So yesterday I was watching some youtubes, and came across an old site I used to watch.  She had a bunch of great info on square foot gardening, and was doing hers back when we were figuring out what we wanted to do with ours in FL. Popping through her vids yesterday was awesome!  And then I came across a little series she did last year when she ran across some old receipts from her shopping from 2008-2010.  So she did a wonderful comparison shop, and a spread sheet, to figure out how much things have gone up in price since then. I do this from time to time, and I watch as the stores cut corners by making the packaging smaller so they can offer things at the same price, and whatnots.  

Anyway, here is the link to the first video….


and there are seven in all, so I hope you will watch them.  It made me go through my own receipts, and I notice where we’ve been cutting back, and making changes to our spending here and there over the past four or five years. Amazing that the government thinks there’s not much of a change to CPI. It’s not that there’s not much of a change to the CPI, it’s that people are sloooowly lowering their standards of living!  The costs go up, so people cut back. Or the stores want to keep prices lower, so for instance in one of the videos she has a favorite t shirt that she bought three or so years ago and the store still offers that same t shirt for the same price… but now instead of 100% cotton it’s now only 70% cotton. People still might be paying the money for it though so then the CPI doesn’t change.  But what you get is less.   Things that make ya go huuummmm. :-/


Storing up!

Today was mostly spent dealing with the fruits and produce from the Farmers Market!  Did I mention how much I loooooove being this close to the farmers market? When I was in FL, before I met dh I used to go just about every weekend to a flea and farmers market. Pretty much stopped doing that, because after we were all married and settled dh thought it was too far to drive, and too much trouble, and there wasn’t anything more local.  So for like 12 years I fell out of the whole fresh fruits and vegi’s aaaaaallllll the time thing.  For the past two months though I have been in absolute ~heaven~!!!!

So today I spent my morning slicing up, and pitting cherries for freezing. I think we had around three or four pounds of them, and at the time we got them they were soooooooooooo good, and everyone was eating them up, and then they went in the fridge, and that was that. Well, I cannot just let it spoil! So today I worked on that, and then on freezing some grapes also. Tomorrow I’m going to cube, and blanch, and freeze some zucchini and squash, just to see how it does. Might have to figure out how to can those though to keep them put up longer,

And I tell ya, my freezer is totally getting stockpiled for winter now. I have ears of corn, and green beans, and melon, and the cherries, and grapes, and peaches, and just about anything else you can think of to pop out, and add to a dish, it’s probably gonna be in there. 😛 I keep telling the farmer market owner guy that next year we probably won’t see him half as much once we get our own garden started.  But this year, I think we are his new favorite customers! 😀

Next week we start our kale, and spinach, and garlic in planter pots! I cannot wait for some fresh kale chips, and our marinated kale stored up in the fridge every few days! Now here’s hoping the weather stays nice all the way through October, like people have been telling us! A little cold will be wonderful, but a huge snowstorm mid October (almost never heard of this far south in CO) would be horrible!!! But it did snow when we were here in April, so who knows what the heck the weather has in store for us!

I think the funnest part of all this sitting and chopping vegis and fruits is that, all the kiddo’s gather around to help here and there, and we talk, and talk, and talk!  I’ve seen so many people posting back to school face book posts, and blogs this week, and how glad they are that they ‘have their quiet time back!’ I don’t think I would trade all the chatter and nuttiness around here for anything!!!! 😀

Rolling around

Yesterday was a huge ol day in the van! We had to go to Denver, and boy oh boy was it a beautiful day to be out and about!  As we were leaving Pueblo we went to check out a property that dh found online. (Yes, we’re looking at property again. Not necessarily with a house, but something 5 to 40 acres-ish), and the ride out to where this one was was just goooooorgeous! I think all of CO is just amazing, and then you find these little off the beaten path places, and it just amazes!

So then we went to our appointments up in Denver, and then, since we are up there, we went to the big mall there! Mostly because it has a Teavana in it. 😀 And yep, it was just as lovely as always smelling the teas, and getting samples. I ended up with WonderBerry Chocolate Truffle Oolong tea, and sitting here sipping it this morning, I have to say, it is the bestest tea I’ve ever had!  Of course I say that about every new tea I get from there.  14 yo dd got some Strawberry Lemon Herbal tea, and I am making that for her into an iced tea right now.

We also walked through a few other places, but man oh man, the mall prices about sticker shocked me to death! But it was awesome looking around everywhere, and all of the kiddo’s are starting to turn into little mall rats, and wanted to stay there forever, and ever, and ever. We finally herded them all out of there though.  The best, best, best, was the underground parking garage!  I’ve never been to a mall with a parking garage before! It was rainy and yucky out, and it was awesome not having to walk through it to get to the stores! Bet it will be even more wonderful when it’s snowing and slushy out, and not having to walk through that too!  🙂

So, since we spent a total of around six or seven hours in the van yesterday, I got a chock full lot of knitting done!  Three baby hats done, and half a dish cloth started! And then I have two more white k1 p1 brims started for Santa/Christmas baby hats. I love days like that, when there’s not much to do, but sit, and knit, and oooohh and aaaahh at the mountains going by outside the windows!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend wherever you are!!!

A wee bit saddened

So lately everything that has to do with FL has become either disturbing, or a fight.  I think I am really glad we are out of there. Which saddens me, because it was my home for like 40 years.

First, the propane/gas bill. So when we had the gas shut off the day before we moved they were like, ‘ok but it’s going to be xxx amount of dollars for you to have it turned off.’ We balked, but you pretty much *have* to turn it off, or who ever is gonna be here is going to use it, and we don’t want to have to pay for it! So yes, come and turn it off. ‘Sorry we can’t send someone out until’ two days after we’d be leaving town, because they had no one to spare, and we were on a route that the guy was taking out to some meeting in ~where~the~heck~ever~other~end~of~town~. Well, ok so long as he doesn’t have to have access to the house, and can just hop the fence and come on the property and turn it off at the tank. ‘Yes, that’s all.  Just turn it off at the tank’ Good! So all of that happened as planned, but (there is always a but) we get the bill and they charged us for the whole ‘yearly tank rental’! Sooooo, we’ve only used it for 5 months, but we’ve gotta pay the whole 12 month tank rental? ‘Yep’, and then she goes on to tell us we can also ask for a credit for the gas that’s in the tank, OR we can just leave the gas that’s there for the next customer. WTH!!! We want the credit! I am waiting for that bill, because we probably have $70 or so dollars of gas credit in the tank, but I can almost bet they are going to charge us like $100 to send someone out there to read the meter. :-/

Next issue… the electric bill. We had it shut off the day after we left town. Got the bill and it’s like $150 too much. WTH! They claim it’s either the water heater in the house suddenly the week we leave town burning out, or our well motor is so old it’s suddenly drawing more current. And they could come right out and check it all for us…. only problem is… we no longer own the property. Oh, and we’re about 2000 miles the freak away.  So how can you prove it?  How can you have them check? You can’t, and they know it.  ‘Please give us your money now’ :-/

Neeeext… car insurance. We get a notice in the mail the other day. Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. ‘We’ve noticed you’ve cancelled your insurance and you have xxx number of days to get some, or your driving privileges will be revoked!’ WTH!!! WE haaaave insurance!!!! Ummm, but it’s in CO.  ‘Oh, you caaaan’t haaave CO insurance on your FL tag!  You have to have FL insurance on your FL tag. And if you don’t get your FL insurance back for the next fifteen days that you have that FL tag on your car, we will suspend your CO licenses, because when we say suspend, we mean all 50 states!’  Sooo luckily we have nice great wonderful car insurance people that understand that freakin mess and flip it around for us and now in 15 days we’ve gotta call back and re-flip it all around. Wouldn’t wanna anger the gods at the FL DMV cuz they got power in all 50 states.  Umm hummm! :-/

Icing on the cake… those wonderful guys we sold our house to. The father and son team that told us all the ideas they had for the place. That this was going to be the first house they worked on together, and they were going to do wonderful things, like add a front porch, and get all of the siding taken care of yada, yada, yada. Yeah, they’re bald face lairs. They turned around and sold our house to another company the exact same day, at the exact same Title company for a tidy little profit. Niiice. :-/

I’m letting it all go though. Because we’re in CO, and all of those people in FL with their taking and sucking the life out of everything… they aren’t. And that makes me smile.

Super Saturday!!!!

I think I will hug the lady at the produce market the next time I see her! This is like the fourth weekend we’ve gone there, and we buy soooo freakin much (I wish we had our garden this year :-(). Even yesterday she still couldn’t believe we were buying like 20 more zucchini, more sweet potatoes, and I got apples, and pears, and two cantaloupes, and grapes, and cherries, and of course you need onions, and pickling cucumbers, and we’re going to try eggplant in the dehydrator this week. And we’re getting our bananas there now too, because they’re cheaper than WalMart. 

So we get there and she asks if the children can have frozen pops, and we say sure, so she gives them each a frozen push pop thing like frozen yogurt in a tube basically.  They thank her, and looooove it as we’re walking around shopping for our stuff. Then when we get to the register it’s the normal, we’re backing up the whole line of people that just stop to buy one or two things. We plan our whole meals around all these vegies! And as we’re picking up our boxes of food, she shoves this display of seconds to me.  Basically just a box lid with like ten peaches that are a little banged up, and maybe seven nectarines, and two clumps of bananas that have spots…. she wants me to just take it, because it’s been there with a ‘$6 takes all’ tag on it and shes worried it’s not going to sell by the end of the day. 

Soooo, I get home with this big ol box lid of extras that needs tending to right away!  And I start with bagging up the bananas for the freezer.  Enough to make two sets of smoothies with if we add strawberries and the milk. Not bad. Then the peaches! I get out three quart size yogurt like containers and fill them up quickly.  Just slicing the peaches off the pit, and then cutting out the bad spots, and before you know it I have four of those yogurt containers filled, and there’s still some left over, so each of the kiddo’s and myself get a few slices each, and the rest goes in the fridge for breakfast today! I told dh I think we got like six store bought cans worth of peaches out of all of that!

The nectarines were a little more bruised up, and we only ended up with a good full tub of slices of that, but 13 yo ds looooooves nectarines, so he’ll eat them up quick enough this morning!

So even though all of that sucked up like and hour of my evening last night, it’s basically like shoving two free meals for my family at me (outside of adding strawberries and milk to the smoothies, and oatmeal to the peaches), and I really really like that!

Besides that we stopped at storage, and I got to dig around and got out a nice size box of worsted weight yarns! Today I shall start a wonderful earflap hat!!!! Nice to have a bigger project going on the needles.  The super easy cable hat turned out so good I need to make a few more of those also! Winter is coming, and I’ve got a lot of heads to keep covered!

Dinner Table

So it all started yesterday evening. 10 yo ds fell asleep before dinner, and slept for about an hour or two (it was a long day with getting the cats spayed and neutered. Yes, they are doing fine today), so when we woke him up for dinner we started tall tales at the dinner table.

First we tried to convince him it was Saturday, and not Tuesday anymore. We did pretty good, and he went to check his iTouch for the date, but then we told him his iTouch was wrong, because he left too many apps running, and it messed up his battery, and the date and time were off. And then came the whopper… we told him it was 2014 instead of 2013!

He said, ‘then what happened to my birthday presents?!’ We told him since he was asleep we enjoyed them, but they broke so we had to throw them away. 😀 Then since he slept through Christmas we just gave all his presents to needy children.  Then we told him about two of the biggest snow storms EVER that he missed! And how we won the lottery, and went on a bunch of awesome vacations, but he slept through them all, and we spent up all the money so we had to come home. LOL

So today I’m hearing snippets more of this tall tale as his brother and sister are still trying to convince him of all the things he’s slept through. But basically I just wanna say how much I LOVE having a dinner table, and getting to do fun things like this with the kiddo’s at lunch and in the evenings.

This morning we sat at the table and they all did drawings, and puzzles, while I chopped up enough vegies for a gallon of pickles, divided into four jars.  Hope they last longer than last weeks cold packed pickles. Then I chopped up enough zucchini, and peppers, and apples, and other assorted vegis for the dehydrator. And then I found five oranges in the bottom drawer of the fridge, and decided to section those up also so they’ll get eaten for breakfast tomorrow! Then I froze all the spotted bananas, and put all of the dried dill weed we got at the farmers market last weekend into a jar!  And that should keep us good on the produce til we get even more!

Yes, there has been knitting!

Here is a quick picture of as far as I had gotten on the granny ripple afghan, before it was stuck in a tote, and then stuck in a box, to move from FL.  I am seriously going to get this thing out in a few weeks and work on it, because I have a person I want to gift it to already!


Here is what I worked on while we were running, and doing all the closing on the house in FL, and all through the drive here.  Nice little booties.  Projects that are small quick, and I can stash them really quick when I was needed for different things, but just enough knitting to save my sanity when things just didn’t seem to want to go right. 😛  These will most likely all go to Lubbock Hospital in TX, along with a couple of preemie blankets when they are done.


Here are the 4th of July hats that I dropped off to the local hospital the day before we started loading the big moving truck! I will miss being able to drop off to them personally!!! I had four out of five of my babies up at that hospital, and all of those nurses are so wonderful, and caring!


Here is one of the last boxes of hats I sent out from FL to Salem hospital in MA.  I had forgotten to change my address on the return label to our new CO address on this one, and the lady in charge of sending out the thank you cards was worried when my card came back to them in the mail. Luckily she knew of my other knitting buddy online, and got in contact with her to make sure I got my thank you!  Sooo impressed of the lengths Salem Hospital goes to to make sure you get a thank you! 🙂


Here are the hats I currently have sitting on my desk that need to be seamed up, and woven in, and I think they are all going to go to a hospital in Gary, IN that I heard about, that has just about nothing for their babies.  Kind of reminds me of Parkland in TX the way the nurses described the needs!


Here is another box that went out just before we left FL to a friend on a knitting list that gives to Balboa Hospital in San Fransisco, I think it is.  Somewhere over there in CA, anyway. She needed preemie items, and I just happened to be working on this vest pattern at the time, trying it out to see if I liked it, and how different I could make the sizes by changing yarn, and needles.  It was easy to pick out hats and booties to match, and make some sets for her.  Might have to make a few more of these sets, for a few different places I know of.


And there were other pictures I meant to get too.  I have two shawls in the works, and mittens, and that cable hat.  I need to get that done and another started, because kiddo’s are already claiming things before they even get finished.  Oh, and market bags, and I want to start some dishcloths for giving out around the holidays.  Maybe with matching trivets if I get really handy dandy! I have now sucked up those two crocheted over rope trivets that I made several months ago.  And oh my goodness, are they just soooooo handy to have sitting on the dining room table!  Now that I actually have a dining room table that we eat at all the time, I think everyone who eats meals at the table neeeeeeds these things. LOL So I must make more!!!!


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