose like two winter outfits, and hats, scarves, mittens, and underwear, if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, she was getting loads of hats and scarves, but hardly any mittens, so I dove into my stash that I was making for another place, and seamed her up a few for the kiddo’s! 


And here is the first of my dishcloths for the season.  I’m making them for two places. One is the above mentioned place that I send mittens and hats to. They take care of the homeless and hand them out to people with soap, and toothpaste, and such. And then I make more to send to NY to Visiting Nurses, and they hand them out to the elderly shut ins that wouldn’t otherwise have any kind of Christmas, or any contact with people.  Just the little things like dishcloths, coffee mug coasters, fridge magnets, and such make these peoples day, and brings a little brightness to their eyes!


Now here is something that I don’t know where I am going to give yet.  It’s a shawl pattern that I wanted to try for a really long time, and someone sent me some yarn that was orphaned that was just perfect for it!!! I love the way it is turning out!  I am sure by the time it’s done I will know just where to send it. Things kinda work like that around my knitting.


And then I have my last thing to show from the past few weeks of knitting. I took the market bag pattern, and made smaller rectangles, and made this small market bag.  Just big enough to hold like four really big baking taters, or a sack of apples. I haven’t gotten the handles sewn up on it yet, but working on it. Then we’ll take it with us to the farmers market on the weekend. I’ve started another one in purple and red. Got the purple yarn on clearance at JoAnns a week or two back. 12 oz skein for $4 + my 15% off coupon. Wootness!


And that’s all the knits for now. Today I am working on finishing the red cowl, and I’m starting leg freakin warmers for meeeee! 41 degrees this morning. Leg cramps. Uggghh! Me and winter don’t mix. Yeah, I said winter… I’m from FL and 41 degrees is freakin winter there. Might just knit myself a cocoon, and crawl in it in a few weeks, and not come out til Spring. LOL


Not so little anymore kitty cats!

From the top down…. Trout (good shot of his goofy back.  He was the runt of the litter, and anyone that’s watched Charlotte’s Web knows how runts and kiddo’s go :-D) Wicket, and Salmon. Yeah, I tried to name them all after fish. It was overruled in the end. Drat!


Mama, aka Kreepy cat. She loooves being petted. She dislikes men for some reason. She eyeballs dh weirdly. She’s never been aggressive though, she just is not comfortable with guys. This is one of her favorite sleeping spots, as well as a boarded up window in the laundry room, and up against the wall under my desk. At least I’ll have my own winter time foot warmer!!! 😀


“Hey Mama!”, and you get this creepy “why are you waking me up?” stare!!! 😛


Salmons sooo chill!!! I had my doubts they would like this cat condo, but they are really using it, and liking it.


Except for Wicket.  Her most favorite place is right in the middle of the kitchen. I cannot count how many times I have tripped over this in the dark!!! Good thing I shuffle more than I walk. Come from years of Legos on the floor! 😛


Fooood! Nuff said!


Go ahead… grab a soda! 😀 I swear they aren’t gonna fit in some of the places they like to fit for much longer. Heck, I couldn’t believe it when I saw ol Trout all cozy in there this time!!!


Most bestest resting spot in the whoooooole house. These two looove the vibration of the washer, and the past couple of weeks Salmon has been eyeballing that panel when the washer is on, and it’s all lit up, and the wash cycle one blinks, and the rinse cycle blinks after that, and he’s sitting there pawing them while they blink. Cat version of video games I reckon.


And when the washer is full of cats on top, this is how I find Salmon most times on the other appliances. He’s taken to stretching his hind legs out like that since he’s been fixed. The boys around here find that hilarious for some reason. LOL


And I’ll leave you with a pic of the awesome CO sky!  Even when it’s pouring rain, the sky here is ~~beautiful~~!!!!! Yeah, I’m still taking pictures like a tourist! 😛


Knitting pics!!!

Here is the cable hat I was working on a while back. I started the 1 x 1 ribbing, and then decided I wanted to do cables, so went in search of a cable pattern. I was four stitches too short though. So what does any ol knitter do… I increased four stitches evenly all around, and then started the pattern. Don’t know how to link a .pdf file here, but I’m pretty sure if you google ‘super easy cable hat – Esther Fox’ it should come up.


Here is the hat placed on the head of 10 yo ds.  Took me three pictures to get one with his eyes open and his mouth closed. Note to self: use a smiling model next time, not a goofy boy! 😛


Hair pretties!!!! I have about 2 dozen of these now! Kinda went on a spree. Now I just need hair clips for the backs of most of them.  I’m thinking of adding these if I do an Etsy store for $2 each or three for $5. Do you think they’d sell?  Check picture of 9 yo dd wearing one in her hair on the blog before this one for a size reference.


Here are some hats that 14 yo dd crocheted! No particular pattern.  She just makes a circle and then stops doing increases to make the hat shape.  I was busting with pride when I was making flowers, and she was asking why I was making so many, and I mentioned that I was going to give some of them to some of the moms at the Realm meeting for pretties for their daughters hair and epilepsy helmets. So dd asks if I think they would like some hats for their children also. I told her that would be wonderful, but the meeting was in a couple of weeks, and I didn’t want her pushing herself to do them if she would rather be drawing, or doing something else. But she made two bright pink hats for two of the girls that shes taken a shine to, and the moms were so shocked and moved that she gave them to the girls! ❤ I think I’ve infected my daughter with the giving spirit!! LOL 

She’s been wearing that blue hat now that it’s getting cooler here, and she is saving the other four she has for ‘selling on the mountain’.  She thinks when we go skiing, or to play in the snow she will just be able to randomly sell these for $7 each. We’ll see what we can do beside finding random hat-less people though. 😉


Two Elizabeth Zimmermann Maltese Fisherman hats I’ve made in the past two weeks.

Blue and grey (that blue is some of the three 50 cent skeins that I scored at JoAnns a few weeks back. Nothing like being able to make around 8 hats for a buck fifty, eh :-))


I Love This Yarn but I forgot what the variegated color name is, and I paired it with a light blue yarn. Turned out beautiful!!!


The cowl/roundy neck scarf I’m working on right now. 160 stitches, three ridges of garter stitch, then I’m just doing a knit two rows, third row *yarn over k2tog, k 2 stitches* repeat til end of row. Then K two rows, next row *knit 2 stitches, yarn over, k2tog* Repeat for as wide as you like your scarves, then make three more ridges of garter stitch and bind off.  It’s a little fiddly, because the yarn over bits don’t always end perfectly at the end of the row. But I’m not a perfectionist, and just kind of eyeball it, and yeah there might be a noticeable blip of wonky eyelets somewhere around the thing…. but really, I’ve never met anyone that would stop me and tell me my eyelets were wonky, so I really don’t care. 😛 It’s for warmth, not for looks.


And the three sets of mittens I got done last week.  The middle ones are from yarn from my moms wee little stash that I inherited. Every now and again I come across the ball, and I stuff it back down in the bin. But this year we are in CO!!!! It’s ~cold~ here! I think she’d be rather pleased that I used her yarn to make myself some warm mitts! ❤  The other two sets the kiddo’s are already eyeballing. But I’ve gotten some new colors of yarn I think they’ll eyeball a bit more, and they’ll totally forget about these when I get those other colors knit up into mitts. 😀



And that’s all the knitting pics for today!  Yes yes, there are a lot morrrrrre, but it would make this post twice as looong, and I know a few people that would like me to get to a kitty cat post at some point today! 😉

Yaaarrrn Crawl!!!!

Saturdays yarn crawl was interrupted by pipes. Grrrrr! So Friday night we thought we did so well, and then the toilets wouldn’t flush the drains wouldn’t drain.  Thursday afternoon and we’re all like, yeah we can make it til Monday til the local dude can come out with the auger. By 11 pm Friday night we were all like, holy crap we’re gonna neeeeed to call someone to get out here first thing tomorrow!!! So we did our bit on Friday, and fixed the pipe that needed fixing the worst….


Yaaaayy, us!!!! This took til 11 pm on Friday night. Yes, I held the flashlight, and there was digging, and much grumpiness, but we got it done! The neighbors are prolly all like, ‘the new people are burying bodies!’ LOL Saturday the plumber came and there was much auguring, and the pipes are now clear all the way to the sewer pipe which runs to the ~front~ of our house not the ~back alley~ which we were told by two different freakin towns people. How the heck do you run the towns sewer everything, and you don’t freakin even know which way the lines run??? Hurts mah head thinkin about it! Now we just have one more four feet deep section to dig out and replace, and then we have a whooooole boodle of inside re-plumbing to do to get the second bathroom working, but I think that’s gonna have to wait til next year. Yaaayy, for a home with two bathrooms though. At least one works! Life is good!

So that was Saturday, and since I was up til one in the a.m. doing dishes and laundry, no one really wanted to roll outta bed on Sunday to get an early jump on yarn crawling. Boooooo! So we got out of here around just after noon and we made our way north with my maps in hand, and actually got to one yarn shop before our Realm Parent Support meeting. Dh said, pick the shop you reeeeally want to go to and we’ll go there first. I picked Table Rock Llamas!!! It was a most wonderful choice, and I coulda spent a really good loooong time there, but we really couldn’t, because we were already late to our meeting!  I got my two main goals though, knowing how the support group usually goes long, and we were probably not going to get to any more yarn shops this weekend, so I got Fiber to spin with! Northern Lights 100% Wool Top in the color colorway Picasso!  Looks like a rainbow in a bag!!! Whheeeee!

And secondly I got yaaaaaarnnn. I said to myself I was going to get some Noro Silk this time ~no matter what~!!! I have seen sooooo many beautiful things made with that yarn. I have heard sooooo many good things about it too. and all the lovely colors. I did not end up with any though. I R a yarny whimp! BUT I ended up with some beautiful Universal Yarn Inc. Classic Worsted Tapestry yarn in the color The Naturals. Beautiful tans and browns. I do not regret buying all five skeins either, because they were in the 50% off section, so there!!! The wool I got was in the 25% off section! I sooooooo wanted to look at the spinning wheels they had for sale too. They were in the 50% off section, and there was this one smaller wheel that looked soooo pretty! / le sigh Dh would have ~killed~ me if I walked out of the shop with a spinning wheel though. 😀

Soooo, then it was on to the parent support meeting! So some of you know I’ve refired up my Facebook because a whooooooole LOT of the Realm of Caring stuff for 14 yo dd is on there, so I really neeeed to be on there to keep up with things. Little did I know, I think I might be making a difference and actually helping people, because we walked into that meeting (and I about cried halfway through because) sooooo many people recognized me *just* from my presence on facebook! It floored me walking into a room of grownups and half of them recognized me, and came to give me hugs, and tell their stories, and getting to see people from the last meeting. Here I am, little ol me, and I always stay on the fringe of everything, and hermit up, and people ~know me~. /hide 😀

So then just as everything is wrapping up they give all the kiddo’s a tour of the fire station that the meeting is at! How cool is that? Here’s a shot of my crew as they’re waiting their turn to climb though the fire truck…


Don’t know whats up with 9 yo dd’s lil puckery face, but it makes me giggle. 😀 It was a most awesome good time, and we learned a whooole lot, on top of getting to meet some new people, and making new friends for the kiddo’s!

So the meeting went long like I thought, and we tried to make it to two more yarn shops, but got there at five minutes after five. Drat! But I got my yarn and spinning fiber at the first one, and also got my bag, and my stamp, and my button. There’s eight more days for the crawl, so I am hopeful we can at least hit a few more shops before it’s over!!! Up next I have a gaboodle of knitting and cat photos to post. So stay tuned!

I’m here, we’re safe!

Hi everyone.  I know, I know, I am a bloggie slacker again. Just wanted everyone to know we are safe from the rains and the floods. We’re down east of Pueblo, and not really in the worst hit areas. Water does run downhill though, so two of the rivers near us ran over their banks, but we are still on much higher ground than what all that water came up to. We can still get to shopping, and Cassie still has enough meds to last her several weeks, maybe even months, so we are in no danger their either.

I’ve seen on the news lots of people trapped and clean drinking water is becoming an issue for them.  Keeping them in my prayers and hopefully they will be rescued and taken to safer areas quickly as the weather lets the crews get to them.

Mostly the reason I have been a slacker blogger is cold and flu season hit us pretty hard here.  I am on my second round of this ick as 13 yo ds and myself appear to just be passing it back and forth for the past week. Washing hands, and cleaning, and doing laundry like a mad woman is helping just a wee bit. Saltine crackers, Jello, and Pepto are my friends. 😛 Must remember next time we have a parent support group at a library that the answer to, ‘mom, can we play with the puppets and toys?’ is ~No~!!!!! LOL

Picture posts coming soon. Got a lot of knitting to share, and a lot of adorable kitty photos thanks to the girls hijacking my camera for the afternoon. 

Coooorn Chips!

So our dehydrator was packed up some time in January.  We haven’t had a blender since some time in June. And we haven’t made a decent batch of corn chips since, oooooh, last October, or November.  Soooo sad! Well guess what? We finally bit the bullet and got a Vitamix!!! Yes indeedy! And it arrived yesterday! I am overwhelmingly happy with it. We made smoothies for lunch today and dh cranked it up zzzzzzzooooooooooommmmm!!! And it stopped! *blink* It has a heat sensor thingie in it, and it can tell when it’s getting too hot and it shuts it right down. Woot!  Well, woot for me anyway. Dh didn’t like that so much. 😛

So anyway, the whole reason behind this post. Youngest dd has been wanting coooorn chips ever since we stashed the poor dehydrator in a box way back in FL.  So we are at it again!


REAL corn chips. Recipe: we started with two cans of corn. Dump the water and all into the blender. Add about a cup, to a cup and a half of shredded cheese (remember when you’re dehydrating anything with cheese in it the oils come out, so you don’t want to over use it. But it does make the chips taste great!!!) Then we add a sprinkle of pepper, some sea salt, and some onion powder. You can pretty much flavor them to taste any way you would like. Leave out the salt if you’re on a restrictive diet. Or instead of pepper, use Tabasco, or chili powder, or garlic salt.  Just whatever you have around that you want a chip to taste like. Then I use a table spoon and dob the blended mix onto the sheets. I’ve gotten better at it now and can get between 16-20 chips on a tray now. 😛 Today we used a total of five cans of corn (yeah, I have a lot of vegies in cans, and corn is a staple side dish around here) and then adjusted everything else accordingly.

Tomorrow morning we’ll have chips for breakfast! ~the whole house cheers~ 😀


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