Hotel H-e-double hockey sticks

So we finished packing up the truck on Saturday morning (the 6th of July), and dropped oldest ds back off at his dads house, and had great big goodbyes! And then we hit the road thinking we’d drive for a while and then get a hotel room for the night around 10 p.m or so, and get a really good good nights sleep. Something we hadn’t had in three or four days. We ended up driving til around 1 a.m.!

So we decided to pull off, and found a Super 8 motel in the panhandle of FL just around the boarder of FL and AL. We now call Super 8’s either Dump 8’s or Super Dumps. Not sure if all Super 8s are horrible, but I will never check in to another one, fwiw.

So, I go to check us in and remember we have the cats and the bird with us. I ask if they’re pet friendly, and she says, ‘yeeeeesss, but only for dogs! But for me she make special deal. Ok?’ I’m like, ‘ummmm ok.’ ‘How bout you give me $60 cash for cleaning up after cats?’  I’m like, ‘ummm, no!’, and go to turn away to leave, and shes like, ‘ok ok, $40 cash! I mean it’s late, where you gonna go, right?’ And even though I do have the cash I have learned from a loooooong time ago you never never never let anyone know, OR give up any cash on the road. Not ever. So I tell her no, I have no $40 dollars to give, so we’ll just go find somewhere else.  Then she is like, ‘ok ok ok, I’ll put it all on card!’ She takes my card and ID and checks us in, and comes back and says, ‘ok, you have pets, so you have nice room’ and tells me the number and slips in that it’s a smoking room, and I’m all like no no NO!  We can’t have a smoking room.  Thinking of 14 yo dd and the horrible reaction she is going to have to even the slightest whiff of that smell.  The lady says, ‘you have pets you take. I promise you like.’ Whatever. It’s 1 a.m. how bad can it be, right?

We get up there hauling the kiddo’s, the pets, and everything. The first thing we notice is the smoke alarm has been knocked off the wall, and there are wires hanging down. There are cigarette burns in the bed covers, the whole room smells horribly of tobacco smoke! We take the covers off the bed and there are hairs everywhere.  The bathtub is dirty! Dh goes to call the front desk for them to come up and see it first hand, but there are cigarette ashes all over the phone receiver and the ear piece is just nasty!!!  So we just start taking pictures of everything!!!!  14 yo dd stood in the middle of it all with her arms folded, angrier than I’ve ever seen her at the whole mess.

So all the children and animals are back in the van and moving truck, and we pull around to the front and I tell her I want the charges reversed on the card, we’re not staying! She claims we have been upstairs for ~three hours~, and she will not reverse the card. I look at the receipt shes given me, and the clock behind her on the wall, and we’ve only been gone for 35 minutes! That time includes parking a 26 foot truck, and hauling four cats, a litter box, a bird, and four children, and all our bags, up a flight of stairs to a room! I dare anyone to do that in under 30 minutes!!!!

She starts in that we’ve pulled the covers off the bed, and now she can’t re-rent the room and why can’t she just give me two sheets, and I can remake the beds, and clean the shower. For $178 for a one night stay in a hotel (the most I have ever ever in my life have had to pay for a room btw) and I”M supposed to make the beds, and clean their bath from other skanky people at 2 in the morning??? WTF!!! AND sleep in a smoking room, because obviously if you have pets you deserve the skanky smoking room. :-/ So I start griping to her that she cannot re-rent *that* room anyway, because it is AGAINST the LAW to not have a working smoke detector in a room, and she keeps saying, ‘some people, they don’t complain.’ And I was like, but there are hairs in the bed that are from other people!!!!’  She says, ‘some people, they don’t mind.’ Gross gross gross!!!!

So after about ten minutes of bickering and grumbling back and forth she refuses to reverse the charges, and we walk out. We end up calling the credit card and try and get things reversed from that end, but they say it could take weeks. A half hour after we leave the hotel our cell phone rings with some guy from the hotel, but dh tells them we are not talking about it anymore. The next morning there are reversed charges on our credit card, and the lady and guy at the hotel must have thought it through and started praying that we wouldn’t contact the local fire dept about the broken alarm like dh threatened to do. Hopefully they had to spend the rest of the night bringing the hotel up to code. LOL

And after that we were all too worked up to sleep, so we just kept driving for a couple more hours, and then hit an overnight rest stop. The next afternoon we stopped at the LA/MS border and got a most wonderfully clean, and beautiful room at a Best Western for half the price of the ‘we only take dogs, but for you I do favor’ hotel. And yes, they were pet friendly for only a $10 charge that she didn’t ask cash for!

And that is just part of our adventure.  But now I must go unload boxes, and work on some laundry. Tomorrow we get a fridge! Everything is getting just a little more normal every day!!!! Yaaayy!!!


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