Xanga Relaunch!

So did Xanga make it?  Lets seeeeeee. The crowd hoster thing was supposed to go til July 15th they pushed it up to July 31st. They were aiming for $60K, but they weren’t gonna make it, even after extending it another 16 days, so they lowered it to $50K.  Then one of the big wigs steps in, and since they are such swell guys, they put in their own $10K! Yaaayyyy!!!!! They did it, they did it!!!! <<<<Intense sarcasm there. 😛

Yeah, I’m kind of glad that it’s still gonna be around, but I’m gonna have to wait and see how it all goes, and then decide around September or November which way I want to spend my money. 95% sure I’m gonna spend it here at WordPress though. I’m really liking how this place works, and probably should have made the switch years and years ago.

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It’s a good day!

I got a washing machine!!!! Buh-bye five gallon buckets! 😀 Ok, it was only two weeks of washing in buckets, but man oh man, do I appreciate my washer sooooo much more now.  Especially for the spinning out of the water that it does, so much more better than I can wring things by hand.  Yeah, I know I posted before that if I ever needed to, I would buy a mop bucket with a wringer to squeeze the water out of clothes. BUT a mop bucket would be senseless in this house. Every (even the kitchen) floor is carpeted!!! Ok ok, maybe I could have gotten it for the bathrooms, but that’s like eight square feet of tile, if that. Eh. Any which way, no real use for a mop bucket and wringer after the laundry fiasco was solved, besides saving it for the end of the world. 😛

So, laundry fun…. it took a 10 and 14 yo to tell me how to even turn the dang washer on. Meh. Once you get it to light up, there are like 40 different cleaning options to choose from. You can delay your wash load up to 19 hours!!!! I guess I could feel like I got a jump on the day if I set it to start an hour before I got up in the morning. LOL

And here are some snippets from the users manual, because there are just some things that you neeeeeeeed to be told? Hummm. 

*Do not add gasoline, dry cleaning solvents or other flammable or explosive substances to the washer.


*Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. <b>Wash hands after handling! </b>

I am just a wee little skeered of that one. I mean like, every time I touch my washer for ever after I have to wash my hands. I reckon my children and animals shouldn’t lick it or anything. Just a little skeered.

*Destroy the carton and packing material after unpacked!

Not just discard… not just remove…. DESTROY!!!!!! Weird thing is I could give it to my 10 yo and the cats, and they could destroy it easily enough, but it warns not to even think about having children or animals anywhere near it! How did we ever survive growing up and running two blocks to the appliance store to make forts out of all the refrigerator boxes we could carry home?

*Do not tamper or play with controls.

Derp, I’d never get no laundry done if I don’t get to play with this thing.

*Danger: You will be killed or seriously injured if you do not follow these instructions immediately!!!!!

Ok ok, sheesh!!!! No need to bring out the hit men!  I’ll follow the instructions, I’ll follow them!!! Sheeesh!

So anyway, if you don’t hear from my again I’ve probably exploded in some ghastly washing machine electrical nightmarish way or been taken out by some whacky group of washing machine hit men! Either that or I’m prolly just knitting, and hanging laundry. 😉


Yarny goodness

Yeah, I’m breaking all of this up into manageable posts, instead on one looooooong ol rambling post. I know, I know, I don’t post in forever and then kaploosh, flood of posts. Sometimes it’s like that. 😛

In knitting news… yesterday was a good day.  I got to do a little yarn shopping. Hobby Lobby has a wonderful mark down section for yarn all in pretty baskets.  I came home and tried to start a shawl MikeySmail did on Youtube, but I either need different yarn, or a bigger crochet hook, because it just wasn’t working.  Now I’m making an easy peasy ol yarn over at the end of every row kind of shawl out of this Angel Fleece Baby Bee yarn instead.

Why a shawl, you ask? Because it’s cooooooold here. Yes it’s the middle of summer, BUT everywhere we go they have the AC turned down to like 50 degrees! I kid you not!  These people like their cold dry mountain air! To give you an example of what I am used to, and what it is now… I skyped 20 yo ds in FL three days ago: ’88 degrees there with a feels like temp of 98, 61% humidity! 88 degrees here with a feels like temp of 82! Humidity 11%.’  Insane!

Then there was yesterday.  When we went out to the store on dh’s lunch break (buying more plumbing parts. whole nother story :-/), it was around 89 degrees here. Some kind of weird and wonky storm blew up while we were gone, and we came back to our roof and back porch covered in so much ice, it was wild!!!! Almost looked like a freakish snow storm hit with the ice piled around our steps, and on our roof. Yeah, I got pictures. And yeah, the kiddo’s ran around the porch flinging handfuls little smaller than pea sized hail/slush at each other. But I tell you… In JULY! Mini slush/snow stormy kinda weather that drops the temp from 89 to around 72 degrees in about 45 minutes!!!! Yeah, I am knitting me another shawl! And maybe some more mittens, and a hat, and some leg warmers. How many years have I been complaining I neeeeeeed leg warmers?  I think this year is the year. I really do. 😛

I see the total need for a dryer now also, because that down blast of rain/hail/sleet yesterday totally knocked all of my laundry off the two bungee cords I’ve rigged up as temporary clothes lines. Major suckage since I am still washing things in five gallon buckets, because I think Best Buy has lost my washer. Baaaahhh Humbug!!!! So, I rinsed out as much grime and crap that I could, and hung things up outside over railings and such, and we are either going to have to hit a freakin laundromat, or really put the heavy on Best Buy to get ANY washer they have out here. So much for getting one you actually want. Phhhsshh!

And last but not least, in eating out news… yes, we’ve been eating out a little more than usual lately, because for one, town is just sooooo far away it’s like an hour round trip compared to our 40 minuting round trip in FL. 😛 So when you get out there, and you know it’s going to be a half hour til you make it home and another hour before you get to cook and actually eat… yeah, it gets easy to pick up $10 of McD’s as you’re rolling.

Well yesterday we did that, and it was soooo funny because you *knew* that the girl on the order taking window was messing up, and the girl on the handing out window wasn’t so swift either. Girl on the first window has to run and tell girl on the second window she took the wrong car picture (yes, they take your picture at those double drive thrus to make sure they get the right order to the right person. Isn’t that lovely to know :-D) So anyway, wrong picture to our order and apparently to a lot of other peoples orders too. So she runs to tell the front counter.

Front window chick hands us our drinks, which started out as the wrong drinks, but then we got our drinks. Tried to hand us the wrong bag, but dh told her again we had the big order…. she looks. They hand out the fry bag, but they’re one fry short, because we used our Monopoly pieces. She says ok, and goes and gets us the extra fries.  Then two minutes or so later hands out our burgers, but they are one burger short. She gets the burger and adds another fry to it. We try and tell her we now have too many fries. She closes the window, confers with the other bag packer at the window, and opens the window and shoves out another bag with two more large fries in it! LMBOOOO! Dh tries to tell her again, no no no, we have too many fries!!! I told him lets just get the heck OUT of here before we get MORE FRIES!!!! Obviously if you have a customer complaining at the window, they panic, and just start shoving french fries at you til you leave. 😛 And that was our day out yesterday. Six burgers and seven sets of fries, when all we ordered six burgers and three fries! Fun, no?  😀

LOL Look! ^^Rambling post!^^ 😀


Dining room tables

We have had our dining room table set up for three days now. In the actual dining room!!! Without a computer on top of it, or anything! It is weird and new to everyone. All we have are folding chairs for it right now, and it is funny because we drag the folding chairs to one room to watch a movie (no couch yet either), and then I make everyone drag them back to the kitchen table for meals!  Pretty much the girls set the table, and keep it clean, while the boys haul the chairs.

Cooking is kind of like a dream now (besides the fact that I have no stove, and I’m working from one hot plate, and a toaster oven :-P), because everyone kind of gathers round the kitchen at meal time and helps out. There are drink getters, and dish carriers, AND we even used one of those pretty rope cotton yarn trivets that I made last night for a hot frying pan full of yummy zucchini!!!  I must say they work very very very well and I am so glad I just happened to have one on hand.  Must make more to send out as Christmas gifts now. 🙂 Sitting down to meals is just too much fun! Some days I really curse this house for having so much room.  But for being able to have meals at the table it is truly wonderful!

In other news… Saturday we went driving and found thee bestest farmers market. Soooo much fresh beautiful locally grown food! I am in heaven!!!! Ok actually we went out trolling to look at a few of the houses that fell through for us last October and November and just happened upon the farmers markets in the area. The one house that we thought was ‘IT’, looks a whoooole lot worse in person than just the ‘few paint peelings, and garage door needs fixing’ that we were led to believe.  I would have hated paying a big ol mortgage, and ending up with that for the next ten years. Blah! And there was a regular ol house with a regular ol yard two doors down from that, with two donkeys, a horse, and a handful of chickens in the yard! Right in the middle of the neighborhood!!!! Yeah, it’s zoned agricultural, but those animals, on less than half an acre…. not right somehow. :-/

Mooore kitties!!!!

No, I don’t think we will be keeping these, but there are at least two (that we’ve actually seen), maybe as many as four or five baby kitties in the crawl space under our house! They are driving our mama cat absolutely bonkers!!! Meow meow meow meow!!! All thee freakin time! We are thinking since the preacher and his wife, that used to live here, are said to have a whooole lotta cats hanging out on their porch (they’ve moved about four blocks away to a small house next to the local church), that this is one of their wayward mama cats that came back here to give birth.

So we’ve heard the mewing for a few days now, but couldn’t really find the kittens til tonight when we went shining a flash light around, and they are up in the crawl space, waaaay up in there tight, and we can’t get to them. But it is good to see that their eyes are open and their ears are mostly up, so I know that they are at least four to five weeks old, and not the days to a week old that dh was thinking they were. Another week or two and hopefully they will go exploring, and if mama2 doesn’t take them on out of here, we are going to have to figure out where the local shelter is. I think four cats is about my limit right now, and as much as the kiddo’s want to keep this new crew too (named Shrimp, Clam, and Whale so far :rolls eyes:)… I don’t think it’s gonna happen. 😛

Kitty Update

An update on the kitties for those following all the drama, from mama cat showing up on our back porch in FL, to her having the babies just weeks before we left, to the trek with them across country.

They are all showing their own little personalities now. First born started out as Stinker, and is the dark grey kitty of the whole orange bunch. Turns out Stinker is a girl. Stinker was renamed to Wicket about four weeks later, because mama cat is named Sinker (she used to watch us from the back porch, and sink down below the plant pots when she saw us looking back), and Sinker and Stinker were just too closely named to know who people were talking about. Wicket is also now nick named the Grey Tornado. She is obviously the leader of the pack, and the one that leads everyone into the most trouble.  She hardly ever gets caught doing the bad things herself (chewing the edge of the carpet, and scratching walls, and furniture, and climbing to high places), but she leads the other kitties to it, and then they get caught.

Second kitty born, Salmon (yes, we named cats after fish, because, well because!) he is a pretty good cat most the time, and when he gets bigger I think we’re going to have a hard time telling him and mama apart from a distance. They are almost identically striped, and colored the same. They mirror each other, and lay in the same places side by side. He follows her and takes up her same manners, and the only time he is causing a ruckus is when little screwball Trout riles him up.

Trout. He’s the runt. He has an odd back that kinda humps up right behind his front legs. Cat people please do not tell me of all the problems and deformities of whatever that can cause problems later on. I’m sure if Trout had been born in the wild he would be long dead by now. He’s skinny, and wily, and loveable, and mostly a dunce. But the other kitties wrestle with him, and mostly steer him away from trouble. He’s gotten lost in this house a few times, and sometimes from waaayy off in another room he sits and meows the loudest meows (Trout has the biggest mouth. Always has. LOL) until someone comes to find him. Once mama, or one of the other cats, or one of us trusted humans pops our head in wherever he’s lost at though, he comes a running like, ‘Oh, thank goodness you found me!’  😀

Mama cat. She is still just a wonderful cat.  She doesn’t counter surf, she doesn’t beg for food. Though when a can of chicken is opened she’ll come and look, and sometimes we give her a little bit. She rules the laundry room from the top of the chest cooler, or the top of the kitty kennel. Sometimes she wanders the house and sits on a book shelf, or the metal shelves that will soon be moved into my pantry. I think I will keep a space clear for her on the second shelf up, next to the canned green beans. That is one of her favorite spots right now. Except there are just tools there now, and not canned food.  But that is where she goes to take a break from all the kitty madness, when shes had enough of their play and buggering.

The kitties will be 16 weeks old next Monday! Hopefully I can get a few pictures up of them soon. 14 yo dd took some pic’s of them this morning, because they all tried to invade the same empty Chex cereal box. One of them can barely fit into it nowadays, let alone all three of them shoving their way in. Crazy Cats! LOL


Mountain Legs

Yep, I have dubbed what I am getting as my mountain legs. I have never before had to climb so many stairs before in my life!!! Down to the basement is 12 stairs, and then we have a step down in two places in the house from the bedrooms to the living room/dining room areas! A total of 14 steps altogether in my house, and that doesn’t count the one BIG step down from the front door (hope to get a normal step put in there soon), and then the three steps down to my back porch also! Then there are the steps at the dr’s offices. Yeah, there’s an elevator, but it’s around the other side of the building, and the side we go in is just 26 steps up to the second floor. Yep, I counted. 😛  So I guess I can’t complain, because boy oh boy are my legs getting in shape, and I think my butt is shrinking too. I can’t see it, so I wouldn’t know, but it feels like it is. 😛

In other news… the unpacking goes vera vera vera well. For a few days it was horrible chaos. One day I got so frustrated I cried. I now have snapped everything in a wee bit more order, and things *will* be returned to their rightful places, or I ain’t gonna deal with looking all the frick over the whole house for things! Did I mention this place is about twice the size of the other place? I’ll tell you what, smaller houses are better, and I don’t care how large your family is! But yeah, I am loving having real space for a living room, and a dining room! We will finally eat meals at the table together and not all scatter to our computer tables to eat. I just love, love, love, love that to no end!

Super moon… thank goodness the triple whammy of super moons is over.  My kiddo’s have been showing it, and pretty much driving each other bonkers for two or three days now.  It was also the end of Mercury being in retrograde two days ago!  Ho mi gosh!  When I found out that we were moving during a Mercury retrograde, I about freakin died! Here’s a great video about it. A little out there, but it describes retrograde very well.

Hummm, what else? Knitting stuff.  I’ve been doing good getting booties done for one of my charities that I’ll be sending to next month. And this past Friday, I got my Halloween baby hat knit for the first time in a couple of weeks.  I tried to aim for getting a Christmas hat done on Sunday too, but that just didn’t happen with all the runs to the hardware store we had to do. Fixing this place up has been eating up a whooooole lot of our time. But, I guess it’s worth it.

One thing that I am loving is I put up about a dozen cup hooks in my kitchen the other day, and now all my tea mugs are hung, and so pretty. I am looking at another area now, where I’ll be able to hang most of my pots and pans also! And yeah, I really love this house. Just wish I had about another $10K to throw at it right now. But we don’t, so we have to make do with a few things, like being down to only one bathroom instead of the two we thought we were going to have. Not so very bad though, because the one small one that we can use is bigger than the one in the FL house. No stove right now, so we’re using a hot plate, and a toaster oven, and will be getting a microwave shortly, for those who would like to use such a device. 😛 And a washer will be here by this coming Saturday.  The kiddo’s think it’s boodles of fun washing their clothes out in five gallon buckets though. Weirdos. :-/ So we’re making it.  We got a fridge a few days ago, so only had to live out of the cooler for a week. The delivery guy said his wife would have his hide if she ever had to go a week without a fridge. LOL  He couldn’t believe I was going to live a whole nother week without a washer too! Women round these parts must be pretty high maintenance. I told him I haven’t ever had a dryer of my own, and do all my dishes by hand too, and he just shook his head. We are going to get a dryer now though, because if we don’t my house with all of it’s lovely space will be sucked up with clothes lines come winter. 😀

Anyway, I am gonna get off of here and go watch a movie. We’ve finally used a Redbox, and I think dh likes it. We also got a McD Monopoly piece that has a free rental on it, so I guess it’s a good thing we spotted one at our gas station, and signed up for it all. Funny thing is on the gas pumps are signs, ‘please do not leave your pump unattended while using the Redbox’. Bwhahahahahaha! I guess that’s as bad as McD’s having the, ‘please turn off your cell phones when ordering’ signs. Makes *me* shake my head. 😀

Man, this has gotten wordy. I need to sit down and blog more, because I’ve got about three or four more things to tell, but I’ve probably lost y’all by now.


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