A wee bit saddened

So lately everything that has to do with FL has become either disturbing, or a fight.  I think I am really glad we are out of there. Which saddens me, because it was my home for like 40 years.

First, the propane/gas bill. So when we had the gas shut off the day before we moved they were like, ‘ok but it’s going to be xxx amount of dollars for you to have it turned off.’ We balked, but you pretty much *have* to turn it off, or who ever is gonna be here is going to use it, and we don’t want to have to pay for it! So yes, come and turn it off. ‘Sorry we can’t send someone out until’ two days after we’d be leaving town, because they had no one to spare, and we were on a route that the guy was taking out to some meeting in ~where~the~heck~ever~other~end~of~town~. Well, ok so long as he doesn’t have to have access to the house, and can just hop the fence and come on the property and turn it off at the tank. ‘Yes, that’s all.  Just turn it off at the tank’ Good! So all of that happened as planned, but (there is always a but) we get the bill and they charged us for the whole ‘yearly tank rental’! Sooooo, we’ve only used it for 5 months, but we’ve gotta pay the whole 12 month tank rental? ‘Yep’, and then she goes on to tell us we can also ask for a credit for the gas that’s in the tank, OR we can just leave the gas that’s there for the next customer. WTH!!! We want the credit! I am waiting for that bill, because we probably have $70 or so dollars of gas credit in the tank, but I can almost bet they are going to charge us like $100 to send someone out there to read the meter. :-/

Next issue… the electric bill. We had it shut off the day after we left town. Got the bill and it’s like $150 too much. WTH! They claim it’s either the water heater in the house suddenly the week we leave town burning out, or our well motor is so old it’s suddenly drawing more current. And they could come right out and check it all for us…. only problem is… we no longer own the property. Oh, and we’re about 2000 miles the freak away.  So how can you prove it?  How can you have them check? You can’t, and they know it.  ‘Please give us your money now’ :-/

Neeeext… car insurance. We get a notice in the mail the other day. Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. ‘We’ve noticed you’ve cancelled your insurance and you have xxx number of days to get some, or your driving privileges will be revoked!’ WTH!!! WE haaaave insurance!!!! Ummm, but it’s in CO.  ‘Oh, you caaaan’t haaave CO insurance on your FL tag!  You have to have FL insurance on your FL tag. And if you don’t get your FL insurance back for the next fifteen days that you have that FL tag on your car, we will suspend your CO licenses, because when we say suspend, we mean all 50 states!’  Sooo luckily we have nice great wonderful car insurance people that understand that freakin mess and flip it around for us and now in 15 days we’ve gotta call back and re-flip it all around. Wouldn’t wanna anger the gods at the FL DMV cuz they got power in all 50 states.  Umm hummm! :-/

Icing on the cake… those wonderful guys we sold our house to. The father and son team that told us all the ideas they had for the place. That this was going to be the first house they worked on together, and they were going to do wonderful things, like add a front porch, and get all of the siding taken care of yada, yada, yada. Yeah, they’re bald face lairs. They turned around and sold our house to another company the exact same day, at the exact same Title company for a tidy little profit. Niiice. :-/

I’m letting it all go though. Because we’re in CO, and all of those people in FL with their taking and sucking the life out of everything… they aren’t. And that makes me smile.


4 Responses to “A wee bit saddened”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Makes you wonder if the losers of the world aren’t on to something. They just leave, and don’t pay. No headache, no fighting, not problem (for them). It becomes the companies’ problems. Sometimes I think that being conscientious is the reason that we HAVE troubles like this. Just shut EVERYTHING off when we go, and whatever happens after that? You never got the bill in the mail, sorry. ((I’m just talking hypothetical. I’m too conscientious for MY own good, too…))

    • spinnermom Says:

      I guess me too. I just can’t walk away from something, or leave something unpaid. But then if there weren’t people like that in this world I guess we wouldn’t have this house. It was bank owned because the preacher of this town walked away from it. Him and his wife have two children and four foster children and that’s why the house is so freakin HUGE! And we got it for cheaps. And now they live just two blocks away from us. Kind of creepy weird how small towns are. We’ve met five different people already that have lived in our house and all of them live within a half mile of us. :-/

  2. annamatrix Says:

    That is strange… that they all stay so close, but move from the house. I wonder what’s up with that? But frankly, if you don’t owe it, I don’t think I’d feel badly NOT paying it. :/

    • spinnermom Says:

      That’s the thing. We can’t prove that we don’t owe it, so we don’t want to leave it unpaid. Part of me feels kind of bad that it might have been the water heater or the well pump, but then when we found out that the guys just sold the house right out from under us again… well psssshhhh. I don’t care if someone gets a bum bill when they turn on the electric now.

      The propane people… they can go suck an egg for all I care. They’ve tried to weasel us out of money for years and years, and we’ve always been there to fight it. I just want all the FL crap to go away now.

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