Yes, there has been knitting!

Here is a quick picture of as far as I had gotten on the granny ripple afghan, before it was stuck in a tote, and then stuck in a box, to move from FL.  I am seriously going to get this thing out in a few weeks and work on it, because I have a person I want to gift it to already!


Here is what I worked on while we were running, and doing all the closing on the house in FL, and all through the drive here.  Nice little booties.  Projects that are small quick, and I can stash them really quick when I was needed for different things, but just enough knitting to save my sanity when things just didn’t seem to want to go right. 😛  These will most likely all go to Lubbock Hospital in TX, along with a couple of preemie blankets when they are done.


Here are the 4th of July hats that I dropped off to the local hospital the day before we started loading the big moving truck! I will miss being able to drop off to them personally!!! I had four out of five of my babies up at that hospital, and all of those nurses are so wonderful, and caring!


Here is one of the last boxes of hats I sent out from FL to Salem hospital in MA.  I had forgotten to change my address on the return label to our new CO address on this one, and the lady in charge of sending out the thank you cards was worried when my card came back to them in the mail. Luckily she knew of my other knitting buddy online, and got in contact with her to make sure I got my thank you!  Sooo impressed of the lengths Salem Hospital goes to to make sure you get a thank you! 🙂


Here are the hats I currently have sitting on my desk that need to be seamed up, and woven in, and I think they are all going to go to a hospital in Gary, IN that I heard about, that has just about nothing for their babies.  Kind of reminds me of Parkland in TX the way the nurses described the needs!


Here is another box that went out just before we left FL to a friend on a knitting list that gives to Balboa Hospital in San Fransisco, I think it is.  Somewhere over there in CA, anyway. She needed preemie items, and I just happened to be working on this vest pattern at the time, trying it out to see if I liked it, and how different I could make the sizes by changing yarn, and needles.  It was easy to pick out hats and booties to match, and make some sets for her.  Might have to make a few more of these sets, for a few different places I know of.


And there were other pictures I meant to get too.  I have two shawls in the works, and mittens, and that cable hat.  I need to get that done and another started, because kiddo’s are already claiming things before they even get finished.  Oh, and market bags, and I want to start some dishcloths for giving out around the holidays.  Maybe with matching trivets if I get really handy dandy! I have now sucked up those two crocheted over rope trivets that I made several months ago.  And oh my goodness, are they just soooooo handy to have sitting on the dining room table!  Now that I actually have a dining room table that we eat at all the time, I think everyone who eats meals at the table neeeeeeds these things. LOL So I must make more!!!!



8 Responses to “Yes, there has been knitting!”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Oooh… the granny ripple is beautiful. We’re making bags to carry our charcoals/clipboard cases in, at the moment… so fun!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Thanks! I’ve decided to give it to our Real Estate agent. She was a huuuuge part of getting us here to CO, and then when we got here and she saw the state that Cassie was in with the weight loss she refused to take any payment from us! Such a sweet lady. I figure she can refuse money but this is gonna be a wrapped gift. I’m pretty sure she won’t/can’t refuse that. 😀

  2. onthewink Says:

    beautiful blanket! and i do think its awesome that you knit all those hats and such for the babes–karen

  3. bridget Says:

    One of my friends is going to teach me ripple crochet. She has been amazing helping Clark and myself read American patterns. Some of your abbreviations are different than ours and I wasn’t getting very far with them!!

    • spinnermom Says:

      That is so cool that she’ll help you with the patterns. I often groan when I read that a pattern is in English, because I know it’s going to take brain power for me to remember to do it a different way. LOL Too bad people couldn’t just get together with one standard crochet language!

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