It’s a good day!

I got a washing machine!!!! Buh-bye five gallon buckets! 😀 Ok, it was only two weeks of washing in buckets, but man oh man, do I appreciate my washer sooooo much more now.  Especially for the spinning out of the water that it does, so much more better than I can wring things by hand.  Yeah, I know I posted before that if I ever needed to, I would buy a mop bucket with a wringer to squeeze the water out of clothes. BUT a mop bucket would be senseless in this house. Every (even the kitchen) floor is carpeted!!! Ok ok, maybe I could have gotten it for the bathrooms, but that’s like eight square feet of tile, if that. Eh. Any which way, no real use for a mop bucket and wringer after the laundry fiasco was solved, besides saving it for the end of the world. 😛

So, laundry fun…. it took a 10 and 14 yo to tell me how to even turn the dang washer on. Meh. Once you get it to light up, there are like 40 different cleaning options to choose from. You can delay your wash load up to 19 hours!!!! I guess I could feel like I got a jump on the day if I set it to start an hour before I got up in the morning. LOL

And here are some snippets from the users manual, because there are just some things that you neeeeeeeed to be told? Hummm. 

*Do not add gasoline, dry cleaning solvents or other flammable or explosive substances to the washer.


*Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. <b>Wash hands after handling! </b>

I am just a wee little skeered of that one. I mean like, every time I touch my washer for ever after I have to wash my hands. I reckon my children and animals shouldn’t lick it or anything. Just a little skeered.

*Destroy the carton and packing material after unpacked!

Not just discard… not just remove…. DESTROY!!!!!! Weird thing is I could give it to my 10 yo and the cats, and they could destroy it easily enough, but it warns not to even think about having children or animals anywhere near it! How did we ever survive growing up and running two blocks to the appliance store to make forts out of all the refrigerator boxes we could carry home?

*Do not tamper or play with controls.

Derp, I’d never get no laundry done if I don’t get to play with this thing.

*Danger: You will be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow these instructions immediately!!!!!

Ok ok, sheesh!!!! No need to bring out the hit men!  I’ll follow the instructions, I’ll follow them!!! Sheeesh!

So anyway, if you don’t hear from my again I’ve probably exploded in some ghastly washing machine electrical nightmarish way or been taken out by some whacky group of washing machine hit men! Either that or I’m prolly just knitting, and hanging laundry. 😉



5 Responses to “It’s a good day!”

  1. grannyandthebaldguy Says:

    With all of those warnings I sometimes wonder how they pass the rules just to sell them all<:) Very cool and very happy for you for getting a washer.
    My big laundry moment was when we finally moved from the apt upstairs to the apt downstairs next to the laundry room. I am still happy over that one.
    Have a good evening<:)

  2. bridget Says:

    I have hadto do without my washer for about 10 days in the past.. It was a night mare! Got to give those Victorians some credit. The women must had arms like like popeye with all of that hand washing!

  3. annamatrix Says:

    You crack me up! LoL! 😀

  4. craftgnome Says:

    OMG, you were doing your laundry in buckets! I’m so glad you got the washer but now after hearing the warnings, especially about having to wash your hands after using the machine, makes the buckets not sound so bad. What a world, what a world, at least you read the owners manual, Ha, how many people don’t even read it. I remember way back when I had an top floor apt with this HUGE sink with a built in drain board. I’d sit on the drain board part and put my feet in the sink to agitate the clothes to wash them, kinda like makin butter, LOL. Then I had one of those real out over the parking lot clothes lines that was scary to use because you had to learn out over the fire escape to use it. Those were the days : ). Glad to hear that Xanga is hanging in there. I was soooo used to using it and getting to know a new site is frustrating but really liking this wordpress, too.

    • spinnermom Says:

      LOL I think I would be too scared to hang my laundry that far above the ground and then if you drop a piece you’d have to run allllll the way to the ground floor to get it back! 😀

      I’m glad we’re not using the buckets anymore though. That took a good hour of my morning and I only got a wee little laundry done. The washing machine is a wonderful wonderful invention and I think every now and again it’s good to get to know that again!

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