Mountain Legs

Yep, I have dubbed what I am getting as my mountain legs. I have never before had to climb so many stairs before in my life!!! Down to the basement is 12 stairs, and then we have a step down in two places in the house from the bedrooms to the living room/dining room areas! A total of 14 steps altogether in my house, and that doesn’t count the one BIG step down from the front door (hope to get a normal step put in there soon), and then the three steps down to my back porch also! Then there are the steps at the dr’s offices. Yeah, there’s an elevator, but it’s around the other side of the building, and the side we go in is just 26 steps up to the second floor. Yep, I counted. 😛  So I guess I can’t complain, because boy oh boy are my legs getting in shape, and I think my butt is shrinking too. I can’t see it, so I wouldn’t know, but it feels like it is. 😛

In other news… the unpacking goes vera vera vera well. For a few days it was horrible chaos. One day I got so frustrated I cried. I now have snapped everything in a wee bit more order, and things *will* be returned to their rightful places, or I ain’t gonna deal with looking all the frick over the whole house for things! Did I mention this place is about twice the size of the other place? I’ll tell you what, smaller houses are better, and I don’t care how large your family is! But yeah, I am loving having real space for a living room, and a dining room! We will finally eat meals at the table together and not all scatter to our computer tables to eat. I just love, love, love, love that to no end!

Super moon… thank goodness the triple whammy of super moons is over.  My kiddo’s have been showing it, and pretty much driving each other bonkers for two or three days now.  It was also the end of Mercury being in retrograde two days ago!  Ho mi gosh!  When I found out that we were moving during a Mercury retrograde, I about freakin died! Here’s a great video about it. A little out there, but it describes retrograde very well.

Hummm, what else? Knitting stuff.  I’ve been doing good getting booties done for one of my charities that I’ll be sending to next month. And this past Friday, I got my Halloween baby hat knit for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I tried to aim for getting a Christmas hat done on Sunday too, but that just didn’t happen with all the runs to the hardware store we had to do. Fixing this place up has been eating up a whooooole lot of our time. But, I guess it’s worth it.

One thing that I am loving is I put up about a dozen cup hooks in my kitchen the other day, and now all my tea mugs are hung, and so pretty. I am looking at another area now, where I’ll be able to hang most of my pots and pans also! And yeah, I really love this house. Just wish I had about another $10K to throw at it right now. But we don’t, so we have to make do with a few things, like being down to only one bathroom instead of the two we thought we were going to have. Not so very bad though, because the one small one that we can use is bigger than the one in the FL house. No stove right now, so we’re using a hot plate, and a toaster oven, and will be getting a microwave shortly, for those who would like to use such a device. 😛 And a washer will be here by this coming Saturday.  The kiddo’s think it’s boodles of fun washing their clothes out in five gallon buckets though. Weirdos. :-/ So we’re making it.  We got a fridge a few days ago, so only had to live out of the cooler for a week. The delivery guy said his wife would have his hide if she ever had to go a week without a fridge. LOL  He couldn’t believe I was going to live a whole nother week without a washer too! Women round these parts must be pretty high maintenance. I told him I haven’t ever had a dryer of my own, and do all my dishes by hand too, and he just shook his head. We are going to get a dryer now though, because if we don’t my house with all of it’s lovely space will be sucked up with clothes lines come winter. 😀

Anyway, I am gonna get off of here and go watch a movie. We’ve finally used a Redbox, and I think dh likes it. We also got a McD Monopoly piece that has a free rental on it, so I guess it’s a good thing we spotted one at our gas station, and signed up for it all. Funny thing is on the gas pumps are signs, ‘please do not leave your pump unattended while using the Redbox’. Bwhahahahahaha! I guess that’s as bad as McD’s having the, ‘please turn off your cell phones when ordering’ signs. Makes *me* shake my head. 😀

Man, this has gotten wordy. I need to sit down and blog more, because I’ve got about three or four more things to tell, but I’ve probably lost y’all by now.



4 Responses to “Mountain Legs”

  1. annamatrix Says:

    Whew! You make me tired, just reading this!! 🙂

    • spinnermom Says:

      I just cannot believe how deep I sleep every night, because it seems like every single day is a total body workout. Wonder when it will end, and everything will just be normal… whatever that is. LOL

  2. bridget Says:

    I”m all for adventures but this sounds like it’s hard work. I’m sure everything will be great when you’ve got everything where you want it. There’s a reason they say moving house is stressfull! It does sound lovely though, very friendly and more space!! Bliss !

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, it is downright hard work. Dh says if we hadn’t of sold the house in FL, he would have turned us right around, and went back the same week, because this was more work than he thought it would be. 😦 But in the end it will all be well worth it I think. 🙂

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