Yarny goodness

Yeah, I’m breaking all of this up into manageable posts, instead on one looooooong ol rambling post. I know, I know, I don’t post in forever and then kaploosh, flood of posts. Sometimes it’s like that. ๐Ÿ˜›

In knitting news… yesterday was a good day.ย  I got to do a little yarn shopping. Hobby Lobby has a wonderful mark down section for yarn all in pretty baskets.ย  I came home and tried to start a shawl MikeySmail did on Youtube, but I either need different yarn, or a bigger crochet hook, because it just wasn’t working.ย  Now I’m making an easy peasy ol yarn over at the end of every row kind of shawl out of this Angel Fleece Baby Bee yarn instead.

Why a shawl, you ask? Because it’s cooooooold here. Yes it’s the middle of summer, BUT everywhere we go they have the AC turned down to like 50 degrees! I kid you not!ย  These people like their cold dry mountain air! To give you an example of what I am used to, and what it is now… I skyped 20 yo ds in FL three days ago: ’88 degrees there with a feels like temp of 98, 61% humidity! 88 degrees here with a feels like temp of 82! Humidity 11%.’ย  Insane!

Then there was yesterday.ย  When we went out to the store on dh’s lunch break (buying more plumbing parts. whole nother story :-/), it was around 89 degrees here. Some kind of weird and wonky storm blew up while we were gone, and we came back to our roof and back porch covered in so much ice, it was wild!!!! Almost looked like a freakish snow storm hit with the ice piled around our steps, and on our roof. Yeah, I got pictures. And yeah, the kiddo’s ran around the porch flinging handfuls little smaller than pea sized hail/slush at each other. But I tell you… In JULY! Mini slush/snow stormy kinda weather that drops the temp from 89 to around 72 degrees in about 45 minutes!!!! Yeah, I am knitting me another shawl! And maybe some more mittens, and a hat, and some leg warmers. How many years have I been complaining I neeeeeeed leg warmers?ย  I think this year is the year. I really do. ๐Ÿ˜›

I see the total need for a dryer now also, because that down blast of rain/hail/sleet yesterday totally knocked all of my laundry off the two bungee cords I’ve rigged up as temporary clothes lines. Major suckage since I am still washing things in five gallon buckets, because I think Best Buy has lost my washer. Baaaahhh Humbug!!!! So, I rinsed out as much grime and crap that I could, and hung things up outside over railings and such, and we are either going to have to hit a freakin laundromat, or really put the heavy on Best Buy to get ANY washer they have out here. So much for getting one you actually want. Phhhsshh!

And last but not least, in eating out news… yes, we’ve been eating out a little more than usual lately, because for one, town is just sooooo far away it’s like an hour round trip compared to our 40 minuting round trip in FL. ๐Ÿ˜› So when you get out there, and you know it’s going to be a half hour til you make it home and another hour before you get to cook and actually eat… yeah, it gets easy to pick up $10 of McD’s as you’re rolling.

Well yesterday we did that, and it was soooo funny because you *knew* that the girl on the order taking window was messing up, and the girl on the handing out window wasn’t so swift either. Girl on the first window has to run and tell girl on the second window she took the wrong car picture (yes, they take your picture at those double drive thrus to make sure they get the right order to the right person. Isn’t that lovely to know :-D) So anyway, wrong picture to our order and apparently to a lot of other peoples orders too. So she runs to tell the front counter.

Front window chick hands us our drinks, which started out as the wrong drinks, but then we got our drinks. Tried to hand us the wrong bag, but dh told her again we had the big order…. she looks. They hand out the fry bag, but they’re one fry short, because we used our Monopoly pieces. She says ok, and goes and gets us the extra fries.ย  Then two minutes or so later hands out our burgers, but they are one burger short. She gets the burger and adds another fry to it. We try and tell her we now have too many fries. She closes the window, confers with the other bag packer at the window, and opens the window and shoves out another bag with two more large fries in it! LMBOOOO! Dh tries to tell her again, no no no, we have too many fries!!! I told him lets just get the heck OUT of here before we get MORE FRIES!!!! Obviously if you have a customer complaining at the window, they panic, and just start shoving french fries at you til you leave. ๐Ÿ˜› And that was our day out yesterday. Six burgers and seven sets of fries, when all we ordered six burgers and three fries! Fun, no?ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

LOL Look! ^^Rambling post!^^ ๐Ÿ˜€



One Response to “Yarny goodness”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Sounds crazy-harried… like we live. ๐Ÿ˜€

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