Super Saturday!!!!

I think I will hug the lady at the produce market the next time I see her! This is like the fourth weekend we’ve gone there, and we buy soooo freakin much (I wish we had our garden this year :-(). Even yesterday she still couldn’t believe we were buying like 20 more zucchini, more sweet potatoes, and I got apples, and pears, and two cantaloupes, and grapes, and cherries, and of course you need onions, and pickling cucumbers, and we’re going to try eggplant in the dehydrator this week. And we’re getting our bananas there now too, because they’re cheaper than WalMart. 

So we get there and she asks if the children can have frozen pops, and we say sure, so she gives them each a frozen push pop thing like frozen yogurt in a tube basically.  They thank her, and looooove it as we’re walking around shopping for our stuff. Then when we get to the register it’s the normal, we’re backing up the whole line of people that just stop to buy one or two things. We plan our whole meals around all these vegies! And as we’re picking up our boxes of food, she shoves this display of seconds to me.  Basically just a box lid with like ten peaches that are a little banged up, and maybe seven nectarines, and two clumps of bananas that have spots…. she wants me to just take it, because it’s been there with a ‘$6 takes all’ tag on it and shes worried it’s not going to sell by the end of the day. 

Soooo, I get home with this big ol box lid of extras that needs tending to right away!  And I start with bagging up the bananas for the freezer.  Enough to make two sets of smoothies with if we add strawberries and the milk. Not bad. Then the peaches! I get out three quart size yogurt like containers and fill them up quickly.  Just slicing the peaches off the pit, and then cutting out the bad spots, and before you know it I have four of those yogurt containers filled, and there’s still some left over, so each of the kiddo’s and myself get a few slices each, and the rest goes in the fridge for breakfast today! I told dh I think we got like six store bought cans worth of peaches out of all of that!

The nectarines were a little more bruised up, and we only ended up with a good full tub of slices of that, but 13 yo ds looooooves nectarines, so he’ll eat them up quick enough this morning!

So even though all of that sucked up like and hour of my evening last night, it’s basically like shoving two free meals for my family at me (outside of adding strawberries and milk to the smoothies, and oatmeal to the peaches), and I really really like that!

Besides that we stopped at storage, and I got to dig around and got out a nice size box of worsted weight yarns! Today I shall start a wonderful earflap hat!!!! Nice to have a bigger project going on the needles.  The super easy cable hat turned out so good I need to make a few more of those also! Winter is coming, and I’ve got a lot of heads to keep covered!


3 Responses to “Super Saturday!!!!”

  1. tonyroberts64 Says:

    Oh, I love smoothies! 🙂

  2. annamatrix Says:

    I know you have a large family like me… how many fridges/freezers do you have? I’m just wondering, because we’re at capacity, but I’ve been TRYING not to get another one, and I want to know if what we have/need is normal. Thanks for letting me be nosy!

    • spinnermom Says:

      We have one deep freezer, and then just a regular fridge on the bottom, freezer on the top, fridge for now. We used to have the side by side fridge in FL, and I swear I got more food into that freezer. But since we haven’t been using our deep freezer to capacity, we’re kind of back to being even now, and I only have one layer of water bottles in the bottom of my deep freezer to take up space now. The rest is pretty much full of food. If I had MY way we would have a second fridge ~just~ for drinks! About half of my shelf space in the fridge is taken up with one gallon of sweet tea, two gallons of water, two bottles of pop, and a gallon of Kool Aide, and that is pretty much all used up every day here! And that doesn’t include the side drinks like OJ, and almond milk, and regular milk, and the occasional jug of other assorted juices. So yeah, a fridge just for drinks would really be the greatest. I could easily have two gallons of iced tea going all the time, and four gallons of water, and all the other extras too.

      Oh, and that’s also part of the reason why at Thanksgiving we fill our big cooler to capacity with ice, and sodas, and this Capri Sun drinks…. that way we have room in the fridge for all the turkey, and stuffings, and such. I really need a second fridge just for drinks around the holidays the most. But we make do with what we’ve got. 🙂

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