The Great Kitty Rescue!!!

This afternoon some neighborhood girls, whose family moved in the week after we did, came by to play with the kiddo’s, and we sat out on the back porch and chatted a while, and then it happened…. Meowing! ‘Oh, that’s just the kittens living under our house. They’ve been there for weeks, and we can’t get them out’ These girls were determined to get them out!!!! So from around 3:30 this afternoon we started…. calling, and cajoling, and wheedling, and before ya know it…. OMG!!!! It’s an all white kitty!!!!! They both started in, ‘my mama will WANT this!!!!’ (she gets home from work at five o’clock, and it’s around 4:45 at this point) Then we get a second cat out.  Yaaaayyy!  This one is like a tan, black, and white mix. Pretty cute little bugger, but NO we are not keeping any more cats!!!!

Then it comes down to the third and finally kitty in the crawl space.  The first two came climbing over coffee cans, and other cans, and hangers that were shoved in the crawl space.  The third kitty though, just sat about ten feet back crying, and not gonna have nothin to do with going into the scary can area!!!! Five o’clock comes and the two girls go running down the street home with the white kitty, and next thing we know here they all come back. I hollered out as she came in the yard, ‘I know it’s the first day our children have met, and I really really had no intention to ever send any child home with an animal! So if you really cannot keep it, just bring it back and we’ll find a shelter, or something, for them on the weekend’ Talking with her daughters earlier they mentioned they already have four dogs, and two birds, and a couple of fish, and who knows what else. LOL  But their mom was totally gracious, and said she would looove to keep the white kitty.  She would just have to talk to her husband, and he might want to kill her, but she really liked that white kitty. 😀 So we showed her the other kitty, and mentioned we thought they were around five weeks old now, and we were trying to get the third one out.  And would you believe, it took all of us just about til sunset to get that last little bugger out of the crawl space!  Had to rig up two eye hole hooks on the end of an eight or so foot long piece of wood, and then pretty much noose it with some rope, and this was pretty much after hours, and hours, of clearing out some of the cans, and two hangers, out of the hole.

So no more meowing in our walls, thank goodness!  And our mama cat can go back to her ol relaxed self. She’s been a bundle of nerves trying to find those kittens!  The mama cat of the ones in the crawl space only ever came back by at night time to feed them, and the lady that took the white kitty decided to just take all three of them, and feed them by syringe for another week or two, and then she’ll either take them to a rescue, or give them away.

So anyway, that was my afternoon. It was great meeting neighbors, and the kiddo’s all are getting along wonderfully. Just kinda wish it wasn’t over kitty cat rescuing. Feels so odd to me, but I’m happy they like the animals, and didn’t mind taking them. Some people are just so downright nice!


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7 Responses to “The Great Kitty Rescue!!!”

  1. grannyandthebaldguy Says:

    Sounds like that kitty may have found a good home and thank goodness you were able to get them out. It always me where kitties can get into and then can”t get out.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep that mama cat picked a fine hole to have those kittens in. The big hurtle was the kittens climbing out over all those cans and other debris. I am sooo glad they are out now. We kept worrying about the mama cat not making it back here and them starving to death in the crawl space.

  2. onthewink Says:

    i’ll be back to catch up! you posted a lot since i’ve been by. i’m having trouble keeping up with everyone! gotta work 10 hours today, so i’ll sit and read tonight–karen

    • spinnermom Says:

      I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear it’s only work keeping you away. Short rundown… I got a washer, we set up the dining room table, we got the kitties out from the crawl space, and McD’s screwed up our order. Oh and I’m knitting a shawl. 😛

      I’ll keep you in my prayers that work goes nice and easy for you!

    • spinnermom Says:

      I was wondering where you were. Glad to hear it’s only work keeping you away. Short rundown… I got a washer, we set up the dining room table, we got the kitties out from the crawl space, and McD’s screwed up our order. Oh and I’m knitting a shawl. 😛

      I’ll keep you in my prayers that work goes nice and easy for you!

  3. kayuk2013 Says:

    I rescued an almost starved kitten last year and didn’t get it to the clinic soon enough. It had five kittens and as they were approaching weaning age it excaped the apartment and came home later to have four more kittens. This time I was adamant that it not get out so as soon as kittens could be weaned it was spayed, and all the others have been either given away (I get photos regularly from the new slaves) or spayed/neutered and are still here. Including the mama, I have 6 cats.

    • spinnermom Says:

      We are trying like crazy to avoid getting more animals around here. Kinda hard going from just one bird for 18 years, to one bird and four cats. LOL And then yesterday all four children standing around awww-ing and trying to give the kittens names, and I just keep saying, ‘they are not staying! They are not staying!’ 😀

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