More Fun in the Kitchen

I’m having a hard time lately with time just zipping on by me! It’s like Tuesday already, and I’m feeling like it’s Sunday-ish.  So yesterday, I got to looking at the mounds of produce we got at the farmers market over the weekend, and man oh man, is it a whole bunch!  So I went to unpacking more boxes yesterday, and got the dehydrator out.  Woooo hooo, for more normalcy!!!! So we have a gob-smack of zucchini, so I sliced and dehydrated about four of those, one of them being one of the three HUGE ones we got from the guy who saw how many we were getting, and he went around back and brought us out a whole new box of them to pick from.

Then we had one sweet potato left. 14 yo dd chopped, cooked, and mashed the other two as a snack.  But that last one has just been sitting there, for like the last five days. So I shredded it, and dehydrated it for her, and she loves it! And then there was a wee little room left on the trays, so I sliced an apple thin, and added that in too! This morning I have four yogurt containers chock full of alternatives to greasy ol potato chips, and crap snacks, and the kiddo’s are gobbling them up!

Then I had gotten about seven pickling cucumbers, just for the heck of it, and I sent 13 yo ds down to the basement to bring me up two of the big canning jars (feels so weird saying that. Like I’m some kind of old country mama. LOL). All the kiddo’s gathered around to see what I was going to do.  I have seen online a few recipes for cold pack pickles, and am giving it a try.  Here’s what I ended up with….

Each jar got 2 cups of water, and 1/3 cup of vinegar, one chopped clove of garlic, a half of a sliced up red onion (that the farmers market sells in bunches of four, with the green tops still on them, and everything. We didn’t use the green tops in the pickles though :-P), and then two heaping spoons of sugar, one heaping spoon of salt, and the recipes I saw online called for around five cracked peppercorns, so I just grinded from my pepper grinder like six or seven times into each jar. We don’t go for too very precise measurements here. Just toss things in, and see how it goes. I wish I had grabbed some of the fresh sprigs of dill that the farmers market had, but we had sooooooooo much stuff already. It was kind of funny to see the looks on the peoples faces as we were checking out. Dh, me, and four kiddo’s, all carrying boxes, and bags of produce away. 😛 We keep telling the lady there, ‘once we get our own garden going we won’t be buying so very much.’ To which she is astounded that even our kiddo’s eat sooooo many vegetables!!!!

So anyway, we tasted the pickle mixture after I made one jar with pickle wedges, and the second jar with pickle slices, and shook it all up in the jar, and everyone agrees these are going to be most awesome cold packed pickles!!!! Next week we will try another couple of jars, with about the same mix, except maybe add dill to one, and then a chopped up hot pepper to the other, for our spicy lovers!!!

Now, I am off of here to knit something. It gets hot in the afternoons, so I am making hats, and working on a shawl in the morning, and then saving mittens, and dishcloths, for the afternoon when it’s really hot!!! I hope to be able to do a pictures post soon. I just have a boodle of things to share, and haven’t gotten around to having dh unload cameras! So sad. 😛



4 Responses to “More Fun in the Kitchen”

  1. grannyandthebaldguy Says:

    All sounds very yummy<:)
    The weeks are flying by-to heck with the days-it is now weeks.
    Ok almost nap time.

  2. annamatrix Says:

    You do so much with the dehydrator. I tried banana chips for Brian once, and they were NOT good. I don’t know how to dehydrate for crap, apparently! Is zucchini good that way?

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, I failed at making banana chips in the dehydrator also. Apparently the ones you buy at the store, that are so crisp, are fried. Who knew? :-/ The zucchini chips come out really nicely though. Just like potato chips pretty much. Same with kale. We salt the zucchini chips before dehydrating, and then add a wee little oil and seasoning salts and vinegar to the kale before dehydrating that too. Both are favorites here. Now if I can get the blender unpacked youngest dd wants me to blend up some corn and a little shredded cheese to make corn chips. But first 13 yo ds requested granola! Yeah, I’ll be in the kitchen today. 😛

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