Shocking My Kiddo’s

So some of you will remember back in December or so, I freaked the kiddo’s out as they were watching an episode of Regular Show and the song Footloose came on, and they we’re all into the show, and I stopped to watch, because hey, it’s Footloose, and I wanted to see what they were putting that music to.  It was most funny as I danced away from the living room singing the song as I went into the kitchen, and I’m pretty sure every jaw in the room dropped. 😀  I’ve done it again.

My 14 yo dd follows a group called Walk Off the Earth on Youtube and iTunes, and when they had a new video out the other day she’s like, ‘Mom!!!! You’ve gotta come hear their new song!!!!’  So I wander over, and hey, it’s pretty good!

I watch until around the two minute mark, and walk off singing the song, and two kiddo’s are trailing me out of the room, ‘Heeeeeeeyyy, how do you know that??? You watched it already!!!’ Nope. Then I get to my computer and they are all bugging me so bad I bring up the Madonna version, and tell them that that song is almost 30 years old.  LMBO!  Of course they claim that W.O.T.E. version is sooooo much better, and they have more instruments! Not just that electronic-pop Madonna music.

In kitty kat news… they have started playing with the toy we got them.  It’s one of those balls that go around a track, with the cardboard center for clawing. Well, they were not at all interested in it at all until today.  9 yo dd put one side of it up on a small box so it was at an angle. Well, when you bap the ball now it comes back down, and kind of just swings in the bottom of the circle, and ~that~ caught all the kitties attentions!!! So now one usually sits on the side, and one at the top, and one on the bottom, and it is just hilarious how that thing gets bapped around, and the kitten on top is sometimes ubber crafty and is able to catch it and keep it up there. Eventually dropping it, and the whole things goes on, and on, and on. Wacky kitties!

And that is about all for today. I have cleared my baby hat needles, because tomorrow is Halloween Hat Friday! So I am prepared to cast on first thing.  I am also going to make some more boy hats, because I looked into my hat tote today, and all that is staring back at me is pinks, and purples, and minty greens, and it just all seems so girly.  The hospitals I’ve gotten feedback from ~love~ getting ~blue blue blue~ things without a speck of them girly colors, because it seems boys get the short end of handmade things. So that’s my tomorrow. Plus maybe a little knitting on the shawl.



6 Responses to “Shocking My Kiddo’s”

  1. bridget Says:

    I’ve just started knitting for a charity called “greenfields” which is basically baby clothes and hats. I just love knitting baby clothes, it’s so quick. They go to Afica for babies born with aids.
    Lol to the songs, it’s hilarious when they think they’ve discovered a new song and you tell them it’s at least 30 yrs old and been covered by two bands already! It makes me feel quite hip and trendy!

    • spinnermom Says:

      Oh, that is wonderful that you’re knitting for Greenfields! I was making squares for a while for a group called Knit a Square and they send them all over to Africa to be put into blankets to hand out at orphanages. Some of the pictures on their webpage of soooo many young children that their parents have died from Aids. Just mind blowing to me that there are so many!

      I just love freaking the kiddo’s out knowing the words to songs. 😀 I keep trying to think back and remember how many times my mom got to do that with us. I think The Twist (Chubby Checker) was one of them. But there must have been several other 50’s remakes during the 70’s and 80’s.

  2. annamatrix Says:

    Your link doesn’t work. GAH!!!

  3. James Says:

    Ha, that is too fun what they did with the song.
    Way too cute. Ya, still can’t beat what Madonna did when she did that whole number that was a remake of the Marilyn version of the dance from the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. I call those days vintage Madonna. I really liked her then but then she went way out and in another direction and she lost me there. LOL, quess that means I’m getting old.

    • spinnermom Says:

      Yep, I told the kiddo’s that I think Madonna did the song waaaay better than WOTE even though I like a lot of their stuff too. And there was total upset from them that the Madonna version was so techno and fake sounding and how WOTE uses reeeeeal instruments. I must be getting old too to be sticking with my 30 year old 80’s pop music. 😛

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